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back to basics

Published by chjaqqa in the blog chjaqqa's blog. Views: 660

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many articles are freely available on the internet .. i will supply one link .. feel free to search for more .. it is a good idea to check on everything you currently use in your kitchen .. https://www.newstarget.com/2017-04-...emicals-for-these-non-toxic-alternatives.html ..


headache medication does not cure headaches .. it just stops you from feeling it !! but what is the root cause of your headache ?
aspirin ''thins'' the blood .. but why was your blood thick in the first place ?
metformin does not cure diabetes .. nor does it reduce the amount of glucose in your blood .. it just forces the glucose to where it does not belong .. what is the root cause of high blood glucose levels ?

can any one of you even begin to see where i am going with this ?

lets take a step back in time .. shall we ..

remember when you were young .. you went to the doctor .. what was the first thing he asked you to do ?
if you told the doctor you have a headache .. what did the doctor tell your mom to give you ?

if you know the answers to these two questions .. then ask yourself .. why dont modern day doctors do it ?

i would love to see your replies but .. alas .. my thread has been locked ..

on another note - @Pinkorchid asked .. '' how come scientists after years of research have failed so far to find it...''
the simple answer is .. i dont think like a scientist .. scientists seek to correct imblances in the body with chemical concoctions and medication .. i follow logic .. i think logically .. if what we eat causes an imbalance in the body .. then it stands to reason that if we change what we eat .. and how we eat .. and when we eat .. and also how we prepare what we eat .. than that .. can reverse any and most probably all imbalances that we suffer from ..

viz :- .. gastric bypass sugery reverses/ cures diabetes .. next step .. why .. next step .. how .. and so forth .. i am not simply talking about '' controlling or regulating .. i am talking about complete reversal .. i have in no way claimed that i have a ''cure '' for diabetes ..
i simply stated that i can reverse t2 diabetes within 30 days ..

@Mike D - sorry u feel that way .. u remind me of my doctor .. i noticed a change in his attitude towards me .. especially after i did a presentation and did a demonstration for him .. pertaining to what diabetes is and how easy it is to defeat .. furthermore .. i make no bones about seeking some kind of financial gain or reward for my knowledge .. after all diabetes is a multi billion dollar industry worldwide ..

@miszu - your anger is understandable .. yet .. i feel .. ill directed at me .. i have not once asked any member in this forum .. for anything .. i have patently stated .. that i am not selling .. i have absolutely no idea as to how to market what i know .. there are now hundreds of sites freely accesible on the internet selling ''diabetes reversal programs '' .. feel free to direct your anger towards them ..

@Robbity , @pleinster , @Mr_Pot , @Kentoldlady1, @Pinkorchid , @Brunneria , @Mike D and everyone else who was following my thread .. if think that i know nothing or am sucking things out of my thumb ..
feel free to google - chromium .. vitamen E's qualities as an oxygen conserver , and regulator of the cell's ability to remain permeable .. amongst its other notable qualities .. vitamin b and b12 .. MSM .. immune boosting herbs and spices .. processed foods .. margarine .. artificial sweeteners .. .. complex carbs vs processed carbs .. nutrients .. etc .. the list is almost endless ..

u can also read the following : - ''The pH Miracle for Diabetes'' .. ''Infectious Diabetes ''.. '' Diabetes Mellitus", American Journal of Medical Sciences (1933) '' .. "Diabetes Mellitus", Encyclopedia Americana, Library Edition, vol. 9, 1966 .. i can give u many many more articles to read .. or things to google .. i have forgotten more than i remember .. i have read hundreds if not thousands of articles about diabetes .. foods .. supplements .. additives .. etc ., only what is pertinent in effecting the reversal of diabetes .. did i use and remember .. nuff said

until next time .. enjoy:cool::)
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