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Published by Mark in Spain in the blog Mark in Spain's blog. Views: 562

OK so I have been type 1 for the last 20 years. Initially it was tough, getting used to massive lifestyle changes . I am the sort of person who likes to be in control, so of course I felt I had been thrown a life changing curve ball. I remember like it was yesterday when I was first diagnosed here in Spain as type 1. I can see and hear the Doctor saying to me " I am sorry Mark, but the tablets I gave you last week have not helped your glucose levels" He lent forward and slid the tablets away from me, and thats when it all began "its insulin from now on Mark, insulin for life" were his words. And so the story begun.

I remember the very next day calling my uncle in the Uk who is type 1 as he had been diabetic then for 40 years. He would have all the answers to my questions (or so I thought) little did I know he was possibly the worse type 1 you could ever wish to meet, loved a pils lager (where the sugar turns to alcohol or so the advert back then would let us believe) after speaking with him I excepted the fact that my life had to change, and change quickly.

I had to visit my local central salut (local spanish hospital/clinic) for my first ever shot of insulin. I had to keep visiting her for the next three days until the nurse felt I was ok injecting myself. I then awaited the experience of having my first ever hypo. Later that evening I sat watching the TV in my lounge while one of my sons played Fifa 99 with my nephew who was staying at ours on holiday. They were having a great time, to good a time to notice me laying in a pool of sweat behind them, not having the strength to even raise an alert i was almost out of the game, man it hit me like a bloody freight train but slightly harder.
I tried to get their attention but an over head kick by Ronaldinho was by far more important to them than a 32 year old uncle and dad dying in the corner of the room. My wife by chance came into the room and quickly realised this must be whats called a hypo. She run out of the room and returned in seconds (but it felt like hours) with a glass of sugar water. OH COME ON PULL THE OTHER ONE no way was a glass of water with sugar going to save me from my first hypo, so as I remember I eat 2 chocolate bars, a bowl of sugar puffs and drank a tin of full fat coke. lets be fair I was a newbbie, I really Ididnt have a clue back then as to what I should or should not have been doing. As i remember I overshot that night and possibly set a new world record for the highest glucose reading ever. o_O

A few weeks passed and still I was all over the shop. I was having hypos like they were going out of fashion and then shooting up to the stars and back, i had no control what so ever. To say I was getting a bit ****** off by this was an under statement as the weight was falling off of me. And then it happened, I was in my lounge one evening and had fallen asleep. My body woke me up and man I was seriously low, that low that as i tried to make my way to the kitchen and the sugar that lay within it, my legs gave way and I lay on the floor as my wife came running into the kitchen, being the star that she is she took some warm water from the kettle and added 3 large spoon full of amazing sweet tate and lyle sugar. My darling wife handed it to me and of course I knocked the glass of sweet glucose back without it even touching the sides, as this is my life saver right, WRONG what in fact I had drunk was 3 large spoon full of pure Spanish SALT. As most of my fellow type one diabetics will understand, I so saw the funny side of her small error immediatly and we laughed and laughed all night long..... NOT! :eek:

The moral of the story is very simple, put your sugar nowhere close to your salt and your salt nowhere close to my wife, as If the diabetes dont kill me my wife possibly will, bless her x

20 years on and my Freestyle libra 2 is my bible, No more hypos , no more trips to the stars and back. and we are still happily married x lol:)
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