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5 presents to get someone with diabetes for Christmas

As December begins, families across the country have no doubt been locking horns over just when is “too early” for Christmas decorations to go up.

A divisive issue, yes, but another quandary many find themselves in annually is what Christmas present to purchase for your loved one, family member or friend with diabetes.

We’ve selected five of the finest gifts that somebody with diabetes could receive, inevitably leading to admiration and appreciation from your esteemed receiver.

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Be aware of hypos – having a hypo isn’t the same as being drunk!

So I recently came across a video from February 2012 where an innocent driver was brutally pulled out of his car and assaulted after officers assumed he was driving under the influence of alcohol. This just goes to show that awareness of diabetes and the symptoms of hypo/hyperglycemia are not as widely known as they really should be.

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Behind the wheel with diabetes

As someone on insulin I have to be particularly careful when driving. More than just testing blood sugar levels before each journey I’m conscious of where my sugar levels may be pretty much throughout the whole journey. I find I tend be pretty much constantly aware of how I’m feeling to make sure I avoid low blood sugars and any danger of an accident. Read More

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