Lamont D Oct 14, 2019
Hi, just read your interesting account of how you achieved your balance of dietary intake and the long journey of testing, testing and more trial and error, to get there.
Mine is very similar in its approach.
Mine is slightly different because of my intolerance to certain types of food.
One is that, I am carb intolerant, it is not called that medically, but with every thing that I have experienced, it is the best way to describe it, even the so called healthy complex carbs , I find triggers my response to these foods has severe symptoms and my health worsens.
Insulin resistance is best treated by a very low carb diet, the trigger that controls insulin production is really reduced because of the lower glucose derived from this diet. The lower the carb intake over a few weeks will improve insulin resistance and the cycle of having too high glucose levels, too high insulin levels because of insulin resistance, and too much insulin causing weight problems will reduce as the carbs are reduced. It is the insulin levels that are important than the glycaemic levels.
Only glucose derived from carbs cause the over production of insulin.
Many T2s, have insulin over production that causes hyperinsulinaemia, well before hyperglycaemia causes Diabetic levels.
You and I have different food issues, my body won't allow me to eat certain foods, I would not be able to go vegan, I cannot have vegetable oils, even some production foods are harmful.
I have trailed the internet for information, when first diagnosed, the information I needed was very difficult to find until I studied university research papers, there has been little or none major numerical case studies for my condition because it was quite rare and most papers were single case studies, such as mine!
I eat Keto, I have been in or just above ketosis for over five years, I have found it sustainable, because my body is happier and healthier with my balance of protein, animal fats and meat, the few vegetables I can have is salad vegetables, my tastes differ from yours, so other certain foods that should be good for me, I can't eat, I am so careful.
I do use intermittent fasting, I fast a lot, as my body tells me, that it is happier, not to eat sometimes. I only eat in between my window, if my working life does not interfere. I eat fruit as a snack, but can't overdo it.
I also walk a lot, my work gives me the opportunity to walk sometimes and quite often up to 25000 steps per day, I, because of the avoidance of triggering a liver dump have to avoid physical exercise such as running, I wish I could!

A good interesting read!