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Ramblings on Reversing Diabetes, Human Extinction and the humble Pot Noodle - TOBACCO for youngsters everywhere

Published by CherryAA in the blog CherryAA's blog. Views: 618

I was pondering recently - what actually is the root cause of so much illness, why is man on the path to global extinction? At this point you may think - this woman doesn't half exaggerate - if everybody stopped being lazy, ate less and moved more things would be fine.

Unfortunately it is not as simple as that. I have commented before that average levels of insulin in humans make the average human diabetic. I have commented before that human fertility has gone down dramatically . Rapidly declining levels of testosterone have been showing up for the last two decades.

What has been our main response ? To change the references ranges to the new normal - it is now the norm for man to have lower testosterone - so no need to worry about yours. It is normal for humans to be diabetic so don't worry about that either. We've got drugs we can give you when you get there. Darwinian theory would say that you cannot simply change your reference point- instead man is on the path to extinction . It will happen sooner than realised unless dramatic changes take place - but what?

Why are we where we are ?

Across the world scientific debate has raged - focusing primarily on the evils of anything that raised cholesterol including red meat. The "plant based" lobby has been largely successful in persuading us that the best way to optimal health is to eat vegetables, preferably to the exclusion of much else.

Trillion dollar industries have developed to feed our insatiable appetite for processed foods and drugs, Statins and Insulin being the largest candidates . Duane Reed outlets on every street corner in America match the Sugar Sweetened Beverage vending machine outlets on every street corner in every hot country of the world.

Our medical professions have developed ever more specialist arms, each focused on providing their primarily drug / procedure based solution to our health problems. It is not enough and our medical services are collapsing under the strain.

Every so often politicians spout hot air about prevention, its nearly always about extolling the virtues of " run more" hardly ever about practical policies to educate the medical profession itself about nutrition and its benefits - why ? because no -one profits from that- where is the incentive ?

As an accountant, I used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out big picture answers from seemingly disparate data. I think the answer is staring us in the face.

The Low Carb High Fat/ Ketogenic Diet Movement

Back in 1975 John Yudkin warned that our problem was sugar not meat. The Dr Atkins diet told us to reduce carbohydrates in 1976- and indeed his successors have been fighting to get low carbohyrdrate diets into the main stream every few years ever since, usually failing because of the massive industrial complexes now reliant on continuing to provide processed foods and drugs for the masses.

Proponents of these diets now know that anyone with a metabolic disorder can improve their health dramatically by removing as many carbohydrates from their diet as possible . Virta Health are reliably reversing diabetes with their ketogenic diet. Diabetes.co.uk abounds with similar stories of individuals doing it with no medical support at all ( including me).

Detractors of "low carbing" say - don't be ridiculous - even if your diet does work it's a recipe for disaster , heart disease and cancer - indeed WHO stuck red meat on its " probably carcinogenic" list .

Virta Health put out a study of 22 health markers coming from its first cohort of successful ketogenic patients. 21 had moved in the right direction , 1 - raised LDL cholesterol, had gone the wrong way in some patients ( up not down) . I'm just a simple accountant used to seeing patterns in things. If I were looking at a similar series of interrelated variables I would say - hmmm - maybe we characterised this one wrong ? Maybe it's actually a good sign when it starts to go up a bit? Of course, instead of that - this 1 out of 22 markers becomes a stick upon which the plant based lobby can continue its vilification of meat AND a low carb diet.

Time and again the low carb movement is hit with -

"but China, Japan, India they all eat tons of rice and noodles and they were neither fat nor diabetic - they only started to become diabetic when they increased the proportion of meat in their diet., it's NOT the carbs, so it must be the meat, meat is carcinogenic, WHO says so. So don't start telling me to get rid of carbs in my diet I need them".

The forces of right & good - the plant based industrial food complexes continue providing us all with the wholesome foods they have become famous for- just as the government asked them to . Packets abounding in stickers saying - low in fat, low in saturated fat, low in salt, not much sugar - high in Vitamin X& Y. PERFECT - of course if one turned it over and looked at the carbohydrate content one would see that there is 50- 80% carbs in nearly EVERY processed product. THAT is ALL SUGAR really - THAT is what is killing diabetics - all of whom have developed an inability to process sugar. So those of us who gave up the carbs ( aka sugar) see our metabolic health improve. Some of us also bravely fend off the " take a statin and stop doing this now" response of our doctor who sees the 22 markers but doesn't like one of them, LDL, the only one he knows he can reliably treat with a drug he will be paid for prescribing.

