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My best wishes, Heaven can weight!

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 187

I was having a intellectual conversation with my 5 year old granddaughter, who is more tech savvy, even though she hasn't had much schooling and is struggling a little bit with the 3 Rs. Her mum told us that her behaviour was erratic and of course, in school, she is a sweet innocent girl.
I mentioned that Christmas was close, and Santa would be taking notes about who's been good and who's been bad? Unfortunately, as my granddaughter is also street wise, she laughed and told her mum without having to think about it, that her nanny would never see her without present.
So without thinking with my foot in my mouth, I asked the little princess, had she written her Christmas list yet?
She replied to this as if planned, I will get daddy to write things for me!
Trying to keep a straight face, I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on. And of course, young madam had her drinking cup refilled. With a little treat on the side.

I had a few chores in my garden while it wasn't raining, and as usual, being outside and doing something that is the key to let me think deeply about my life and everything else, my thoughts quickly went on to Christmas lists and wishes, after a while, not more than a couple of minutes, my old job which I needed a list of lists to keep on top of everything, I didn't want to go there, but the wishing didn't want to leave my thoughts.
What would I wish for, for Christmas?
That, had me worried and wonder why, now with a slight possibility of having a family Christmas, what I really wanted, but that is not easy, when you have a big family and they really spoil me if I give them an idea. Then the lot of them relentlessly phone each other, to ensure the presents were sorted. And of course they surprise me with their generosity. I ramble!
To the next thought that linked, my imagination took over and because of my random thoughts, I started to wonder what the rest of my life had in store for me. The thought that the next few years would be as bad as the last few was unimaginable, that would take me to what happens when I die. Typical me!
I have been watching a couple of tv series, both comedies about what happens in the afterlife. Probably nothing, but you know if you believe in what you have been taught, then if I was religious, a Christian, I would go to heaven (or hell) or something in between.
So the big question is, what do I wish for and be heavenly for me?
There is a lot of cruel answers to this, so stop thinking of one dear readers.

My thoughts turned to some of the places I have been, the places in my childhood and of course through my work and pleasure. I can instantly tell you, that there are major differences in this life between the rich, the poor and those either just above being poor or below that are comfortably ok, the difference between having a good life, without struggling for paying the bills, do have their own bit of heaven, here! But those who live in the poorest areas and really struggle to even have food is a hell on earth already.

I would wish to continue in this vein of thought but moving on to other related thoughts.
My wishes for my afterlife, are based on my experience and the question of my too often, luxury items or holidays or getting away to various historical places. Having a yacht on a Greek island, for instance, have you seen how many British owned and registered yachts are in the Mediterranean? To afford the likes of just enjoying life. To be healthy and happy, avoiding the tendency to worry about everything and everyone close to me. The realisation that I'm coping with a rare condition that then gave me thoughts that the next place we go to, is definitely not going to be just one person's perspective of heaven. My idea of heaven is so different to any of my family, just for starters. Then, if you widen the thought to all the living and our ancestors and the diversity of religions, beliefs, customs, races, creeds or politics. Granting wishes on this scale is overwhelming.
Or do we all go to the same place, respectively? Is it similar to your life and likes? Is it the place to be? Is it possible that what we want or wish for is there for you waiting? Or in this life, you are in training for the next one?
Are you based on a points system for good or bad, and this decides what sort of place you have there?
So many questions?
Can it be so complicated? Could it be so simple and these thoughts are nonsense.
Will I have my condition?
Will my disability not be there?
Do I have to work?
How will I look?
What sort of rules and laws do they have.
What about the criminal element?
Do we need currency?
Can I drink again?
Can I have a chip buttie?
Will my mental health be gone?
The mentally ill and severely disabled?
Will growing old be a part of the afterlife?
And because I have watched too many sci-fi tv and movies and countless books on alternative timeline and of course different parallel universe?
And if I have interpreted my dreams, and the weird things that keeps happening? For example, I have had really strange recurring dreams of a past life or lives, or the many instances of deja vu, or at my stage of life, I have a tendency to forget about recent things. But I can answer obscure questions which are not in areas of my knowledge, or have never took interest in. Then again, books I have read, then a second read, and I cannot believe that I know that I have read it, but can't remember the plot, story or even some of the characters.
So, you see, my idea of what my afterlife is no one else's, we are so individual, in the make up of psychology and sociology, we are so different, that life teaches you to sacrifice time, energy and money on those around you, to give to those unfortunate they have not got. The idea of being a Christian, hence Christmas and giving is more important than receiving, the world's religions are very similar to pass God's message on. I do believe that being decent in this life, will be a big part of your future afterlife and lives. The diversity of diversity in this life, lends me to think that there is nothing to worry about and my continuous existence will be like this life, be important to be open to all people, not to judge, ridicule or criticise, to be aware of their capabilities and never stop learning and teaching, to give back without receiving, your knowledge and skills.
Some people just don't care what is next they are enjoying this one too much.
So what is your wish, in the afterlife?
Some are silly, some are logical, some are not.
When ever you swear, and someone near says, I hope so. Their afterlife is wishing for sexual gratification. So, if it is possible, too much will have consequences, eventually get bored and move on to something else, if they can?
As your wishes, are granted, what next? How many different wishes can you have or is it limited and you can get what you dreamed it would be.? And what happens when your wishes and dreams cannot be granted?
what if your life and your psyche has a dream of owning something impossible? Or is nothing impossible.
Surely, there must be give and take?
This world is beautiful and can sustain us, the human drive for personal ownership and wanting more. Can be a wish that threatens this life, or will it be that there is no wishes and the afterlife is not for enjoying oneself but a step to future wishes? Can this be a different way of existence? As being pure energy or your soul as such moving on?

Regardless, if there are angels, can they be...............?

Wishing and thinking, will distract your work and mindset, and I suspect I'll have to finish the garden tomorrow.

So if there is a plan and a place in my idea of heaven, I wish that I can be happy there!
May your God bless you and keep your dreams alive.
Live in the now, the future is not far from happening.

Thanks for reading, if you get there before me, put in a good word for me!
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