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Another Great HbA1c result... that's 4 in a row (1 year).

Published by masonap in the blog masonap's blog. Views: 355

Another great result HbA1c at 4.9 - my Dr thought it was now too low, but I convinced her it was perfect. I'm 63 years old, I've been type 2 for almost 20 years, but 18 months ago I was started on Insulin and things got better immediately (still taking metformin, but just this week in consultation with my Dr I have reduced the dose by half).

I saw the Low Carb stuff that was on the Diabetes site, I looked and watched, and felt that this was something that could work for me too; So for several months now (at least 6) I've been trying to cut down on carbs, I can't cut them out completely but if I tell the truth there are some that I'm not really that bothered about. Potatoes I do miss, especially new potatoes, rice and pasta I'm not too bothered about but I do occasionally have a very small portion; I might have one slice of Pizza very occasionally but bread is what I miss the most. Currently I live near Frankfurt, Germany, and anyone who knows Germans know that the German people love bread, all shapes, sizes, colours, textures, with nuts, with seeds, with both, with neither, different grains, etc. all of which taste absolutely fabulous. I do still have one brown roll (30g carbs) for my lunch each working day and this doesn't seem to give me any big spikes when I test 2 hours later. I used to have two rolls but I've found out that 60g carbs for one meal is far too many so I substituted the second roll for a small piece of chicken breast, a piece of pork, or some other meats that might frighten some people because of their fat content (Spam, Corned beef, 2 (British) sausages, and occasionally a slab (I mean slice) of some strong British cheddar cheese). If I am completely honest I feel great!

Besides my BG readings being great I feel great all round. I also try to go for a walk or cycle every day, at least 30 minutes, sometimes 1 hour, but rarely more than that unless I'm out on some kind of 'expedition' which I did a week or so ago, 8 miles walking in the forest at night with a group of about 15 kids 12-18 year olds (their idea, I was just the guide/walk leader). I don't go to the gym (tried that, didn't work for me) and I'm not really a fan of swimming, I like water but more for messing around in rather than for serious swimming.

I've been losing some weight, right now I'm hovering at only just above 14 stones (196 lbs or 89kg) but can't quite seem to get it to drop below the magical 13 stone xx lbs marker on the scales! I'm somewhat happy that it isn't going up and hopefully given time it will still drop if I can keep up all the good work - any suggestions or ideas for me?

I should say that I have cut out everything related to flour/sugar: biscuits, cakes, sweets (I do occasionally partake of sugar free varieties like Werther's Originals, but I don't want to get hooked on sweets in general). I do like chocolate but try to restrict this to a couple of squares of dark chocolate a day from Lindt (under 50g carbs in a 100g bar, but I only eat 2 squares so that's about 10g of carbs each time. I do like snacking on nuts but wonder if this should include salted peanuts.

Drink - I don't drink any alcohol (by choice) or tea or coffee (not a fan and never have been of hot drinks) in the past I was a very big fruit juice drinker (why not it's healthy isn't it???). Never really been a fan of 'pop' Cola etc. so I now restrict myself to plain old tap water, keep it in the fridge so it feels refreshing; I don't see the point of buying bottled water, though I do buy some 330ml or 500ml bottles from time to time so that I can have a new fresh handy size bottle and recycle the old one.

Feet - still suffering from some neuropathy, this is almost depressing, I've read stuff about it and it seems to be bad news, there doesn't seem to be a cure so the 'treatment' if that's the right word to use is to keep the BG levels under control so that it doesn't get worse, or maybe it will slow down the process. Right now I know I've lost some feeling, my toes feel like they are 'asleep' I can touch them and know I have feeling there but it isn't right.

Enough for now, I hope that anyone who reads this will be inspired to try a little harder to be a little better and avoid long term complications. If you have any ides that will help me further, or encourage me in my endeavors to be more healthy in general please feel free to comment.
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