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my dream is to be normal! ( Oh yeah, and that's likely!)

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 356

My doctor calls me weird, the wife, well we don't discuss it, it's accepted that I don't tell her things like that.
The point is that I am medically weird, I have really weird dreams and deja vue quite frequently! (I'm sure I've written about this before!)
I could blame the extra insulin that I produce but I've dreamt in Technicolor all my life, maybe I've had night hypos all my life, but it maybe I'm wired different! I support a footie team that frequently loses, i am a trekkie, don't need to be ridiculed, thank you very much.
I dream a lot of walking, grey legs, just legs and dusty feet in front of me, step by step, nothing else! Plenty of grey legs in rhythm, in step. Black boots and bare feet, nothing happens but walking. It's hot and I know I'm sweating! I wake up, really tired and aching heavy legs, the only way to get them feeling better is to...............walk! Ive had this more or less same dream for what seems forever, frequently! Weird.
On the odd occasion, I dream of country lanes and if I'm not busy I draw them to remember, the fields and fences, hedgerows. How the paths (not roads) go one way then the other, I see wooden buildings probably farmhouses.

I'm Going to retell my first ever dream that I have remembered all my life. It is so memorable and has stayed in my memory for its vivid story and the consequences.
This dream happened when I was a nipper, aged about 7, and I was then sleeping in a double bed with my brother.

I was walking in a tunnel, I had a greyish, khaki jacket on, I was an adult, I was trying to find my way through a dark passage, there was screams and shouting. I felt my way along a dirty dank wall., light showed in patches of rays and the air was choking, heavy and hot.
I couldn't catch my breath. I was struggling to find my way. A large wooden door was in my way, I pushed as hard as I could, it wouldn't open. I looked around, couldn't see nothing. Suddenly all hell broke loose, I was knocked sideways against the wall and felt a sharp pain just under my right shoulder blade. The pain was excruciating. The dusty smelly floor came up and hit me in the face.
I couldn't move, my whole body was twitching, kicking, shaking.
I woke up screaming, I was on the floor, I was jerking my body up trying to get up, my eyes opened, seeing my mother trying to wake me, I was in great pain, by back was burning with a sharp pain, I was sweating and I was still screaming, crying and jerking.
My mother shouted my name, trying to understand what was happening, I can still see that look now!
I stopped crying, my mother was saying soothing words, I gripped my mother in a bear hug, and I squeezed, my back was aflame!
My head was splitting, my vision was blurred and flashes and lightening in my vision, my first major migraine, even though I didnt know, then what it was! She moved away saying that I was on fire, indeed my pyjamas were soaking, my clothes were wet with sweat, at first she thought I'd wet the bed, she asked me what was going on, my brother said it was a nightmare, and I had kicked him out of bed.
My mother then said it must be a fever but the pain, I cried and whimpered, pointing at my back, my mum shouted for my dad, and she gasped and put her hand to her face in shock and horror. My god, she said, look at that!
My father had a look and he asked how I had got the huge bruise under my shoulder, my mum felt my brow and the verdict was that I had a temperature, a fever and I wouldn't be going to school, she looked at my chest, looked at my legs, and there was bruises everywhere. I couldn't stop crying. A cold cloth flannel was slapped on my head, I was still in pain.
I was off school for 4 days until the pain and my migraine subsided quite a lot. I did tell my parents the dream but they dismissed it as just a dream. My brother wouldn't sleep with me for a while.
I've no idea, what the dream signified or why I had that dream, I saw the doctor, he gave me a sedative to make me sleep the next night. I fell asleep for hours longer than was normal for me. I think I slept a whole day through.
The bruise covered one half of my back, on the right hand side, the doctor just shook his head, maybe when I fell out of bed, but the bruise was blacker and more vivid near the centre. I still get an itch centered on the same spot. No scratching will make it go.
I have had similar occurrences in my dreams, I don't sleep walk but I have found myself on the floor many a time after a vivid dream.

More really weird dreams of mine, with different outcomes, will surprise and make you think twice about what happens.

Can't make you believe it, but every word is true and it really happened, I've tried to get an understanding but nothing at all comes to mind.

I'm just weird!
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