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  1. I have been endlessly fascinated with the various 'styles' 'manner of approach' and methods employed by different people when it comes to lowering BG and or Medication, reversing IR and staving off complications.
    When I read on here and in others places, I am fascinated by how different we all are from each other.

    I am immediately aware of that difference when I see how folks deal with their diagnosis
    The approach they take to regain their health or stave off complications
    It then makes me wonder, really wonder the role of food in society and how we are so emotionally bound up with food and how we see it.
    Foods like Rice has no taste in of itself. Foods like Potatoes have little to nothing going for it in the taste department.
    How come the fact we can no longer eat it at will without consequences induce such feelings of loss in some?

    I remember many a Saturday spent scouring downtown Atlanta for shops that had 'Proper Baked Beans' because my nearest and dearest did not care for the fare they have across the pond which he believed was an imposter, and was nothing like 'British Baked Beans' Never mind that that much is more sugar than beans if truth be told.
    It confounds me and still does...
    As far as I'm concerned, most foods are an acquired taste.
    New tastes can be acquired as required.

    Eating foods from other cultures has been an eye opener for me
    Not only does it show that there are endlessly fascinating ways of preparing and presenting what I am now able to eat and enjoy
    I am also happy in the realisation that there is an infinite amount of taste experience to be had from having an open mind,exploring and venturing confidently into vistas hitherto unknown, when it comes to the world of food.

    Having struggled all my life with being overweight and ending up obese in the 10yrs, prior to my diagnosis 4yrs ago, I know my battles are on several fronts.
    I am so grateful for the diagnosis of diabetes.
    My gratitude stems from the effect of being able to find a way of eating which has enabled me to stay off medication, and also be a healthy weight long term.
    A feat that I regard as nothing short of miraculous.

    I never lost my taste for sugar, pies, sweet confectionary etc. I never will.
    All I did is open myself to a new and varied taste experience, that serves me better, bearing in mind my new normal.

    Which reminds me I have a nice warming bowl of Adoboong Kangkong with fried pork to enjoy

    Whats not to love about my Normal food.
  2. I tried fasting earlier in the year...it was a disaster.
    My liver believed I was having a faceoff with a pride of starving lions.
    I honestly believed at some point, it was on par to out produce Tate & Lyle.
    It must have thought it needed to give me energy, so that I could deal with the danger, it perceived I was facing.
    I remember getting a reading of 8.5mmol/l on day 5 of my water only EF, and had to halt the fast there and then.

    Fast forward to recent months.
    I have been doing IF. (18/6 never been a breakfast person)
    FBSL is in a very acceptable place
    Post Prandial readings are good too

    My issue is, I am finding my obsession with sweet stuff coming back..Thanks to Xmas.
    So far I am able to rationalise my mind out of wanting all the Xmas stuff I see around me.
    I am also well aware, that I can be delusional, and I can rationalise pretty much anything once it comes to sweet, carby food.
    c'mmn!! I love Baileys and at £10 a 1L bottle in Asda at the moment, its hard to resist
    ditto all the sugary baked goods.
    I doubt I would ever look upon sugar as nothing but pleasing to my taste buds.

    Now to fasting
    I know it would give me the breather I need, to not delude myself that I would get that Baileys, and not polish it off before Xmas.
    I know it will focus my mind on the noble art of taking ketone and Blood glucose values, and the holy grail of GKI
    I know that it will re-energise my quest for health and well being and Autophagy
    I know I am beginning to be bored with the whole BG test thing, now that I am guaranteed to be in the Dr Richard K Bernstein 'Normal' BGL.

    I have been mulling it over and over and over and over.
    I am thinking of the Pros and Cons, and how it did not go well last time.
    I am also well aware that this time around, a lot has changed about my state of diabetes control.
    My journey puts me at normal BG levels these days, as opposed to where I was during that EF.
    My fasting levels are good ditto my post prandial levels.

    I want and need a new focus....fasting appears quite desirable at this point.
  3. ….So says Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni.

    As I began to look into the aetiology of this condition, I began to get a deeper, and better understanding of what drives it, and how and if its possible to impact it in any way.
    Along that journey for a deeper and better grasp of what this condition is all about, has meant having a deep and profound sense of gratitude to all the men and women, who've tirelessly put in their precious time and effort, in order to provide information and knowledge to us all,
    Information and knowledge that has empowered, enlightened, informed, educated, helped and encouraged most of us in our quest for knowledge and relief.

    One of such tireless foot soldiers in this battle is Ivor Cummins - Creator of The Fat Emperor http://www.thefatemperor.com/
    Words cannot do him justice when it comes to his tireless effort to enlighten, empower, educate and inform us all regarding metabolic issues, what drives it and how we can go about impacting positive change about it.
    This is one such gem by thefatemperor himself.
  4. My doctor confounds me..he really does.
    I have just left the Dr's office.
    During the course of my visit, he opened a tab on his computer screen and muttered..."You've cured your diabetes"
    I raised a quizzical brow. I was not expecting that.

    I am used to his tendency to hyperbole, I muttered yeah!! I got new Islets of Langerhans for my birthday a couple of days ago.
    We both laughed
    He out of genuine mirth I assume
    Me rather ruefully.

    I want to believe that I have taken my diagnosis and the new normal it necessitates in stride.
    In a lot of ways I have.

    However in that brief period between when the sound waves of his words hit my eardrums, and when my brain analysed it for context, I dared to believe that he meant I was cured, yes truly cured of what I have come to accept as my new normal.

