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I told you so!

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 86

Before the vote on brexit, and the democratic vote on it, I think it was a post on this topic in the General forum, where because of my travels and how lean manufacturing process works. It was always on the cards that there would be huge problems with the assumption that the country needs to get out of European market.
Not only for food, oil, human rights, workers rights, tax, housing, wages, transport, medicine, health and safety the NHS.
Since 2010 and maybe before, there has been a battle behind the closed minds of certain anti marketeers, and the EU. The Tories didn't want the referendum. But within the ranks, there was a policy battle and this put the prime minister at the time, a huge headache. The policy of this government, austerity, deprivation, food banks and succeeding with the universal credit, to get the debt down, when in fact, before the next election, but announced after, was the debt had grown. One of the top men in finance, said that because of austerity and the overall fall of wages to the cost of living, it was no surprise to him, that what was needed was a complete overhaul of priorities that government does its business.
The need for levelling up, was the priority, the need after so many years, to start investing in the infrastructure of the country, to improve our transport needs for the 2030s, and the biggest problem was to change from fossil fuel to sustainable power that won't wreck the planet. One of the reasons why this country is in desperate need for HGV drivers, is how the drivers themselves have not a option but to eat and sleep in the cab, also the age of HGV drivers. No HGV tests for a year. It just seems to me, that the logical choice, as during the world wars of last century, that because of the lack of drivers, they employed women to drive, fly, work in usually male roles. There is of course, retired drivers, who could fill in.
Once again, the opportunity has been missed and the skills needed for this country are being ignored.
During this time certain Tory MPs, jumped on the brexit bandwagon, those MPs were mostly in favour of the EU. But the opportunity to get their faces on the box and have popular political views on the likes of immigration. One certain MP, who had voted many times in parliament to remain in the euro, decided to go against his party and start campaigning, with an MEP at his side extolling the benefits of being out.
Regardless of out of in, both sides told lie after lie, to protect their political life and the changing face of how the EU, was becoming a more liberal and progressive society.
The fact that 27 countries in Europe has had the benefits of joining the EU, most of the last ten to twenty years of new projects and building in this area was paid for by the EU. This new libertine approach where the free market and private sector, will solve the problem is the reason why the country is never prepared for something that goes awry. The attitude and the response from doing something is totally reactive (I know!)
And being proactive to these politicians, is foreign to them and not on the agenda despite the warnings from the government's advisors and the country's experts, the experience of the advice, gets ignored, then forgotten.

Besides, we have the jab and near herd immunity. Hang on, 30,000 new infections a day?
The hospitals are again under pressure, staff shortages, lack of government support, and even though the politicians praise the NHS, as being heroes. Just a thank you (like one of the Grace Brothers in, Are you being served!) A pay cut after all the recent developments. And government decisions have exacerbated the situation where working conditions are really bad. You just wouldn't believe this! You would really think that there is a conspiracy to sell off the health service to private health insurance companies?
Why would these politicians say one thing and do another?
What is the benefit of changing health care and how it's paid for?
And why is there shortages?
Apparently there are plenty of vacancies in the service industries, but no workers?
There is a need for doctors and nurses despite the politicians telling us how they are going to reform social care.
This doesn't mean anything more about pay and conditions in the care homes. There is apparently nothing yet except how much we are going to pay for it. Without a proper reform, and a plan, nothing will change!

