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Lets start at the beginning (and try not to be too boring)

Published by Patrick66 in the blog Patrick66's blog. Views: 1067

Wow!. Where to begin ?.

A bit about me I suppose.

I was born on 13th March 1966 at 11.30am. It was a Sunday morning and I was just in time for lunch. Good timing, eh ?.

I weighed 11lb 7oz so was a pretty chunky chappy.

I had an elder sister. I say “had” when I should say “have”, through gritted teeth!. It’s not that we don’t get on its just that …we don’t get on. At one point we didn’t speak for almost 20 years and it was only our Fathers quite rapid descent into Dementia, his death and then Mums suicide 7 months later that forced us together.

And trust me when I say these aren’t the circumstances you want to be forced into when attempting to communicate with someone you barely know.

I am Autistic. I had a diagnosis of Aspergers on 13th February 2009. I very much suspect the whole family is/are on the spectrum.

How does it affect me ?.

I find I mask almost continually and that’s exhausting. I blend in with neurotypicals and feign an interest in small talk and gossip and try to act “normally” when I really want to tidy everything up, apply logic, work in an office on my own and do crazy stuff like stim continually or leap about and dance.

I loathe phone answering, spontaneity, noise, people, various sensory assaults and my life in general.

I have been with Karen, my better half for ten years now. She’s an amazingly talented creative person who loves crochet, embroidery, sewing, making stuff and you can’t move in our kitchen without falling over one of her four…or is it five, sewing type machines!.

She is my carer, my chauffeur, a disorganised muddle who can never remember addresses or phone numbers which is where I come in. I do her accounts (she is self-employed), answer her crossword clues, tidy up after her and remember stuff for her.

And that’s how we work, each compensating for the other. Oh, and she can talk for England, she comes from Newcastle and is very chatty and sociable. I am from Devon and the strong (Ha Ha!), silent type.

Two cats. Amy is 12 and Katie is 8. I am very much a dog person but, living in a rented flat with no garden, it’s impossible to have one at the moment.

I don’t have any hobbies as Anhedonia has removed any pleasure in things. Quite a contrast to Karen.

I do read or force myself to read. I listen to music, mainly at work to block out NT gossip but much of it is just general background noise. Can’t really watch TV (Karen watches EastEnders which I think is an abomination lol) or Films as I get so restless.

I spent several years studying Egyptology but not formally. Well, actually I did but the college where I studied was later exposed as being fake so all my diplomas were worthless. I can still read hieroglyphics though, if I really concentrate.

Partially trained Counsellor. Having been told that being Autistic meant I wouldn’t be able to do the job I excelled on the courses and in the role-play when I was “in the zone” but funding led to cancellation of the courses I needed to actually qualify. That’s life.

And that’s probably enough for now..in case you’re bored. Are you ?.

Catch you soon. I hope.
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