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My honest opinion.

Published by Lamont D in the blog Lamont D's blog. Views: 184

You might not agree with everything that I write, but keep reading because of the distinction between propaganda and truth from my view on the events from October 2019.
I do not apologise for my questions, I do not believe that I'm breaking forum rules.
And more important if something offends your outlook on life in this country.
October 2019
My colleague was informed that he would be making the trip to China as part of the group going for a month in early November. We had heard that something was happening in China but no details yet.
October 2019
My colleague was informed that the arrangements to travel has been suspended and would go in early December. The rumours from our people flying back in from China that an outbreak of a virus is now spreading.
December 2019.
The cancellation of the trip to China was confirmed and would not be another one till the authorities in China allowed us to. The reason was a virus that was sweeping Wuhan province. There was rumours abound how serious it had become, and again we had staff being flown home, saying that there was mask wearing and the government had imposed curfew and a news blackout.

We have a permanent ambassador in Beijing, did anyone from the foreign office or the security services not know about this corona virus? Did they advise someone in the cabinet? Did anyone in senior government be proactive at this time and bring in an epidemiology expert and advise on the government should be prepared?
Clearly, from January until lockdown every message from the government was the country is open for business and even though certain flights had by now had stopped, the majority of passenger flights still operated.
By early January 2020, there was news from countries that surround China that there was cases of the virus being found in and were preparing to use restrictions on movement around. Of course there was curfews and the nightlife was completely stopped.
Apparently the number of infections in Iran, was linked to flights in and out of Tehran, these flights were connections from all over China. And Europe, subsequently the virus started spreading west towards at first Italy then to the rest of mainland Europe.
As far as I'm aware the first brit to die of covid related infections was in January.
Again was the government unaware of this growing situation, we had pulled out of the European market. Badly.
The election had sorted parliament. Why weren't we prepared for any outcome of this virus?
The scientists by late January were screaming for action, but the government advised us that it was like the flu season and the prime minister knew that it would be over by the summer and the UK was open for business.
Of course the government has to look after the economy and by ignoring the worst aspects of the virus was dismissed as scaremongering and leftist rhetoric. Why? Was it because certain members of the scientific community (SAGE) had decided and persuasive in advising government that herd immunity was the only way to protect the majority of the population. This meant that even if the reports were incorrect the government's priority was business and the financial services in the city. This was a political decision based not on fact and not of the reports that highlighted just how bad it could be. Surely by late February the need for decisiveness should have been thought through, the hospitals were getting ready for a flu like virus but still nothing major in preparation, except for those who had flown home in isolation, ferried to a hospital in the north (Arrowe Park) and given the nurses living block and securely kept away from the rest of us. If this was the normal treatment for someone who had picked up the virus?. Was the government using the media to deflect, the lack of preparedness? Why was the government so fixated on keeping Britain open.
It was quite clear by late February and the reports especially from Italian reporters were being shown here that many things should have transpired by now, but going into March there was a anathema of reluctance to solve the rising number of cases, and hospital admissions, and of course the low number of deaths especially those who had breathing conditions and the elderly.
Going into 2020, the NHS was probably at breaking point. The years of austerity and lack of funding, and of course the back door privatization of many services within the NHS. the majority of people who worked in the wards were not British. There was nurses and employees in hospitals and the health service that had come from all over the world and quite a few from Europe. And we were still had a shortage of staff. And brexit causing people to apply for workers visas. The lack of skills within our population is not only affecting the NHS, but the majority of companies who need these skilled workers. We have an army of school leavers every summer, how many are trained to be skilled? Again government cuts and austerity?
The dogma of the Tories was crippling the hospitals, the best free health service in the world was being dismantled in favour of American health insurance companies. I can only ask why?