Since the last election, these politicians who are typically acting in self interest and beholden by the power behind the party, have had to change direction and being habitually dependent on the popular vote, has been brazenly gone with the flow on decent criticism of the lack of sympathy to those who are effected by government decisions, despite them being totally illogical and against the decent thing to do.
These politicians are relentless on the attack of basic human rights. They do not have the decency of being in politics to make the country's population lives better, but are on a powerhouse of ruining people's lives. Control of the economy and the money market seems to be the highest priority..
Getting away from European market rules, has opened up the flood gates for those that can, to take advantage of the situation. You would like to think that the benefits of this would and should be good news for the whole country. But it's not! Only a select few of the elite and shareholders.
You couldn't write this.
These politicians are incompetent, they don't live in the real world, there is an agenda, they don't care about me and you. The libertarians are only using your money to finance their lifestyle.
Too many mistakes, blunders, cabinet catastrophes, breaking their own rules, and profiting from it.
These politicians are on a course to wreck our living standards, to get back to the good old empire days, believing that the lower classes are just cannon fodder, to be used and thrown on the scrap heap of life in poverty, so that trade and the needs of the elite, which couldn't be produced here, was available due to our empire.
This empire was built on the blood of those countries population. The slave trade is one of this country's diabolical decision and a source of deprivation and slaughter. On a scale that has been copied by the Nazis, pol pot in Cambodia, and the pogroms all through the last 200 years.
This policy of our government is flawed, the drive to secure profits, on the backs of outsourcing, has been more apparent during the pandemic, we were shocked to hear that our country is dependent on foreign factories to produce more than we actually do as a country, one percent of hospital equipment was made here. Food, medicines, vital skills for progress, are not taught anymore, creative skills are in short supply, all this and more, is designed to push profits and lower the cost of producing.so since the early eighties the worth of British skills in the workplace has spiralled down to very low levels so much that our children will earn or be paid less than the parents and still housing costs and food and energy prices are outstripping the development of our economy. If this carries on, the numbers of people homeless and in poverty will keep growing.
This bunch of pathetic political, corrupt, cabinet, has no idea what brexit and the pandemic has done to so many people. The idiots in power, do not care, do not understand what a family needs in this period here and now. The idea that working, having to go on benefits and still cannot afford food is the price of capitalism.
If you gave £20 to a rich man and £20 to a single mother, working and trying to provide for her family. Which is the best for the economy today?
This country which produced the industrial revolution is now dependent on the banking and stock markets, even though banks are closing very quickly.
The answer to the question above, is the single mother. Why?
The rich man will put it with the rest of his £20s. The single mother will obviously spend it. This means the knock on effect from the shop, wholesale, manufacturer, all the workers, the owners and more, which includes tax, and local council fees. If every single mother had an extra £20 to spend, you can see how this would effect every person on that list. Not spending money has an opposite effect on so much.
One of the biggest boosts to the economy, which the Tories claimed would bankrupt the country, but didn't, was when the Blair government introduced minimum wage. Nobody went bankrupt, it created jobs, increased tax and national insurance contributions, the GDP grew.
Because of the need to make more profits. The profits and improving lives is always going to be at each other's throats.
But the really stupid thing is it can be decent for both parties.
Investment in people and training, skills, modern technologies and the security of work, planning for the future, what happens today, is not as important as tomorrow,
This clash of direction has destroyed industrial towns (ask someone in derby) ruined British firms and sold up to foreign companies were who asset strip and move the industrial base to somewhere, where what I call, paid slavery abound. Children are still working instead of education. I admit living through the second half of the last century and no we twenty years of this. I am staggered by this country. I keep saying it, you couldn't make it up, the stories of incompetence and cruelty to fellow country's population, creating divisions, creating a them and us, money is the root of all evil. Never more highlighted during this pandemic and eleven years of systematic degradation of those who are worse off. The humiliation of a country that denies accessibility to its weakest and disabled, to persistently attack working rights and change the concept of guarantees of employment, zero hours, minimum wage, which is now so pathetic that it should be scrapped. And replaced by a guaranteed ring fenced law of a living wage. How can you 'live' when working for little, if you can get work, spending more time away from the family, if you can actually get the amount needed for child care. And begging from the food banks to feed them. It is so embarrassing, it scars you, mental health is an obvious outcome,

Without the poor there would be no rich!

Our country, our lives and the way we treat others is a mandate of Christianity in the Anglican church, but the country is now so diverse, that our culture, our decency, our charity, and all the good things that happened during lockdown is now forgotten and ignored by the government. The social values of being in this altogether is a message that was often used, but the profiteers, the criminals, capitalists, the cowboys and the rip off merchants are again making sure that all what has happened in the last decade, is back and after your hard earnings. Because money is the most important factor in all of this. There is only so much money what people are going to buy, and all the above will do anything to get as much as possible, even legally, your money.

