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The mistakes of misdiagnoses

One problem that can occur in diabetes is if you get misdiagnosed with the wrong type of diabetes. The two main types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and both have similar symptoms as they share high blood sugar as the main presenting factor.

At Diabetes.co.uk, we are used to seeing people on the Diabetes Forum talking about a misdiagnosis they’ve been through or asking about the possibility that a misdiagnosis may have occurred. To mark Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re exploring the mistakes of misdiagnoses and what you could do if you feel like you have been misdiagnosed.

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The NHS turns 70: 7 achievements over the past 70 years

To continue our celebrations of our NHS turning 70 (the official birthday is today!) we thought we’d share with you seven achievements that we’ve witnessed over the past 70 years.

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Happy 70th birthday to our NHS!

Our National Health Service is turning 70 this year. Over the past 70 years we’ve seen some amazing achievements in healthcare and for people with diabetes the NHS has been a life-saving organisation.

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General Election 2017: Which party policies could most affect people with diabetes?

Theresa May’s decision on April 18 to announce a General Election on June 8 took us all by surprise. Even the eclectic mix of political jerky to chew on since then has been far from straightforward, ranging from the Prime Minister’s ‘U-turns’ to Jeremy Corbyn’s so-called ‘money tree’.

You’re quite possibly sick to the back teeth of politics but, as the Prime Minister said in April, this could be the ‘most important election for this country’ in her lifetime, and there are some significant party policies worthy of highlighting for people with diabetes.

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“Not all patients get what they need” – Dr. Partha Kar discusses the launch of NHS Survival and the NHS’ future

The launch of NHS Survival on Sunday 16 August served as an appropriate precursor to this week’s news that diabetes could supposedly bankrupt the NHS.

A non-profit umbrella group, NHS Survival want change. Co-chaired by Dan Furmedge and Stella Vig, they are calling for an Independent Royal Commission to investigate the NHS. The aim of the commission is to achieve communication between patients, politicians and professionals to form a sustainable NHS.

One day after the launch, a report from Diabetes UK revealed that rising rates of diabetes – specifically, a 60 per cent increase in 10 years – could “threaten to bankrupt the NHS”.

Diabetes.co.uk spoke to NHS Survival advisor and diabetologist Dr. Partha Kar about NHS Survival, Diabetes UK’s report, and what needs to be done to ensure the long-term security of the NHS.

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Petition calls for type 1 diabetes symptoms to be included in NHS’ “Red Book”

A petition has been launched to highlight the dangers of undiagnosed type 1 diabetes, and why the symptoms should be made clear to new parents.

The petition, set up by Emma Warrington, calls for the symptoms of type 1 diabetes to be included in the Personal Child Health Record given to parents.

This is also known as the “Red Book”, and is provided by the NHS when a newborn child is roughly 10 days old. It should be used by parents until the child is around four years old, and includes information on immunisations, growth charts, screening and routine reviews.

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Ignore the guidelines, eat low-carb and high-fat – Dr. Sarah Hallberg on how to reverse type 2 diabetes

Ignoring medical guidelines and adopting a low-carb, high-fat diet is the way to reverse type 2 diabetes, according to Dr. Sarah Hallberg.

Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at IU Health Arnett, United States. Earlier this month, she gave a presentation at a TEDx event in Purdue University, Indiana and provided evidence that type 2 diabetes can reversed.

The results from Hallberg’s clinic raises interesting questions regarding diabetes guidelines in the UK and abroad as to what the right approach should be regarding carbohydrate consumption for people with type 2 diabetes.

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General Election 2015: Which party offers more to people with diabetes?

It’s election time – that glorious few weeks or months when everyone furrows their brows in an attempt to make sense of the many complex issues facing the UK, trying to make an informed choice as to which party is best to address them.

This time around, healthcare is the biggest issue, and the future of the NHS. It’s vast and complicated, and one of the big talking points is diabetes. But who offers the best programme for people with the condition?

Furrow no more – this is a quick (but thorough) guide to diabetes and the general election.

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Which dietary techniques can (and cannot) reduce your sugar cravings?

Sugar has been a regular feature of news in 2015, with mounting campaigns developing to discourage excessive sugar consumption among the general public.

So far the year has witnessed Action on Sugar calling for a ban on energy drinks for under-16s and financial links emerging between the sugar industry and scientists tackling obesity.

Suffice to say, sugar is undergoing a less than sweet period in the public eye, but this does not stop sugar cravings from developing in people, with sugar known to trigger pleasure sensors in the brain – and thus the consumption of sugar continues.

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Making sense of NHS services if you have diabetes

The National Health Service (NHS) is continuing to make headlines, with a Lord Ashcroft study revealing on 14 January 2015 that 50 per cent of 200,000 Britons surveyed in November 2014 believe the health service has got worse.

Earlier this month it was also reported that NHS waiting times for A&E are at their worst over the last 10 years. With A&E units under so much pressure, we got to wondering how certain scenarios affecting people with diabetes should be handled to ensure the fastest, most efficient results.

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