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  1. Hi All,

    My Doc said I didn't need to test my blood.
    So, within reason, I watched my diet and got on with it...4 x 500mg of metformin

    I train during each week , 2-3 bootcamps, every week, come snow, rain or (rarely) shine.
    On average burn 3,000 kcals per day. - Really enjoy it.
    We can run up to 4 miles during some sessions. I use a Fitbit Ionic to monitor heart rate, distance run, exercise rates calories burned etc,

    My Doctor and DN advised me not to do a regular finger stick to check my glucose level.
    But I am in a mild panic, being told just to manage my T2 by diet and metformin, as I had it (T2) under control before (diagnosed about 3 years ago , now age 57).

    I must have fallen off the wagon, the 6 monthly high blood sugar test, scared me a lot.
    My check up intervals have been changed to 3 months instead of six.

    Well, if you can't measure it, you can't manage it,

    I sent a paper to my Doc, stating the benefits and cost of a FreeStyle Libre, continuous blood sugar monitor.
    He rejected the proposal, "I don't need continuous monitoring".
    Which is fair enough, I don't need to waste NHS money. Although in the long term, with early onset of chronic health problems, I'm certain they will burn through a thousand or two a week minimum.

    To step up to the emergency, I purchased the Freestyle Libre continuous blood sugar monitor.
    £150 to start and about £100 per month for two 14 day monitoring patches.

    Assuming its accurate, the results really really scared me again.

    It showed my mmol hitting highs of 24 my average in 13.3 over 7 (ish) days.
    Sitting in a pub on Friday evening my blood sugar went down to 7.
    I was drinking lime and soda water - very refreshing.

    Wonder it was the drink or lack of stress?
    I'll try and repeat the event to see if I get the same results.

    Next day I went to my third bootcamp of the week (others were Monday and Wednesday)
    And felt light headed and giddy. Using the Freestyle Libre mmol went from 11 when I work to 12 when I was up to 15.4 during training. I had not breakfast as my blood sugar was too high.

    Today, my trainer stopped me training as he was concern about my rapidly raising blood sugar and giddy feeling.

    I hate needles and the Freestyle (if its accurate) is a great tool (needle-phobic for reasons in my accent history).

    When my T2 was under control I was loosing weight went down to BMI 23 (80kg) which my Doc/Nurse use.
    Everyone, inc. me, thought I looked very skinny (ill).

    Now my chest is 44in and waste 34in (sorry about mixing metric and imperial, bit like buying fuel in litres and measuring distance in miles).

    Now I'm 86kg but much more muscular and my is BMI 26, but the DN says I've over weight, I must have internal fat'.
    However, I am not worthy of further investigation, 'just manage your diet', which is very very true.
    How? is the hard bit.
    Lots of leaflets are thrust into my sweaty T2 palms. All confirming what I had been doing.
    What's that definition of madness," doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result'.

    Now my body requires an average 3,000 kcals calories a day, more food or I start to waste muscle.
    I've been told off for that too, not eating enough isn't a solution.

    Bit of background -
    I have a a fitness test every month, consisting of - best efforts in 90 seconds with a two minute rest between each exercise -(proper) press up, sit ups, squats and burpees.
    After a two minute rest the second past is a 20 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) session -consisting of 5 press ups , 5 Sit ups and 5 squats followed by a 100m run repeated for the duration without rest.
    T2 has taught me a very valuable lesson - never ever take your health for granted,

    Based on my experience with the Freestyle to date (6 days), I've learned;
    - Exercising has pushed my blood sugar way up to 15 mmol. or more in any one hour session for long periods
    - More muscle has increased my metabolism needing more food and high blood sugar
    - My physical training has made the BMI scale is meaningless
    - My Doc and DN send only and don;t receive what I tell them about my condition
    - Sitting in a pub drinking soda and lime cut my blood sugar in half from 15 to 7 mmol
    - When I have high blood sugar eating more food reduces it
    - Not eating when I have high blood sugar increases the blood sugar
    - Inactivity (e.g. sleep) reduces my blood sugar

    Since using the Freestyle, I've reduced my mmol to 15 (still too high) from 20+ (went off the scale when I first used it).
    Next actions:
    - Experiment with different meals to see how this affects blood sugar (only ever was required to take a reading in the morning before Freestyle)
    - Take a formal blood test at the Docs to see how it compares with the Freestyle
    - See how much stress is impacting my blood sugar

    I'll continue to use new technology to monitor my medical condition, but it does cost.
    I did get the VAT knocked off the Freestyle.
    It's a shame diabetics get charged VAT for fitness and health and fitness equipment, in most cases.

    I'm not endorsing Fitbit or FreeStyle Libre.

    I hope you find the above of use. I did, I needed to get the above off my 44" chest (good name for a film).

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