In 2016 (?) The government and the scientific community set up a scenario for something akin to a bad viral infection, that enacts what it would be like if the virus hit hard. One of the scientists who was an organised. Told a tv breakfast show, that the results of this scenario had never been acted upon.
This became even more relevant as we neared March. Italy's hospitals were overrun with elderly patients and most of Europe was preparing for the worst and still the government had yet decided to act upon the advice of many viralogists and other high ranking academic professionals that the government should act now.
But the government blustered, and while this was happening, the government started getting the hospitals ready by sending all of the elderly patients back to the care homes.
Meanwhile in the headlines we were being told to take precautions and wash our hands. Even though I have a vivid memory of Boris doing the rounds in a hospital shaking hands with everyone and extolling that he will keep shaking hands. There was the issue of sport and highlighting Anfield and Liverpool's European game versus a team in the Spanish league. The virus had taken hold and infection rates had soared but 5000 Spanish supporters had flown in. Then there was a race meeting attended by over 100,000 through the four days of the meeting. The government again delayed action, why? Could it be that the government was using propaganda to tell the country we was not in a situation which could be devastating to the population? the chief medical officer even came out and he predicted that no more than 20000, was an okay figure of mortality?
I believe that this is bull's...., because the figures of death rates were higher than expected. The number of infections were still rising especially in the poorest areas and the ethnic minorities. But the news that the virus was attacking the most vulnerable and the elderly as well. The hospital numbers of elderly patients were growing for some reason and care homes were at the forefront.
The hospitals were not prepared for this influx of elderly patients, the fact that we had no stores of PPE, and of course the lack of proper PPE for contagious viruses in hospital and care homes. The overriding figure of PPE made in the UK was only 1%. How come? It makes no sense or logic not to have stores of proper PPE, with the majority of it brought in by the truckload. The number of ICU wards that had the equipment and supplies for the number of patients going into hospital.
All of a sudden in mid March, the government started realising that the NHS was in trouble and hospitals were filling up, the need for drastic measures was apparent, but still wouldn't announce a lockdown. There was so much to learn about the virus and its make up, and if possible a vaccine or a cure for it. The capital is overwhelmed by numbers of people needing treatment.
The need for a test and trace service wasn't happening and the rumours were like in Italy were patients lives were being assessed in corridors and some were beyond treatment. Some elderly patients were just left to die!
If this is true and it will come out. What does that say about our humanity in this country?
Going into lockdown on the 23rd March, it was apparent to most that we had to go into lockdown.
The hospitals couldn't cope and the death rate was surging. There was rumours abound about the supply and demand of certain items, that was given allegedly to Tory donors. The thing about the test and trace, was given to a private company, and billions of pounds was allowed to be paid, but it never really works.
The back benches in parliament were not happy about lockdown, as the travel industry, the airlines and probably every company in the country was impacted by the lockdown and on top of brexit, the need to keep food coming into the country from abroad, because we need to, never mind medical and other essential services needed to continue. The supply chains couldn't break down. Why weren't we told this?
Supermarkets were kept open, most of our high streets were closed. Pubs, restaurants, nightlife disappeared. And the roads were suddenly deserted. We had seen on the television that countries had already adopted face masks, Where it was stated in parliament that masks were unnecessary. Huh?
All the way through March, the government were reluctant to publish figures of infection rates, hospital figures and of course the number of people dying from covid. Was hiding the information about what was happening in a good portion of the country, a tactic to stop the panic and the population going daft and shopping for everything that would cause a shortage? You have to ask yourself, if the government wanted to adopt herd immunity why were we in lockdown? Was it to protect the NHS? Or the fact that because of moving elderly patients with covid back into care homes, was causing the death rates to grow quickly? Or didn't the delay into lockdown expedite the infection rates? Or because the government didn't want on our screens the sight of patients on trolleys dying because of no beds or breathing equipment?
Why was the test and trace given to the private sector?
We already had the local councils health advisors, that dealt with health issues in their area and had experienced experts, on how to use this type of emergency situation. The television program about the Salisbury poisoning was on around that time and the woman who was in charge of organising everything to stop the spread of the novochock poison was outstanding. Again, why wasn't this local knowledgeable service used?
Was it a panic decision? Was it a political decision? The decision regardless was a disaster and a total waste of money.
Then was the government decision to make gatherings illegal, to stop the freedom of movement, to bring in emergency powers that were simply non democratic. The government voted itself power that should not have been given, and it has misused and misled the country on many subjects. And it was no surprise when the prime minister got covid. He missed cobra meetings (6) and was on holiday whilst everyone else was told to stay at home. Work from home and everything closed down. Or did it?
We know hospital staff were working, the food distribution never stopped, farms were still producing, the harvest was just about done despite the call for pickers from those who had been furloughs and of course the now unemployed or the self employed. The call wasn't successful.
Furlough was brought in to help companies who's employees were laid off. But there was some who couldn't claim anything. Why pick on these people, discrimination or what?
When the system actually needed to stop low pay, the government had a mass of low paid getting their wages cut. The food banks were busy, the voluntary food parcels given out. The bad companies were claiming payments that never went to the furloughed. How was this allowed?

This is the end of part one.

Thanks for reading.
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