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My Confusion may finally be over

Published by Chriskay7369 in the blog Chriskay7369's blog. Views: 219

I am a 41 year old male and for the last 22 years I have been suffering with type 2 diabetes. For the first 19 years I was tablet form (metformin), I put on a lot of weight and I peaked at 22 stone. I was eating junk food and drinking up to 8 litres of full sugared Pepsi every day. Then my ex-wife walked out on me and at that time I was down to 18 stone. I decided enough was enough, I wanted to meet another woman who would care for me as I would for her, someone who would take the time to help me through my diabetes. To do this I decided that the weight had to go. In a period on 8 months I lost 6 stone in weight. I then went online and very quickly met someone who I am still with and we are getting married next year. She made me stand up to my diabetes and start accepting that I had it and it needed looking after, the problem was that back then she didn't know a lot about diabetes and I would often pull the wool over her eyes, and then the s**t hit the fan. 3 years ago last March I contracted a urinary tract infection. For three day I was in agony every time I passed urine, my partner kept telling me to go to the doctors but being a pig headed male , I refused. On the fourth day I was sort of slipping in and out consciousness and my partner gave me a few stern words and we went to the doctors, I collapsed the moment I got into the doctors room and the minute I opened my mouth the doctor rang for an ambulance, I was in no state to know what was going on but I later found out that she could smell ketones and I was slipping in and out of a diabetic coma.
The next thing I could remember was waking up in the hospital with altogether four drips coming out of my arms and wrists, as soon as the consultant could get any sense out of me , he told me that if I had left this any longer then I most likely would have died. Those words still give me bad nightmares to this day. I spent the next 7 days in hospital, including my birthday. I couldn't get out of bed to go to the toilet because of the drips, it was the worst time of my life, and something I don't want to do,again.
Now hear comes the confusing bit. Whilst in hospital I was started on insulin. The whole time I was there the nurses could not get my blood sugars below 9.5. You see, they had always been high But I very rarely checked them. I was put on 8 units of novorapid for the day and 12 units of lantus for the night. Within a year I was upped to 22 units of novorapid and 35 units of lantus. I am currently taking 30 units of novorapid and 55 units of lantus. In all that time since starting insulin my sugars have never gone below 11. I have totally changed my diet, I don't drink or smoke, I only drink sugar free drinks and most of that is water.
Now to back track two years. I was invited to a seminar for diabetes where I would sit in a room with highly paid diabetic consultants from around the world, but mainly from countries where their medicine and practices were not as advanced as ours. I was told I was the star attraction due to me having ketoacidosis at the age I was when going into hospital. Apparently that was very rare. At the end of each meeting (there were 3 in all) the group were asked for their opinions as to why my blood sugar levels were so erratic and so high, and every time they came back with the diagnosis that I was insulin intolerant.
I was to be asked back on three more seminars over the following two years and every time it was the same diagnosis, INSULIN INTOLERANT.
Now something I have not mentioned is this, for the 19 years I was on metformin and no insulin, and the fact I was vastly overweight, I was never admitted to hospital once, I was never ill from it. I have been mentioning to my doctors about the fact that maybe I am insulin intolerant for the last two years and not one of them looked into it, so I change doctors and low and behold , I went to my diabetic nurse the other day and they are now looking at the fact that I am almost certain to be insulin intolerant.
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