SockFiddler Jul 6, 2017
I think you're doing brilliantly, to be honest. Brilliant HbA1c result - give yourself a pat on the back for that!

I spent some of my childhood in Germany and well remember the fondness for sugary food - especially around Christmas. I admire you for your willpower!

In your mind, are retiring and being healthy absolutely married to each other? I wonder whether you couldn't retire to the UK to get healthy - with more time on your hands (and less stress), combined with radically different foods on offer it might be much easier to make whatever changes you deem necessary than in your current situation - which sounds hectic to say the least.

I had two toes that went numb about 18 months ago. I hadn't realised it until I read your post, but sensation is returning to both of them now. Saying that, I think that luv2spin's advice about getting your legs and feet checked out is good - can't be too careful.

Good luck and well done!

Sock x