Diabetes Kit Bags and
Carry Cases

With contributions from Diabetes Expert Sue Marshall.

Diabetes kit bags are useful for carrying your diabetes equipment on the move
Diabetes kit bags are useful for carrying your diabetes equipment on the move

Diabetes kitbags are carry cases for your diabetes equipment as there are a number of items that need to be carried about by someone with diabetes.

For example, a blood-testing kit on its own involves a pot of sensors, perhaps a spare pot, lancing device, lancets and blood test meter. Then there’s the insulin-delivery side of things - insulin pen, pen needles and insulin cartridges.

Generally, diabetes products are supplied in some sort of pack, but the packs tend to be solely either for the blood-testing side of diabetes care or the insulin-injecting side; never both. However, both sets of equipment are needed for anyone with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes treated with insulin.

Why would I want a diabetes kitbag?

Having everything to hand when it comes to diabetes management equipment means you’ve got a much higher chance of actually using it, then reaping the benefits of knowing what’s going on with your diabetes care.

It’s very good practice to be able to test your blood, instead of making a guess or leaving it all to luck. With a kitbag or carrier you can have insulin to hand should you need to take extra insulin to bring a high blood glucose down, or a sugar supply if you need to raise it.

Why would I want to carry my diabetes equipment around?

Having various diabetes kit to hand can take a lot off your mind, knowing that you are ‘safe’ with back-up handy. Specialist diabetes kitbags, bags and carriers usually fit inside your everyday bag. While most women carry a handbag, many men do not feel comfortable with a regular bag, though some manage a rucksack, satchel or a laptop bag.

Some work the other way around, in that they are a complete bag with specialist pockets within them for diabetes products - such as for keeping insulin cool.

There’s a wide range of kitbags and carriers a available in the United States, due to the fact that there’s an estimated 20 million people with diabetes. Many of which have come up with their own ideas about carrying their kit around.

What diabetes kit bags and carry cases are available in the UK?

Some of these diabetes kitbags are available in the UK. Medicool carriers such as the Medicool Protector are a prime example. Some of the carriers, or carry cases are set up to keep insulin cool, which can be important if you live in, or are visiting, a hot climate.

Among them is the Frio range of insulin cooler bags as well as the Medicool carriers. Both of these manufacturers do pouches that are to keep insulin safe and cool, as well as doing broader kitbags that fit in other diabetes kit.

Large diabetes kit bags

Some of the kit bags available are large enough to carry many items, so they are a complete supply of all your diabetes needs such as the Medicool ProtectAll or the Desang Classic or Roll-up kitbags.

The more you want to fit in the bag, the bigger the bag will be (stands to reason).

Bulky diabetes kit bags

So they may be bulky, which is fine if that’s what you want - everything in one place.

They tend to be great for holidays too. Others are smaller, such as Joe’s Small-in-One, the Ezy-fit Case, the Medicool Dia-Pack Daymate, or the Desang Slim kitbag. These tend to be able to hold all you need for daily use.

What are diabetes kitbags made of?

Most of the kitbags come in a basic black or blue, made of nylon or plastic with some of them being made of neoprene. However, there are some that are leather (the Desang kitbag range) or colour (the Frio wallets and Ezy-fit cases).

Kitbags and carriers also make an excellent present for someone living with diabetes. For a modest sum, you can either treat yourself - or the person in your life who has diabetes - with a suitable carrier that will make your life easier and may even mean gaining greater control over your diabetes.

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