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my Greek odyssey! blog 23

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 414

I have been to Greece three times in my life. And every time I've been on holiday there, the wife and I have had a sort of adventure. Of course being me, dreams and deja vu have had a helping hand! Mind you one of the episodes, too much sun and an early drink probably caused it!
The first was on a visit to historical sites and there was a bit walking to do and though it was interesting and different the wife got a little bored with traipsing around dusty, hot and dry ruins!
So we stopped at the first place, where we could entertain ourselves, and have a bit of light refreshments.
So we relaxed and enjoyed the sea breeze coming off them Aegean sea. In the cloudless sky.
The day wore on and the glasses were empty, we decided to rejoin the tour, so we started towards a column or two and hot and dusty bricks of the Roman type! We walked and do what tourists do and then realized that there was no one around! We were alone, not a soul in sight!
We looked around and at our watches, we needed to be on the coach in just a few minutes. The wife as usual blamed me. I stayed calm(ish) under the assault on my ears and then a feeling that we should be better off going against logic and walk away from the ruins!
More abuse from the love of my life and I just started walking. She was near hysterical, I blindly went on my path to wherever! She followed, continually cursing me.
For some unknown reason, silence ensued when the wife realised that we had traversed the coach park. And the tour guide was awaiting our tardy arrival.
We both got a stern warning about being late and drinking and keeping everyone waiting!
I still got more blame for suggesting to stop and our drinking!
She asked me later, when cooler heads emerged, how and why, I knew which way to go, I told her I had no idea and not a Scooby doo!
I just had a feeling it was the right thing to do!
The wife hates me being right!
The second adventure was near our gorgeous hotel on another Ionian island. This one had a cove near the beach and a little docking area for small boats and tourist messing around on things in the beautiful clear blue waters of the islands.
The cove was a quiet, small pebble beach, with great snorkelling and sunbathing areas and really good place to get your head together and enjoy each other's company and relax. The sea was the clearest, beautiful warm, refreshing water, I've spent time splashing about in!
The local fish and sea creatures were fun to watch and observe going about their lives.
On this certain morning, we had our breakfast early and got our stuff together for a day at the beach. The two big bags were stuffed with all kinds of the usual things required, towels, lotion, costumes, reading material, food, drinks in a cool bag. Etc, etc. Sunglasses, hat, Sun shade, sandals, swimming shoes, etc, etc!

On the way down, as we passed the local small orthodox church near an ancient temple I was telling the wife about my usual dream thing that I had that night that had kept me awake most of the night.
It involved a big black spot and it was attacking a fisherman and I was screaming at a fish that wouldn't swim away.
She laughed and said, it was probably the fish that didn't take long to disappear from my plate the night before for supper!
And it was the marine gods getting there own back!
Anyhow, we arrived to a deserted cove and the water looked great, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and she picked our spot on the pebbles, the wife got the comfortable bit and I lay down next to her. We offloaded the couple of hundredweight of items from the bags and got as comfortable as possible to read my reader! The food and drink went into the shade and a couple of cans were left in a little pool. I had been just getting into my story and the wife had gone out about a hundred yards snorkelling. The peace was destroyed by a huge guy in a Greek police uniform.
His English wasn't great, but I had the feeling that something was amiss. He was trying to explain that the water was dirty!
I kept repeating that I could see nothing, then he said oil!
I started shouting the wife's name. But she was having fun with the fishes. More locals arrived, with equipment and apologies about spoiling our holiday. A small fishing dinghy turned into the cove. But the wife was oblivious, I wasn't sure, that the man in the boat knew the wife was swimming. He throttled down, and started to manoeuvre at the wife's left side about twenty yards away from her. I continued shouting and a few of the locals followed by shouting hay, hay! The fisherman started shouting hay, hay!
That got the wife's attention! She was startled, then terrified, then surprised. The fisherman was beckoning the wife to him and she looked around at me, for support, but as she was quite a way away, she thought it prudent to go to the boat, it wasn't long before she reached the boat because of her flippers. She was eventually persuaded to hold on to the boat while he low revved back to the beach. She was embarrassed because of all the men and she was only in her costume and wet, with no make up and her hair a mess from the water!
The policemen were asking us to leave the cove because of the split oil. Though I couldn't see any! As we were packing up, other locals started searching for the dreaded black stuff, and at the extreme edge, they began to use equipment to get the oil out of the water and then more locals began bringing rocks and buckets and containers full of oil samples and pebbles.
They kept apologizing and saying everything was in control though it really looked like organised chaos.
We watched the keystone cops episode of the morning's events and eventually we made our way back to the hotel. We passed the small church, which reminded me of my dream and what it had foretold, the wife, as usual understanding, told me that even my dream were like me, unusual and arse about face, the way things had happened.
Anyway, later that day, we were given an invite to dine at a local restaurant as an apology for ruining our day!
We took advantage, it was wrong not to!
The ouzo is usually free anyway!

The third was on a tour again when we were visiting a beautiful Greek island just offshore from the one where we were staying.
It was a really hot day about 40 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and no sea breeze to speak of.
We docked, and looked for someplace inviting for a bite and a cool drink. We spent a few minutes until she was satisfied with our (her) choice!
We ordered a light snack and a couple of diet coke, we relaxed, and as we were in shade, a bit cooler, the place we were visiting was a beautiful quite large fishing harbour, big enough for ferries and larger yachts and pleasure boats for tourists.
The tour was to climb to the top of the steep hill and visit the large orthodox church, which was famous for some religious reason.
As we are both sort of non religious and not feeling physical able to get that far, though the views must have been brilliant.
They were because our hotel, could just about make out the church with binoculars.
So we just lazed around until it was time to return to the boat.
It was then that I had one of those feelings that I had either been here before or knew something was going to happen.
Or I thought I knew that whatever was going to happen, it was going to happen soon. Yeah! deja vu!
I turned to the wife, and told her a friend would help her on our holiday! She looked at me disbelief written across her face.
Don't you ever stop? She gave me one of her disapproving looks and told me in no uncertain way to knock it off and behave myself.
We boarded and found a cooler spot by the bar and watched the world go by. We cast off and I started to dose, I must have slept for a while because the boat was slowing down to a beach bathing area, on a very small island, which had a beach bar and already there was quite a queue, not that I wanted one (or two!) I took off my shorts and couldn't resist jumping in to the cooler sea.
I looked around and the wife hadn't moved. She didn't want to play. There was steps that went down to the sea but, I think she wasn't really in the mood. I wanted her to join me, so being the loving, caring husband type, I went to the steps to see if I could persuade her to get in and cool off. I was half way up when I saw her disappear into the water. So I jumped back in.
We played in the water, like sensible adults. And had a spell on and near the beach, it was brilliant!
We were traveling back to our destination, when the wife started talking to another passenger and they passed the time away discussing important things all the way to the small port where our coach back to the hotel was waiting.
They continued their conversation all the way back to the hotel.
Anyway after pleasantries to the family involved, we got home and collapsed on the bed. She went for a cool shower and I changed for dinner! A quick wash and shave and I suggested a drink at the hotel bar before dinner.
No, she said, we haven't got enough time.
Ay! I said!
Were were having dinner in town and with that family we met today. Oh by the way! It was her that by persuaded me that I was missing an opportunity to enjoy a swim!
It was then, that I clicked on to what I had said to her earlier that day in that beautiful fishing village.

I really did feel right at home in the Greek islands and it was beautiful, friendly and brilliant!
A different way of life!
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