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Patients at the centre of prescription decisions: Will it benefit you?

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that patients should be put at the “centre” of drug prescription decisions. The guidelines could have a big effect on how diabetes medication is prescribed.

Patient-centred approaches have benefits and drawbacks, advocates and critics. But how will it affect you?

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Could Victoza become a viable treatment for type 1 diabetes?

This week there was news from a small study that showed that Novo Nordisk’s Victoza could serve as a viable treatment for type 1 diabetes, as a supplement to insulin.

People with type 1 diabetes can often find themselves dealing with large swings in blood sugar on a near-to daily basis which can be particularly difficult to control. The study on Victoza indicated that the drug helps to reduce the swings in blood sugar and improved overall blood glucose control.

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