SockFiddler Jul 10, 2017
That's a crazy photo!

Your sense of touch is actually two different senses! (Actually, it's more, but your brain interprets the information in one of two ways)

One is texture-focused, used to gather information about the things we know we're touching - this is smooth, this is cold, this is rubbery etc and our brains can (in most normal folks) learn to phase constant feedback from these receptors out. For example, when we're lying in bed, we're not constantly thinking about how the sheets feel.

The other sense of touch is a danger sense and is reflexive and impossible to ignore: this is hot, this is sharp, this is painful. In videos of people reaching for things they didn't know were hot, the hand that was reaching out was reflexively pulled away before their brains even registered that there was danger.

Anyway, all of this is a roundabout way of saying... I hope your feet get well soon and that it wasn't too painful!

Sock x