Forum for Injection Technique

FIT: Promoting best practice in diabetes
FIT: Promoting best practice in diabetes

The Forum for Injection Technique (FIT) is made up of experienced specialist diabetes nurses and is tasked to facilitate ways in which best practice can be discussed, developed and implemented throughout the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Forum for Injection Technique is supported by BD, which develops, manufactures and sells medical devices, instrument systems and reagents.

Promoting best practice in diabetes

The FIT slogan is promoting best practice in diabetes injection technique.

An estimated 800,000 people with diabetes use injectable therapies, and that means a lot of injections with many taking up to 5 injections a day using insulin pens. An improvement in technique could both reduce costs for the NHS as well as improve diabetes control in individuals.

Improvements in technique include having the dose delivered to the right injection site and alternative site testing. Poor technique can lead to injectable therapies not being absorbed properly and therefore impacting blood sugar levels.

There can be an accumulation of fat under the skin caused by injecting too frequently in the same area, referred to as lipohypertrophy and literally resulting in lumps, which can cause variability in the absorption of insulin.  

Injection technique as priority

Sheila Burmiston, FIT Co-chair, has spent seventeen years as a diabetes nurse specialist. She says, “Injection technique hasn’t always been a priority in the management of injection therapies and so a group of like-minded, experienced diabetes specialist nurses came together to form FIT to raise awareness of this important issue.”  

The forum’s founding board are:

  • Debbie Hicks
    Nurse Consultant  (Chair)
  • Dr. Debra Adams
    Head of Infection, Prevention and Control (Midland and East NHS Trust Development Authority)
  • Su Down
    Nurse Consultant
  • Jane Diggle
    Specialist Practitioner Practice Nurse
  • Carole Gelder
    Lecturer in Diabetes 
  • Alia Gilani
    Health Inequalities Pharmacist
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