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Get outa my dreams and get into my car! no. 28

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 510

It's one of those quirky things about people, that even though I worked in a car plant and made millions (seemed like it! Where did they all go?) Of vehicles. I have never passed my test or have no intention of! I do have a reason why, but that is not for public consumption! I can drive, but, because of my life, I didn't and have never regretted it!
I actually have a car, but the family use it!
So if I want to go somewhere, I can use my bus pass, yes I'm old enough, and I usually walk where I want within reason. If I need to get somewhere that I need to like the hospital, one of the family usually volunteer, ain't that, what kids are for?
But the theme of this blog is walking and how and why it makes sense to just do it, no matter how far or how slow. I love my dog walks, though the dog puts up with going to far for him! Especially when it's hot!
I have my usual half hour walks he likes, but strange places and he keeps looking at me as though I'm weird!
Too far for him and the heavy panting starts!
Walking to me is second nature, all my life, to get to school or to footie or to where I wanted to be, I would walk.
The reason for this is, in poverty, you don't have the luxury of bus or train fare. So the only option when I was a kid, was to walk. Distance didn't come into it! I've walked to places that there are back that are over ten miles in the rain to play footie! Also my grammar school was over three miles away, so it was at least six miles every day to and from school. All my early teenage years where spent in where teenagers met, parks, baths, fairs, shops or discos, church dances(discos by any other name) the YMCA, the boys club, and school functions. All walked to!
I have memories of getting up very early to make sure I was there on time, hated being late, even then!
Because I walked everywhere, I found myself gaining an interest in geography and map reading and getting knowledge of local history and how place names have a significance on local history and the stories behind them.
For example, the local population is mainly of Norse or Viking descent! Over 60% of the population of Merseyside have Norse DNA in their blood. Also a huge battle took place in the 9th-10th century very locally, that we were not taught at school. Indeed local place names are mainly Norse in origin! And my football team, Tranmere has the only Viking name in the top four leagues, even though we are not in it now! It means heron on sandbank.
There is a meeting place (in the Viking era) that is akin to the one in the Isle of Man, it's called Thurstaton or Thors stone! It's very big!
The Romans left there Mark around the Cheshire area including Chester (Deva) But recent discoveries which include a port near the Northern coast (Meols) has revealed a staging post for Roman troops to be embarked to probably Ireland or the coast of North Wales There is a Roman bridge been discovered as well pointing straight as the crow flies between the two. But no Roman road yet!
Deva was the biggest fort built by the ROmans outside of Rome itself and historians are still trying to find out why! As you see history is a passion for me and because I'm not flying past in vehicles I can find out things about things you wouldn't usually notice!
I can walk all day and do sometimes, a part of my job is mowing and doing it on foot is so relaxing, achieving something, put my music player on with some Motown, Northern Soul, or some good tunes on, and I'm happy!

So when I was in hypo hell, I wasn't well! I knew that deep down that there was something going on that didn't fit in with my T2 diagnosis! I had to keep stopping and get my breath back or I was too dizzy or disorientated, feeling giddy and useless. I had to keep taking breaks, even though my boss put up with it, I was worried, and a little concerned about my future employment. I couldn't lose my hours, I needed the job, to pay the bills!
I wasn't going back into poverty after all those years, working my arse off and paying my taxes and national insurance to end up there again and have the stigma of not being able to afford to pay for things and the likes of birthdays and Christmas, no way would I do that! So I fought my corner and got my referral, though not intentionally, and was pestering my GP, for any reason. To get back to health.
I have done it and am back walking and going to take the lazy hound out again before I do the wife's and my couple of meals for tea and supper!

I found this in a brand new novel and I thought I would share, who would believe that in the 21st century in one the richest countries in the world, a modern writer would describe a woman so!

She was shabby, she wasn't untidy or scruffy, she wasn't.....She was...... There was never enough money. Her clothes were clean and neat but never new. Her shoes were shined but much repaired. The coat hanging behind the door was practical not pretty, her hair hadn't been styled for.....ever. She wasn't desperately poor, but she had the appearance of one for whom the cost of everything was of first importance. That day-to-day never ending struggle to keep her head above the financial waters. The abyss!
The constant robbing of Peter to pay Paul and hoping and praying that somehow Peter could be repaid when the time came. That desperate soul sapping endless struggle to make ends meet.
No small treats, no guilty pleasure to reward herself with at the end of the long hard days work. No pleasures at all! Every penny ruthlessly accounted for and spent. Go to work, draw your money, pay as many bills as possible. Don't give in to despair! Do it all again next month, and the next, until you give in............ or die!

Couldn't put it better myself!
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