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My new renewed friendship and passion for food (Part I)

Published by KookieMunchster in the blog KookieMunchster's blog. Views: 440

I love food, and I think most of my blogging is likely going to be about it; though here I'm going to talk about not eating!

Even before my diagnosis, I had already been intrigued about fasting as medicine.
I also knew people who were on a 5:2 fasting plan mainly for summer bodies and weight loss.
I had also tried it out - a full 24hrs in which all I did was to drink water simply because I was feeling bloaty (this was after a succession of celebration meals where the social culture was to stuff ourselves to the brim with festive food and booze).
I thought of it as an easy reset and logically to me, the excess we'd indulge in would truly sometimes be a bit much.
Some of the banquets we'd had would likely have fed some remote tribe in the Amazon for a whole month!
So I called it my vacation from food,(after the holiday season) and dabbled. I didn't die and I actually benefited*.
*There's more to this story then just this brief summary but that's for another day.

Fast forward a year later and I'm in a different head space about life, health and wealth in general.
I decided to finally get around to that NHS health check that I'd put off a couple of years.
I had 3 draws and was informed about my T2D over the phone.
I didn't ask all the other questions that might have been useful.(eg. How they came to that diagnosis, what sort of diabetic I was, what the results of my blood tests actually were exactly etc...)
I immediately asked if it would help if I did intermittent fasting.
My GP *bless him*, who did not remember who I was, (I honestly don't blame him I've only ever seen him once in 20 years that I've been at my current address) asked tactfully if there was a little more of me to love than there should be.
He said I could give it a go and that there had been some articles about it helping.
This is what led me to doing searches on the www. about Diabetes and Fasting.

Today I did a BMI retrospective calculation. Turns out that I was mildly overweight and not as "fat" as I thought I was.
However, since starting this journey on the 25th of Feb. 2019, I have lost 10.1kgs (aprox.22 pounds or 1.6 stn)
This works out to be approximately 15% of my bodyweight.
In his book "The 8 Week blood sugar diet", Dr Michael Mosley wrote about loosing 11% of his bodyweight which helped him reverse his condition.
The caveat here is of course that we are all different with our different histories , cultures and influences - the extent of abuse to our bodies etc...

I digress.

It's a funny thing when you discover that your moderately healthy eating habits haven't actually been all that good for you at all!
The standard eating advice ie. (have more fruit and vege, an apple a day keeps the dr away, eat more pasta.. ) was actually making me sick.
In this topsy turvy world I suddenly found myself in, my occasional food indulgences like chips fried in beef dripping were actually better for me than the majority of chips that I'd had fried in "healthy" oil!

I decided to give my body the break it obviously craved from my loading it with all the wrong things it rejected and no longer wanted.
I would go No (obvious) Sugar/No (obvious) Carbs (The starchy ones mostly)
I gave myself a weekend to get used to the idea first and promised to commit to it fully on the Monday.
I had my last pasta meal at my favorite Italian restaurant on Sunday. My partner took me to it as a treat.
It was Pasta Ala Norma (Fettuccine with Aubergine and a beautifully rich sundried tomato sauce)
Then I moved forward...**to be continued**

I should caveat this with the fact that I have an obsessive manner about me and I quit cigarettes the same way - dead on and cold turkey. (More or less)
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