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Payment Protection Insurance and Diabetes

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Payment Protection Insurance (also called PPI) is a very common financial services product attached to insurance policies.

It is a form of insurance cover sold with mortgages, credit cards, personal loans and other products. Payment Protection Insurance is supposed to cover the borrower if he or she is unable to meet repayments due to unexpected circumstances.

The reason why a consumer could claim their PPI back is if they feel they were mis-sold the product.

If you have diabetes and have a payment protection insurance policy, you are likely to be able to claim back your PPI charges. Make a FREE , no-obligation PPI reclaim enquiry

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
and PPI Policies

If you had a pre-existing medical condition and were sold a PPI insurance policy with a loa, credit card, mortgage, store card or catalogue account that excluded pre-existing medical conditions under the policy sold – then the insurance was clearly inappropriate for your needs and your are entitled to claim your money back.

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How do I know if I have PPI?

To determine whether you have PPI, check the paperwork you have for your finance agreement – usually a loa, credit card or mortgage. If you need help please start a No obiligation FREE PPI Check today.

Diabetes and PPI

People with diabetes may find PPI useless. Ofte, the Terms and Conditions contain exclusions relating to certain conditions, of which diabetes may be one.

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