Marion1102 Nov 21, 2016
I've been diabetic for 30 years, but when I was originally diagnosed we already had a holiday booked for California. So, a couple of months after this we toured around California and I took my Insulin and my spare insulin in little thermal flasks - childrens ones decorated with cartoon characters - and we bought a cool box there as well as we were driving around alot, although you can now get especially designed chilled containers and the rooms usually have fridges
We didn't have any problems you wouldn't get usually, the extra walking means you have to be a bit more careful but it's always easy to get carbs, especially at somewhere like Disney where food - OK not that healthy - is avaliable everywhere. As you enter Disney your bag is normally checked but I've never had any problems with my insulin and meters but if you take a copy of your prescription with you this should sort out any potential problems. Disney also have amazing guest services and I am sure they would do their best to help with any problems. As an adult I must admit I used all the walking to have a couple of sweet treats I wouldn't usually have but enjoyed anyway.
Have a lovely time on holiday and most importantly don't forget to enjoy it