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  1. A month later and no real change. Great difficulty in getting active - it seems I either do 15ooo paces a day, or less than 3ooo. At least partly because my knees hurt (and at present so do my shoulders, I have had to find a whole new way to take of a sweater!). But when I do exercise I do a fair bit (what I think is a fair bit). A couple of hours paddling a Canadian canoe, 12 to 18 miles on a bike, 5 to 10 miles walking cross country, a couple of hours gardening. (but not, you will notice, a couple of hours housework - and a couple of hours in the kitchen puts on no steps at all!) Unfortunately, these are things I do once a week or less, when I should be doing them at least three times, better five times a week.
    Not doing well on avoiding the carbs, and not losing weight.
    My "funny feeling" turned up again, two hours after my evening meal, epigastric tingling plus tingling fingers. Tingling is not quite the right word but will have to do.
    Plan of Action: PULL myself TOGETHER. Er....how?
    Back to the notebook to improve diet, try to go lower carb and not cheat. (I had two croissant today - first sweet pastry for four months. Last week I ate two whole packets of biscuits. Stupid, stupid, stupid.)
    Stick with that for a week and don't worry about the exercise, check back next Thursday and I will see how I've done.
  2. or so the GP has commented. The result of my last HbA1c was a whole tenth down: 6.2 / 44.3. And she has now told me (over the phone and not best pleased that I seemed to want to talk to her) that it wasn't sensible to test more than annually for HbA1c or cholesterol because they didn't change that fast. Checked the price of private testing and it is £150, not something I want to cough up quarterly. And Bella (good friend, good dietician, excellent clinician) has said don't start sticking needles, you will just start developing scarring years before you have to. Thinking about that comment, it's a depressing take on my probable future. I am NOT a good self starter and I NEED a regular test result to keep me reassured that totally altering my lifestyle is actually having an effect. Drat. Await non-invasive blood glucose meter I suppose. Like we are all awaiting clean energy from fusion.

    Another and much more interesting point, my athelete's foot has cleared up. Well, interesting to me! I have had persistent mucky skin between my toes for the last several...three??...five??...years, and now all clean and dry. So there is one warning sign for me.

    And I think I have spotted another. Yesterday I had a really bad (read naughty/stupid/lazy) day, sitting in front of the computer and doing ****** all. Unable to concentrate, or even think much, tired & lethargic, severe case of CBA. (Can't Be *****). And when I get like that (I usually call it "depressed") I eat. I eat absolutely constantly, and since I have CBA, I eat biscuits, bread & butter, fresh fruit and anything else that comes to hand. And it has just clicked that persistent high carb intake = persistent high blood sugar = "depression" (or lethargy, CBA, whatever name you use). Which also means that "going for a nice walk" if you are "depressed" has rather more of a physiological backing than I realised - not just psychological.

    Finally, I am occasionally getting a funny feeling. (don't we all!). I haven't managed to pin it down to any particular diurnal rhythm yet. It's similar to a hunger feeling, roughly between my sternum & my umbilicus, not a pain, more a glow/ache/tingle. Almost certainly a nothing, but I do wonder if it is a "feeling" of high blood glucose. Well, pin it down and consider.

    And I am still not losing weight.
  3. ...that I must have a weird digestion compared to all the other forum users? Everybody rattles on about how LCHF diets make the weight...just...drop...off. Me, I'm different. Greedier, I suspect. Possible stupider? More dishonest? But anyway, not losing weight.

    History: went to the GP worried about numbness left foot, my right foot has been dead at one side for yonks, never sorted out if it was back damage or peripheral nerve damage, not a problem so didn't bother. Several blood tests, finally found fasting blood glucose 6.2 plus high cholesterol. A month later HbAc1 6.4 / 47. A month later HbAc1 6.3 / 45. So poised on the edge of prediabetic. Age 64, female, grossly overweight (5'7", then 17 1/2 stone). Ten years ago I was 10 stone & terrifically active, but first my back then my knees stopped me running and I gradually became more and more sedentary.

    Food is my abiding interest - growing it, investigating different foods, cooking - and especially eating. Running was the only thing that made me slim and when I stopped I had to carry on eating for comfort. I make bread (but not pastry), bottle fruit, freeze homegrown veggies, dry my own apples and mushrooms, make salt beef and my own pasta (sometimes).

    Cut back to the chase - when the GP told me I would have to stop eating bread and fruit I threw a right wobbly. Walked round her surgery contemplating kicking things and trying not to cry. Calmed down in the end and got an appt with the diabetic nurse to discuss diet, a month ahead (!). So Googled in the interim and guess where I ended up ??? So tried the LCHF, and lost half a stone in July...and NOTHING since. I am keeping off all the major carbs, but I think I am nibbling eg nuts far too often. The local butcher does a particularly delectable Scotch egg. And I just love butter. And cheese. Haven't had a sticky bun since midsummer, and my foot is no longer numb (I think) but I cannot lose weight. Greed? Stupidity? Self deception?

    Anyone got any ideas how I can keep myself off the calories??

    I learnt how to make low carb biscuits, then hastily stopped making because if they were around I ATE THEM.

    And I have only done 3000 steps today, despite spending most of the afternoon in the garden with my husband.

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