So are carbohydrates intrinsically evil ? NO

Consider sugar - " sugar is evil" comes the cry - we must get it out of our diet. I agree we probably should - but what actually is sugar? It is the very first industrially processed food, going through iteration after iteration before the stuff hits our plate.

What else looks like that ? " flour" - we haven't heard the calls to reduce that yet, but we will eventually Why - because in reality its just another sugar, once again it's a natural product, squeezed, prodded and tortured into something unrecognisable - not just how its processed, but how its grown in the first place.

Alcohol ? - again - highly refined stuff that hits our blood stream with a huge bang

Fruit juices - the same as alcohol - except we can poison our kids with that as well as give them a huge hit to their blood stream with a clear conscience

Ultra -processed foods - let's take all manner of foodstuffs and torture them as well into an easily packaged format , preferably containing sugar and flour as well, but god forbid there be any salt or saturated fat.

So is red meat evil ?- of course you know my answer is going to be NO - but why do I think so?

You will say Tonga - they had to stop sending mutton chaps to the Tongans, because it was causing obesity & diabetes all over the place - I will reply - of course eating anything in truck loads is a problem but there is nothing intrinsically wrong with mutton chaps.

I will reply look at studies in Africa showing higher meat contents creates taller, brainier children

I will say - look at Hong Kong they eat more meat than anyone else on the planet and they also have the highest life expectancy.


So here we come to the ESSENCE of the problem.

There is one thing we do know about Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils - the human body cannot make them. It must ingest them somehow. The human body can make saturated fat in abundance, it's most of the stuff adding to your clothes size if you eat too much. Our bodies convert the excess stuff we eat into fat and we store it as saturated fats in the main because it considers this to be stable - Our bodies LIKE saturated fat for storage - if it had liked something else more it would have chosen to make that millennia ago.

IF the human body had wanted Om 3 and Om 6 oils in vast quantities, it would have found a way to manufacture them itself - just as it does with cholesterol - that other VITAL but much abused substance. Instead the human body needs TRACES of both in similar quantities. For many years that is exactly what it got, tiny traces of Om 3 and Om 6 coming from the meat and fish being consumed in the average omnivore diet.

Somehow we switched this trace need into public veneration which tested really well with our industrial food companies, so much easier and cheaper to make than rotten old butter.

During the 20th century heart disease grew, and that led to a hypothesis that it was a disease of plenty - we had plenty more meat, we were starting to put down layers of saturated fat as our prosperity grew. And of course we had also gone wild for tobacco.

The first warnings about tobacco were starting to emerge in the 1920's but one man's desire for profits easily trumps another man's desire for health so it took 51 years before health warnings started to appear on tobacco products. Even today, it's addictive nature means that despite ever increasing levels of horrific warnings, new youngsters still join the tobacco bandwagon.

During the same period meat consumption had gone up worldwide alongside increasing prosperity. It was all too easy to jump to the conclusion that it MUST be responsible for our increasing adiposity, heart disease and much else.

In 1976 we had the first government warnings - " saturated fat is bad" you should reduce meat consumption, replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats . I was 18 at the time, I recall all the news articles about it, my family going out to buy the vegetable oils to replace the butter in our fridge, switching the Sunday roast from beef to chicken etc. etc.

That wasn't surprising because after all, we all want to protect our children from bad things, so as soon as this news came out, those in charge of the care of small children began the process of improving their health.

Much is made of our general increasing obesity over the years. But have you seen this chart? This is what happened IMMEDIATELY we started the essential process of getting rid of all those problematic butters and replacing them with vegetable oils full of polyunsaturated fats. In households and school kitchens everywhere adults conscientiously followed the government lead. I was one of those kids now eating that "new healthy diet" . This chart tracks the growth in obesity in children from1976 onwards in the US.


These results are astonishingly bad - what changed ? adding a massive quantity of vegetable oils stuffed full of polyunsaturated fats (Om6 ) oils into our diet. THIS is the substance that binds together all of those ultra processed foods.

Look at any of the statistics though and what you will see in the main is an increase in carbohydrate consumption.

