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Nintendo Switch game enables man with diabetic retinopathy to enjoy gaming with his wife

As technology advances scientists are able to make significant strides regarding medical treatments, particularly within diabetes research. But for 38-year-old Rich Maroney, who has type 1 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, it is the development of one new technology in particular which has proven transformational: the Nintendo Switch.

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Emmerdale’s portrayal of diabetic character Kerry Wyatt is having mixed success

Kerry Wyatt is among the more well-known fictional characters with diabetes, but her “actions” in an episode of Emmerdale last week painted a particularly bleak picture of diabetes management.

Having experienced an unpleasant sequence of “soap events”, the diabetic character – who also has diabetic retinopathy – was seen gorging on chocolate and wine, prompting a cluster of Twitter users to voice their concerns.

One person wrote: “How is Kerry eating chocolate, junk food and drinking alcohol when she’s meant to be diabetic?”

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