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3.6.19... DAY THREE

Published by Geordie lass in the blog Geordie lass's blog. Views: 135

Dear Dia-BULLY,

I have kept you guessing today, haven't I?? I've been so active all day, you just didn't know whether to raise my BGL's or lower them! HA! Fooled you! Another steady day :D

Went to bed last night on a 5.8, awoke at 6.15am with an 8.6! Meh! Didn't have such a good sleep last night, maybe due to the thought of having to get up at the crack of dawn for a new week of normality, after the half term!!

Here's my overnight BGL graph: Overnight BGL Graph ... 3.6.19.jpg

Blood ketones at bedtime were 0.8 - happy with that. They are heading in the right direction towards FAT BURNING!

BGL's tested, pump calibrated, correction taken. Breakfast consisted of my usual coffee with 30mls single cream, followed by another at about 9am. Then, my activity began. Spent 2 hours cleaning and sorting out upstairs. Then at 11.30am had another coffee.

My garden needed tidying up today before the rain starts tomorrow. So, following my 3rd coffee of the morning I proceeded with lawn mowing at 12.30pm, after giving my insulin for lunchtime (I always pre bolus 30 minutes prior to my meals). Cut the back lawn first, which took 45 minutes. Took a break at 1.15pm for my lunch, which consisted of 125g Greek yoghurt with 10g each of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts and walnuts. BGL's running at 5.0 when I broke my 18.25 hour fast! Truly scrumptious.

Lunch: Lunch... 3.6.19.jpg

So, Dia-BULLY, I continued to keep you guessing with my BGL numbers. After lunch I cut the front lawn, which took 40 minutes. Burnt lots of calories today!! Anyway, BGL's stable during this activity, then had my pm coffee before taking my poorly pooch to the vet. He's got sticky eyes!! Bless him! Came home with pockets rattling with meds for pooch! :wideyed:

Got back from the vets with a BGL reading of 8.3!! WHAT!!!!??? o_O Must've been the stress of waiting at the vets with my poorly Westie! Anyway, took insulin for my evening meal as well as a correction for my high-ish BGL. All ok. Had 60g chicken for dinner, followed by a coffee and cream and 2 squares of Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate. All stable and cruising at 8.2 currently.

Dinner: Dinner... 3.6.19.jpg

And, Today's BGL graph: Daytime BGL Graph... 3.6.19.jpg

Today's activity surely kept my diabetes under wraps, especially around 11am-3pm! :D

So, I'm finished eating for another day. I'm happy with the way you have been behaving too, Dia-BULLY. Maybe we could be friends and work together to give my body a break from being on this roller coaster ride of Hyper's & Hypo's?? Sounds good to me.

Anyway, Dia-BULLY. I've stuck to my LCHF regime again today - soooooooooo good for my BGL stability. My macronutrients for today have been:

FAT = 74%/71g
CARBS = 7%/17g
PROTEIN = 19%/41g

TDD for today: TDD... 3.6.19.jpg

My TDD for today shows carbs at 10g. I think this is because I didn't count the 1g of carbs in each of my 4 cups of coffee (breakfast coffee accounted for) as well as the 3g carbs for my dark chocolate - so that makes sense...7g carbs. I love it when the numbers add up

So, taking dog for a little walk in the park tonight, then I'm going to chillax with my DD for the rest of the evening. Although, it's 7pm now. So, may have to skip the chillax and just go to the park with my pooch...might make him feel better, maybe :rolleyes:

Well Dia-BULLY, it's been another good day for me...GEORDIE LASS 3... DIA-BULLY 0 :smug:
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