    A Luta Continua
  5. In 1992 James Carville the then strategist for Bill Clinton's successful Presidential campaign, coined the phrase "Its the economy stupid" Meaning the economy is the message to focus on.

    In this T2DM the lynch pin is the Insulin, It is the thing to focus on if one hopes to make any progress in not only halting the ravages of the condition but reversing said damage in most cases.

    It is note worthy to acknowledge that long before the BG levels reach the threshold for a definitive diagnosis of T2DM, high insulin levels have been in the background creating havoc.
    As anybody who has looked into this condition is aware of, its the high insulin levels that drive the pathology associated with the condition.
    Being as some of us could have been cruising about our lives with the very high insulin levels associated with hyperinsulinemia, which is a precursor for the insulin resistance, that then leads to the high BG levels, which in turn result in the diagnosis of T2DM, for long periods of time, sometimes it could even be for 10/20/30/40 years, who knows what damage it could have caused unknown to us.

    My approach to tackling and remediating the damage possible with this condition, has therefore evolved toward managing my insulin levels, this is with a view to tackling the condition itself. As opposed to concentrating only on achieving 'normal' BG levels, which in my mind only deals with the symptoms of the condition, and not the condition itself.

    One of the most enlightening pieces of information I happen to come across, in this quest for deeper and wider understanding of the role insulin plays in the disease condition, is the work of Dr Joseph Kraft in his Insulin Assay.
    Below is a You Tube Video (Podcast ) of an Interesting discussion giving an insight into Dr Kraft's work regarding Insulin and the role it plays in what eventually becomes T2DM
  6. Just because snake venom is natural, does not mean I want it.
    So said I.
    A dear friend was about to give me what she considered a well deserved lecture when I told her, I am not a member of the 'all things natural brigade'
    and will never be.
    I really don't care for all the so called natural this...natural that.
    I Put artificial Sweetener in my tea or coffee.
    I happily drink out of containers with PBA
    I don't care for Organic...From the moment I left England at age 3 till I came back at 29, I ate organic.
    I had no choice. It was the only type of food available.
    Mother still got cancer.
    Father still died young.
    I'm not fussed.
    Is it clean and hygienic?
    Is it non toxic in the conventional sense ?
    Is it's provenance transparent?
    I'm cool with it.
    I see folks pay over the odds for organic coconut oil and I laugh my head off.
    Anybody that has ever seen a coconut palm, knows that tree has no time for pesticides or fertilizer.
    All that Organic this and that is pure marketing.
    In most indigenous cultures, villagers usually refuse to use fertiliser on their farms because it rots their produce. They never try to get people to pay over the odds because its organic.
    I see Shea butter being marketed as organic in both the USA and the UK
    Shea trees are communally owned by the whole community, these folks don't have time to go putting pesticides or fertilisers on wild growing trees in the forest.
  7. For Most of My Adult life, I had struggled with my weight.
    I tried everything. Well everything but Low Carb. And they worked, that was until I could no longer stand the relentless and savage hunger pangs.
    I controlled my Calories, weighed my food, cooked from scratch, followed the standard dietary guidelines of low fat, low calorie, high carb.
    I did lose weight, but sadly found that due to a runaway appetite and what I now realise are metabolic issues associated with being carbohydrate intolerant,
    I had hunger pangs that had me in despair.
    I would then give up. The pain was too much and made the whole effort untenable. I would go back to my normal eating regime which meant I was overeating carbohydrate and would regain all I would have lost with that effort.

    At some point I was 267lbs and standing at 5'2" even with my hands in the air, I was getting scared of having a Heart attack any day.
    In June 2014, I was diagnosed with DMT2, and knew I had to control my Carb intake, if I am to have any reasonable chance at staying alive.
    I cook well and thanks to all my previous effort at weight loss, I also knew how and where to find the nutrient value in foods.

    I began my quest to normalise my blood glucose.
    I made the decision to keep it simple.
    I also made the decision to get my carbs from only green leafy vegetables.
    Not too long into my new way of eating I was losing weight and was satiated.
    I made delicious sauces to go with my vegetables and I loved my meals and looked forward to them.
    Amazingly, I was no longer hungry all the time. I had to remind myself to eat.
    I went online and began researching why I was no longer losing my mind from hunger pangs, and still losing weight.

    They gave a name to my 'bogeyman' Hyperinsulinaemia
    The Penny dropped.
    There was so much information, my aha moments were like Guy Fawkes night ...my brain was almost exploding.
    I then realised the role insulin had been playing with my inability to control my weight.

    I made the decision to unwrap the layers of adipose matter that had wrapped itself around my viscera, and give ears to my cells so it could hear my
    insulin calling.
    I walked, walked and walked, When I first started, everybody on earth was faster than I was, and overtook me. I couldn't care less. I was a woman on a mission. I knew without a doubt that with each step, I was gradually unwrapping and untangling the web of adipose matter that was stopping my body from harkening to the call of my beleaguered beta cells.

    As I lost the weight and consequently normalised my blood glucose, I look back with gratitude for the gift of my diabetes diagnosis.
    I have no doubt that I could have had a Heart Attack by now.
    My Youngest brother who was in no way as heavy as I was, Dropped Dead at age 40 from a heart attack.
    I knew if I did not get my weight in check, it would only be a matter of time before I had my own heart attack.

    With my renewed interest in health, wellbeing, risk factors, etc, I am no longer a sitting duck.
    Having diabetes has empowered me. Given me the zeal to educate myself about how and why things are how they are with my body.
    I have found knowledge and information on how I can control and influence outcome.
    For that, I am eternally grateful for having been fortunate enough to get the diagnosis of DMT2
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