This country is all but broken. From the promises of every election, even before I actually voted, the country has been dismantled, brick by brick and the modernised country that our precedents, fought for and a country fit for heroes.
There is no houses for people, most of the population cannot get a mortgage. There is no jobs for the young, the kick start programme is just cheap labour, apprenticeship is few and far between. There because of the reasons I gave before, is not the levels of shop floor production work to train the youth. There is education, but the numbers of tech savvy computer specialists are not getting to uni, because of the charge to students in loans are too much that a family could not afford.
You could assume that I'm a typical working labour voter, and you would be right, but I'm not extreme. It would take a progressive government many parliaments to belong to a state that has a non capitalist outlook or dogma!
The elitist system and retrograde policies are directed to the benefits for the privileged.

I sometimes believe that my life has been a life of trials, testing my logic and my intelligence, also my integrity, as being part of the community doing its utmost to be for the benefit of everybody, as the NHS was formed early in my life, this was the greatest step forward in logical social care for the health of the nation. It has been systematically destroyed, intentionally! My life and my health issues, the reason why I am still alive is down to my medical team.
To be someone who has a very rare condition, this threat to afford treatment is always cause for concern for me and my family, the thought that the treatment and the tests I need, could be based on my income rather than need. Every low paid worker, disabled, elderly, their children and grandchildren, would need to be medically insured. Which in all probability would be financially worse off.

This is another rant about this country and how the class war is being directed by these clowns, who obviously don't care about us as long as they get elected and get their face on television. It's worse than the so called celebrities on channel four or five that get to say something on a review show even though they weren't alive then. These celebrity wannabes, have more money than sense. This ridiculous rabble is lying through its teeth to try and convince the electorate that everything is okay, while clearly, the whole country has gone to the scrap heap. I have stated before, we need a logical party, who understand what it is like to bring a family through modern day British life. Knowing that the rule of law are against you and the family. Knowing that whatever you earn isn't enough, that you are denied modern technology and the internet because of how expensive it is.
That your children are going to the same school as you did, and the building is sub standard, as is the facilities and teachers mainly inexperienced are not the best, the teachers are faced with big classes and a change in curriculum every year, to suit some well meaning councillor. The likelihood of having serious health issues, more likely to die younger, because of the lack of suitable social housing. Having to go into debt to pay for the sub standard housing, which is probably with a loan shark, if you are ever able to pay off, you can't ask a neighbour to help because they are probably worse off than you. The local charity shops are the only new (ha!) clothing you can afford. The local food bank is always busy and helps bring the locals together. We can't afford to go to the pub, that is closed now and standing empty, the local which was the centre of everything around here.
I will tell you, that the majority of people around here, have to resort to other methods of getting what they need, drug use is the norm. Obesity is the norm. Everyone knows everyone else and their business. That staying out of trouble is nigh impossible.
The social services are always around, as are the police cars, nothing and nowhere for the kids to play or even hang out with their friends. Even going for exercising is challenging. A walk around the block and someone with you, never alone! The local MP does what she can but it is beyond her influence.
One of the strangest but normal things around here are the children have the same mother but different fathers from different cultures.
This is multi ethnic British life. And definitely not the British empire of old.
A modern society, logically reformed and led with a clear mandate to improve the lives of our families.
Britain needs, a new democratic party, logically elected and a parliamentary process that all the members of both houses are elected by the electorate, and not by birth right or grace and favour..

We have to eat and survive the massive disadvantages that living in this country has developed.
We are imploding and self harm is the result of infighting. We do not have a country that can be relied on to help and support us through all this. The country is arse about face politically divided, diverse, divisive and diving down into divine intervention, please!!

You are born and given a number.
You go to school and given a number education.
You go to work and another number.
You find a partner and a number of responsibilities.
Your family grows and a number of obligations.
You retire and your number of friends goes.
You die and are given another number, a plot.
That is it, your numbers up!
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