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Kevin Kellerman talks being a pro MMA fighter and managing type 1 diabetes

Managing type 1 diabetes is hard enough at the best of times, but especially when you’re getting punched in the cage.

That’s the position 22-year-old Kevin Kellerman finds himself in. Having recently packed in his day job to focus full time on becoming a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, the Canadian isn’t willing to let his type 1 diabetes hold him back.

Kevin was diagnosed with the condition aged three, and upon beginning MMA training as a teenager he quickly learnt how the demanding sport – which involves punching, kicking, wrestling and a tonne of other frightening moves – affected his diabetes.

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Evita Leter battles back from type 1 diabetes diagnosis to compete in 2016 Olympic Games

Barbados swimmer Evita Leter had to overcome more than just her type 1 diabetes to make it to the 2016 Olympic Games.

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People are creating homemade artificial pancreas systems for diabetes management

There’s a new trend developing in type 1 diabetes management. People are creating homemade artificial pancreases, and the results are impressive.

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Diabetes innovator Alfred E. Mann dies aged 90, leaves behind a legacy of medical research

Alfred E. Mann, a biotech entrepreneur, was 90 when he died. His legacy includes the formation of 17 companies, such as MiniMed, and the development of inhaled insulin. Mann was a pioneer in medical research, and a foremost diabetes innovator.

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Model behaviour: Why type 1 diabetes isn’t stopping people living their dreams

Inspiring stories make a real difference in diabetes management, and there is one profession that is full of them – modelling.

Diabetes can prevent people entering certain professions, but modelling is not one of them. In fact, this is one career which can make people feel proud to be a member of the diabetes community.

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Travelling with diabetes: 9 things you should note before your summer holiday

Finalising travel plans is never straightforward, but there are a few more pre-holiday considerations to be made for people with diabetes.

Loading up on additional medication is a key aspect of travelling with diabetes, but there are several things that can trip you up if you have not considered them before your holiday begins.

We’ve provided a run through of what to note while planning your holiday, which could help you avoid unwanted, stressful situations later on.

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The future of insulin: 6 alternatives to insulin injections

Why do we inject insulin, anyway?

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