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blog 17 The 'BIG question'

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 723

This is one of those days that I'm having, is what I call 'a thinking day!' This is due to watching the many sports on television and being off work, for a change! I just go into a torpor where everything going on around me isn't happening and my brain starts working overtime and that is all that matters. I don't need to document all my family and personal things that go on in my head, as with having a large family there is always something going on! Not moaning its the way it is.
I have been trying to come up with how I am going to write this, there is no easy way and one of the threads, that has been troubling me, is doing the rounds at the moment, this blog is not about the rights or wrongs, it is, my opinion, that's all it is, it is not directed at anyone in particular, I'm not the sort to ridicule or tell posters directly, that they are wrong and I'm right!
It is my opinion!
That's what blogs are for aren't they?

For me, as my history has been documented, well and truly by my threads and my blog, my story of how I bettered my symptoms, until now, I am well, and healthier etc.
Had I continued to follow the NICE recommendations on diet for diabetics, when I was misdiagnosed and through my actual diagnosis, I would be in a terrible place. I would be ill with a catalogue of symptoms.
I think that even in a recent blog I alluded to my specialist asking me to up my carbs, which I refused!
All but one or two people have suggested I eat carbs to help me, (how I don't know?), but because I have learned that carbs are seriously bad for me, those couple of people, have literally given me my life back.
Every where I look on Google, other forums and formats, it insists that I eat carbs. Even my time on this forum or if I look on the home page, the advice is low carb or reduce your carbs, which is really good advice. I have even seen videos on tube that RH ers eat a quantity of carbs a day, eh! What! I know there are very small amounts in everything we eat. But nowhere except maybe the RH threads does it mention that a very, very low carb diet is preferable to posters looking for advice.
I am in ketosis!
It's where I have been, it's where I'm staying. It has to be, because I don't want to be ill again.
I want to be in ketosis, I'm happy to be there. It is a state of health and happiness for me.
Even though I probably could (or should) have a few more carbs, but why?
Why do I want to?
Why do I need to?
Why should I?

The simple answer to all those questions is, I Don't!

So moving on, because that's me!

The big question for me, is the reason for this blog.

I cannot understand or reason it out, because (as a star trek fan) it's illogical!

If low carbing is so good for even at a reduced diet, and I am following my own advice, reduce carbs etc.
Why does the majority of diabetic posters want to eat more carbs when they get their blood glucose levels down?
If the recommended low carb diet from the forum from the majority of successful posters is to be followed then why try and go back to what probably had an undesirable effect on their health in the first place?
You do notice that I'm picking my words carefully!
I truly believe that we have a carb filled epidemic on our hands! There is so much of it in everything you see in the shops, supermarkets, and fast food outlets. Even the salads are covered with dressings that are loaded with carbs.
Went and didn't stay at a pub, trying to have a meal, it was ridiculous, there was nothing on the menu or would they alter the menu to suit me. I complained, but did me no good, even the diet coke was pumped and full of sugar!
There is obviously a bigger issue with food production and our eating habits as a population but it just seems as though real good dietary advice in my opinion, is not out there. Therefore, the reason for the obesity epidemic.

There is a slow change if you look for it, as in this forum and in books, but business doesn't want you to know about it!
I'm digressing, the big question is why, when you know that you are in control of your blood glucose levels, do you need or want to go back to eating the carbs?

I just don't understand it! It's not logical!

There is another issue for me.
If you are a T1 diabetic, why the need to boast, brag, post about how you can bolus for carbs, when you need to?
It's rhetorical!, also I'm not qualified to comment!
The fact that you want to inject yourself because you have to is fine by me, but to use more insulin because you want to eat fast food doesn't sit right for me, that's illogical!
That's the same as an alcoholic having meds for his liver and then going out on the beer! That's illogical!

I believe that sometimes on the forum there should be more separate forums for T1s and T2s, but where do you stop?
As my condition is distinct that treatment, should be very low carb and eat little and often!
But for all the various types of diabetes, it is very difficult to find one recommendation other than reduce carbs, that fits all types.

This forum is brilliant, it has its little trials and tribulations, but in the main, this is where posters come to get advice from experienced diabetics, for whom the recommendations have been ever so successful, which includes me!

I just think sometimes that having newbies see threads that say eat normally when your medicated, is just wrong somehow. Especially as they are reluctant to join and are just perusing!
I can remember joining with reluctance, because I felt embarrassed at putting my health issues out there on the internet, to strangers, who I just didn't know or trust.
You have to put yourself in their place! Someone who has just been diagnosed T2 with dietary issues and overweight, and his first thread he/she reads, is as long as you have insulin you can carry on eating *****!
I just don't get it! Surely eating a reduced carb diet is better than injecting more insulin.
I have said eating 'normally', but what is normal?
For me now, it's eating to make sure I'm not affected by foods that make me ill.
My normal is not your normal!
I have to, for the rest of my life eat like this!
That is my logic! I eat to my meter to make me healthier and give me real good energy levels. My life signs are brilliant. Only my pancreas misbehaves, when I have too many carbs.
Therefore I'm allergic to them.!
So in summary, there are posters who like, in their opinion, need to tell people that because of meds they have a license to do and eat anything they like and **** everybody else. Why do they need to do that? Isn't that against forum rules? If it isn't it should be!
It's illogical in my opinion!

Rant over!

Once again, it's just my opinion!
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