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“Not all patients get what they need” – Dr. Partha Kar discusses the launch of NHS Survival and the NHS’ future

The launch of NHS Survival on Sunday 16 August served as an appropriate precursor to this week’s news that diabetes could supposedly bankrupt the NHS.

A non-profit umbrella group, NHS Survival want change. Co-chaired by Dan Furmedge and Stella Vig, they are calling for an Independent Royal Commission to investigate the NHS. The aim of the commission is to achieve communication between patients, politicians and professionals to form a sustainable NHS.

One day after the launch, a report from Diabetes UK revealed that rising rates of diabetes – specifically, a 60 per cent increase in 10 years – could “threaten to bankrupt the NHS”.

Diabetes.co.uk spoke to NHS Survival advisor and diabetologist Dr. Partha Kar about NHS Survival, Diabetes UK’s report, and what needs to be done to ensure the long-term security of the NHS.

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