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Gallstones and Diabeties - is there a link?

Published by sparrow61 in the blog sparrow61's blog. Views: 1239

I have just read on-line that if you have Diabetes, you have a higher risk of getting gallbladder disease. Now I know we should not always believe what we read on-line but there is no mention of this statement in reverse. i.e. :- Do people with gallbladder disease have a higher risk of getting Diabetes?

In July 2008, I was diagnosed with gallstones after a few dashes to the A&E department due to severe pain. They thought I either had a stomach ulcer or gallstones. It turned out to be the latter, even though the usual area for gallstone pain is in the upper right part of your tummy and possibly through to your right shoulder blade, mine was central by my breastbone.

I was scanned and told I had 4 tiny stones, like the nib of a biro and I could probably control them by diet alone. Don't always believe what you are told because in 6 months, those 4 tiny stones had turned to a gallbladder full which was far too many for them to count on another scan.

In December 2008 after more trips to the hospital, they decided to give me an endoscopy because they were adamant that because my pain was central (the pressure in my chest was awful) it was nothing to do with my stones. I had the endoscopy and they found a hyperplastic polyp and white patches consistent with intestinal metaplasia ???? and biopsies had been taken. This was on my discharge sheet after the procedure. I was hysterical when I got home and googled it - it is a precancerous condition. I was straight on the phone in floods of tears because I thought I had cancer. They promised they would ring as soon as the biopsies were back, they could not assure me it wasn't cancer until then, not could they say it was. So along with the agonizing pain from the stone, I also had an agonizing wait. They rang 3 days later to say the biopsies were benign and the white patches were in fact 'gastritis'. Phew, what a relief but why put it on my dicharge note in the first place?

The last week of January 2009, I kept asking my hubby if he thought I looked yellow because I thought I had a yellow tinge. That week alone, I was at the doctors 3 times due to agonizing pain and had a doctor out in the middle of the night. It is hard to believe but no-one except me could see I was turning yellow. Still I never got admitted to hospital until my husband took me on the Friday morning at 8 a.m. because by then I looked like a sunflower. You needed sunglasses to look at me.
I was admitted and put on a ward at 10pm that same night. I had a drip and a catheter and was in a right old state. A registrar came to see me and I begged to be put to sleep and get my gallbladder out. He told me it was too dangerous because a stone was stuck in my bile duct and I had acute Pancreatitis and cholecystitis. They kept me in for a whole week and two consultants were arguing over whether I should have a procedure where they cut the duct during an endoscopy to see if the stone falls through into a little basket, so they can remove it. It is an invasive procedure and decided against it. I had an MRI scan and the stone had passed. Thank goodness.
During all this, from the day after I was admitted, a nurse came every day to check my sugar levels and I remember thinking what the heck is she doing that for, I have gall stones not Diabetes, but I felt too ill to go into it all with her, I just assumed she knew what she was doing.

I went home on the following Friday and had to go back the next Thursday as a day case for my gallbladder to be removed. The following week, I was admitted as a day case. I was the first into surgery (8.30 a.m) but the last back on the ward (after 1 pm). Everyone was back from theater and wide awake when I was taken back on the ward. There were 6 of us to have the operation. I never did question this but to this day I don't know why this happened, why I was in recovery for so long. Don't suppose I ever will know.

When I got home the next few days were sore but every time I went to the loo for a bowel movement, It looked like tiny bits of plastic tubing and gravel, it was weird, it only did it a few times before I was back to normal so I never really thought any more about it.
What I do know is, I have never been the same since. Always feel poorly, have since been diagnosed with B12 deficiency after collapsing, then I was told I have a vitamin D deficiency. It is like nothing is working properly any more. Last year Pre Diabetes and last week an HbA1c of 48 so it is looking like I could now be diabetic although, only just.

What I am trying to get at is:
If they say there is a link to Diabetics getting Gallbladder disease and stones. Could this not be the same case Vice Versa??? I am not a Doctor but surely Acute Pancreatitis could cause some kind of damage or knock on effect to a persons system and seeing it is this very organ which regulates Insulin it makes me want to look for answers, it is just knowing where to start......
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