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Killing with insulin: the cone snail’s story

“Rapid-acting” isn’t a phrase readily associated with snails, but the cone snail is capable of producing the shortest insulin ever observed in nature. And it’s used to kill.

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Islet cell transplants becoming a welcome reality

It’s great to see stories where people are successfully undergoing islet cells transplants.

Kathleen Duncan has made the news this week for becoming the first woman in Scotland to receive an islet cell transplant.

A number of NHS centres around the UK are starting to roll out islet cell transplantation as a treatment procedure. The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s transplant unit, where Kathleen’s transplant was carried out is one of these with other islet cell transplant centres including London, Bristol, Oxford, Newcastle and Manchester.

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Why so little spent on diabetes research?

With all the money spent on treating diabetes, is it not about time that governments committed some more money towards research to help beat the rising tide of diabetes?

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