There is actually a good reason for that. Saturated fats when eaten to excess give off " you are full " signals - Polyunsaturated fat don't , so you eat more of whatever you cooked with them. Professionals with more expertise than me can explain why ( Dr Michael Eades springs to mind)

When we chose to vilify saturated fat, we also requested that our food industries should come up with lots of new processed food products, low in saturated fat, low in salt. They achieved that by adding sugars, cooking in vegetable oils . Vegetable oils became ubiquitous everywhere - man now eats anything up to 40:1 Om 6 to Om 3 in vast quantities compared with the 1:1 trace element it actually needs . Those vegetable oils are poisoning us. They were never food and should never have been added into the food supply.

So why are we hearing daily news about ketogenic/low carb diets and not hearing anything about polyunsaturated fats?

BECAUSE at their heart ALL of these diets involve giving up processed foods, ALL of them naturally get rid of vegetable oils . ALL of them share that with the " whole foods" plant based lobby.

The difference is that it is actually possible to eat any manner of eating styles - carnivore, omnivore, pescatorian , vegetarian , or vegan and still not eat processed carbohydrates or sugar and by definition vegetable oils - No one in their right mind would " flavour" a salad with sunflower oil. The more you also reduce real food carbohydrates and lose weight if necessary the more quickly the diabetic will recover metabolic health hence the wild success of the "ketogenic -low carbohydrate high fat diet" to treat metabolic disorders no matter what eating style it accompanies .

So what does the humble pot noodle have to do with all of this?

After a recent visit to Japan I realised something I never knew. Those crispy noodles at the bottom of the cup achieve that crispiness through being deep fried in vast vats of seed oils. Everything clicked into place.

Instant Pot Noodles - are the closest thing we have to a poison in the world's food supply. The oil they have been cooked in hardly even shows up in the ingredient list, but the damage has been done.

Of course that was just a theory - so I began to investigate:

If one google's Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam where Instant Pot Noodles are the most popular, you will find three of the fastest growing diabetes rates in the world ,China, Japan & India are all succumbing fast and it's not just diabetes , Vietnam has one of the fastest growing rates of CVD in youngsters the world has seen. These people are not even necessarily getting fat, just diabetic and sick.

So if my theory holds up one should find that the countries with the lowest increases in diabetes also eat the lowest instant pot noodles. That would be Argentina, so I googled Argentina too. Sure enough they recently made an announcement that whilst their headline rates of diabetes have grown a bit , they think it's largely due to better reporting not incidence.

Popping down the list we find that the incidence of growth in diabetes pretty much corresponds to the sales of pot noodles and whilst correlation is not causation - as I've been told so often in following up my whacky ideas, in this case it is a " dose " related response - I.e. the more average consumption the higher the growth rate.

But what about bloody Tonga, I know my simple "it must be the amount of meat, not the type of meat, that caused the explosion of diabetes ..... " doesn't really cut it. You don't get diabetes because you eat too much, you eat too much because your system has become disregulated so you can't tell what is too much. I fundamentally believe that meat doesn't cause that metabolic disregulation, so I must dismiss my simple solution.

Hmm, - so what about pot noodles I ask myself- how do the Tongan's feel about Instant Pot Noodles? Here is the thing - Tongan's adore pot noodles - not in the same way your average American teenager does . No the Tongan's take it to a whole different level - They love pot noodles eaten dry - they don't even bother with the water - instead it's a snack like crisps.

Instant pot noodles - beloved of teenagers, students in the West, eaten for breakfast and lunch all over the East, eaten dry in Tonga, provided as emergency relief food in disasters world- wide, distributed to the needy poor everywhere.

Instant pot noodles explain pretty much everything we don't understand about why we all got fat and sick.

Of course there are other products with similar characteristics, stuff fried in seed oil - indeed most restaurant food worldwide.

In Japan I visited a two star Michelin restaurant and almost cried as I watched my personal chef, expertly cook the Kobe beef, carefully discard all of the lovely saturated fat into a waste bucket and instead cook the vegetables I had been intending to eat with it in a nice splatter of toxic vegetable oil.

The new guidelines telling us to eat polyunsaturated fats, first came into existence in 1976. There were people warning this would be a disaster at the time -so if the " tobacco time plan" plays out, in 2028 we should see the first warnings appearing on industrial processed foods that they can kill you. I hope that we do better than that and I hope the first warning goes on instant pot noodles .

Of course I might be completely wrong on all of this. Maybe it's not the pot noodles after all, but they really don't taste very good, so how about removing them ( and anything else cooked in seed oils ) from your and your children's diet before the government finally gets round to telling you? after all real foods taste much better anyway.
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