Metabolism_Boss Nov 22, 2017
Thanks Sean,
I'm interested to hear that you are utilising less glucose as your muscles become more efficient. There isn't a lot of literature on skinny-fat (TOFI) diabetics, but what I have read indicates that TOFIs don't have enough muscle to utilise the glucose. From your experience it seems that this glucose utilisation has an endpoint where you end up using less as the muscle size increases. In that case would I do better to do more repetitions with a band I can easily cope with? That would work what muscle I have left, whilst not provoking my very stroppy liver into a runaway glucose-fest. On the other hand, there must be an optimum muscle mass that helps to utilise the sugar. As I'm eating properly, I'm tempted to put the meter away and just get on with building as much muscle mass as I can. As an older female I'm going to have trouble gaining muscle anyway.