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The NHS turns 70: 7 achievements over the past 70 years

To continue our celebrations of our NHS turning 70 (the official birthday is today!) we thought we’d share with you seven achievements that we’ve witnessed over the past 70 years.

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Happy 70th birthday to our NHS!

Our National Health Service is turning 70 this year. Over the past 70 years we’ve seen some amazing achievements in healthcare and for people with diabetes the NHS has been a life-saving organisation.

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NHS Trusts: Fat cuts vs fat cats

In the news we’re hearing two different sides of the NHS. Purse strings are being being drastically tightened on NHS Trust budgets whilst the top NHS earners’ own take home pay is healthily growing year on year.

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Legacy illness – what if a type 1 vaccine is successful

With news that a vaccine for type 1 diabetes is getting through its development stage, it has me wondering what life would be like if the vaccination turns out to be a success. It would be quite odd to live with a condition that, in a way, is essentially cured.

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