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blog no. 15 12 months after diagnosis.

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 521

A Reactionary, part 2!!

I never can recall the date exactly, cos I don't do diaries except food ones and blood glucose levels.
I do know that it is now over 12 months since my stay in hospital which ruled out everything else but Reactive Hypoglycaemia. I came out with a determination to get to grips with my condition and control the symptoms which had been troubling me for far too many years. I came to realise that my will power and my refusal to be ill any more, with justification, how I would do this!
It is also over a year now that I have been in ketosis. It is over a year that I have been taking the drug sitagliptin.
It is over a year in which my determination has won! Well nearly!
I have yet to reach my target weight, but that is still another goal to be achieved, one of many that I set myself.
I have been relentless in my determination to eat nothing but very, very low carb meals.
I do eat small pieces of fruit and I test some boundaries of some foods, but, and it's a big but. I have done without potatoes, pasta, rice, pastry, bread (except a slice of Bergen) grains of any type.
I cannot bring myself to try at all. My consultant asked me to try some more complex carbs, I refused, asking, if ketosis was working, why break something that isn't broken! I eat to my meter and stay between 4-6mmols at all times, that I'm aware of!
I have been invigorated, my energy levels are really good, I wake up in the morning feeling like a thirty year old, rather than a oap! I work very hard, in a manual demanding job, which was supposed to be part time but has turned into full time at the moment. I do feel tired, but it's a healthy tired.
I sleep better and have less weird dreams, I still wake up 2 or 3 times a night to pee, but that's the excess insulin, so I have been told. But fall back off to sleep more or less straight away. Something that wouldn't have happened a couple of years ago!
My life has improved so much this last year, the wife has improved a bit, money is not as tight, the kids and grandkids are doing well, the daughter is struggling with her thyroid, but is with a good endocrinologist. She has a rare form she has been told! Now where have I heard that phrase before? Hmmm?
I could do with a holiday, but cannot get away for a while yet!
Even my football club has some good vibes for the season coming and are one of the favourites for the division, here's hoping!

As I've said before, I can't believe how healthy I am and my medical people agree with that assessment. Since diagnosis, my life signs and function tests are normal, not just for someone young and healthy but for a man of my age, is really good. All my BP, cholesterol, heart, urine, stool tests are normal. Other than my condition, there is nothing except wear and tear, nowt wrong with me! I smoked, drank, ate unhealthy and ignored my health as I thought that I was 'fine'!
I never let my symptoms get in my way of what I really wanted to do. I struggled for years, so I could earn a living.
I just got on with, not thinking I was that ill! Even when I knew there was something other than my misdiagnosis of T2, was going on, did I not try and work my way through life.
I think it has got to do with having to go through childhood poverty, had something to do with it! Always willing to work and not shy of having a go and could usually turn my hand to it. Having a few decent brain cells helped, despite the bang on my head at 10 that did knock my education somewhat!
I think because, I gained a lot of work experience in my first couple of years in my working life, that the concept of working has not been totally alien. Indeed I'm very proud that I have never had a day on the dole in all my working life, says, that I've, been lucky (especially in this area) and a good worker and have never been sacked says another. 60 and my latest employer has plans for me. Says it all!
My future is planned out, the state of ketosis is staying, I'm still learning and getting better in the kitchen, I'm organizing my life to help my wife, even though I'm not there as much as me and her would like, a full time job, the chores, the cooking, cleaning, laundry, walking the dog, shopping etc. Has my life busier than I could have believed, especially considering the trials that have caused so much heartache, the last few years.
I sure hope that this continues for a while to come.

Life I love against carbs

This reactionary has a life to live, let's get on with it.
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