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  1. The wind in the chimney,
    Flapping garden string flashes at the window.
    Broken legged gulls litter the towns, now silent.
    The sea screams.
    All the hope, expectation of summer's start,
    Now like a dirty crisp bag blowing in the gutter.
  2. Remember Cauliflower cheese, lightly cooked cauliflower and a very cheesy sauce...well do the same using marrow deseeded cut into large chunks, boil, steam until almost soft. Add the cheese sauce, crumble wheatabix, (optional) and more cheese for crispy top bake in oven till crispy brown on top. Have with other green veg, roasted nuts..etc..so refreshing in the summer as the marrow is a juicy, hydrating and the cheese sauce tasty, one of my comfort foods.
  3. So many treats is the diets of instant gratification
    Oh, the luxury fat free double cream full of starch and aspartame
    The low fat yogurts full of carby thickeners
    Oh, when once creamy yogurt was creamy yogurt
    And now its more like white bread with marg
    And oh Mustn't eat the butter
    That brought forward generations
    Your health your wealth here's the marg they utter
    A chemical concoction full of trans
    We got it wrong so here's another
    Oh, and while the world has places of no food at all...
    Others starve or become large on the sugar..
  4. He did his best to help holding firm to his knowledge training an beliefs
    She did her best to explain and comply with her knowledge training and experience
    It didn't fit his understanding, the remit the training..it made him feel uncertain.
    She couldn't see how this was going to help, she tried to explain.
    He didn't have time for this the clock ticking...
    He got nowhere any felt annoyed
    She got nowhere and felt annoyed
    And as the years passed it became the model for the future.
    The road to hell was paved with good intention. No one wins.
  5. As a unique individual, which each and every one of us is. I can only presume that you were born to be you, with your one little short life on this earth. All of us are here for such a brief time, 80 years if you're very lucky. So ask yourself what will you do with that once only opportunity. Be the very best YOU can be...
  6. Bacon, eggs, fried butter beans.
    For Christmas, lobster, prawn ring and asparagus.
    Avocado pear, rocket, roasted pine nuts and humus.
    For my Birthday steak, raw onion, heaps of greenbeans, peas, broadbeans and butter.
    For breakfast broadbeans butter and white pepper.
    Or peas, with ham or pastrami,
    Or mackrel or cheese or just peas with butter and white pepper.
    Nuts roasted, crispy seaweed, green veg galore. Seeds toasted. Beans sprouted. Omelets. Alfa and smoked salmon. Lentils, lentil soup. Chicken soup. Broccoli and stilton. Strawberries and cream.
  7. Awake at 2am. Those empty, dark, cold hours. All seems sincere and hard. Yet so wide open, as if civilization has ended. And all has become silent. Winters punishing hours of darkness. Yet divine, for those that sleep, caressing and nourishing their souls.
    Oh for those barmy days of summer.
    Imagines of lightness and courage. Optimism and laughter.
    Wild things, full of bluster and hope, staking their claim for a life.
    And as the darkness peels back, like a blanket, sliding from the bed, birds and other wild things, utter nervously, anticipating the dawn.
    With all the fitness they can muster, and maintain. Until the end of winter. Until the sun comes back again.
    Oh for those barmy days of summer.
  8. I know of the wild weather out there, the wind roaring in the chimneys, the waves crashing and causing the earth to rumble. The bells clanging faithfully, on the few boats in the harbour, that still display their tackle.
    There will be few old ladies out today, least the wind gusts them off their feet, taking their shopping trollies as if kites.
  9. Away from the fast paced Babylon that deafens our souls. To the places that are wild. It's spring. The pool in the stream reflecting the trees in the sun so brilliant green, so green it's purple. A "Simpson's Sky" the white fluffy clouds. Yet all shimmering as the crystal clear water makes it's way always down. Everyone is busy, the wild things, forced to be healthy and their fullest self, in the competition of life. Birds full of fun and energy for a mate, a brood, a fight for life. Their different calls and songs caress the soul and make you realise you are not separate. The rustling and sound of air moving fast as fox passes by unseen, but heard. Warning calls break the chitchat of birdsong. Flys and midges in abundance oh what joy and awe to see the swifts, swallows and martins, they made it! The racket of chainsawing, the pond bubbles as if bowling. Frogs gallore noisey in their mating dance...
    (Search YOUTube.com chainsawing frogs)

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