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  1. Good morning, hope you all have a fabulous Sunday!

    Like a lot of Saturdays, I walked into town yesterday. It is about a mile to the town center and I walk there as fast as I can to combine exercise with shopping at the farmers' market. I walk back as fast as I can but weighted down with shopping I am usually a lot slower on the way home. Walking down the road I noticed that my beloved jeans (stretch jeans that didn't need to stretch over my bum for some time now) tried to follow gravity towards the ground.
    Today I measured myself: weight slightly up but hip and waist down about half an inch from last time! No wonder my pants are falling off and I can fit in some old trousers again that were too tight for a while.

    It just goes to show: you cannot rely on the scales. Measuring and the fit of your clothes gives valuable feedback, in particular when the scales seem to get stuck.
  2. ... since my last post.

    Last week I still felt the aftermath of my cold. Every day after work I was toast, tired as hell and off to bed early. Since the weekend I am feeling better, but now the stupid clock change has hit again. As I am getting older I am less and less able to tolerate this change. Roll on 2021!

    For my blood sugar levels the last week was a good one. However, during the weekend my fasting sugar level went up again and I am not sure what triggered it. My food remained low carb despite some peas in Friday evening's dinner. Usually this small amount does not affect me though. I also had strawberries, again, it's a food that does not usually affect my blood sugar. Or maybe it is the stress and poor sleep due to the clock changing?

    My fasting sugar level is coming down again, which is good. On a positive note, I have now had several days with pre-dinner blood sugar of less than 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) and spikes around 120 mg/dl (6.7 mmol/L). Looks like low carb eating is working nicely.
  3. With my cold I had to see my GP for a sick note. Not a big deal, I hear you say but I did not have a GP. I rarely ever see a doctor as a patient, the last time was in 2017 and I have since moved house. So I looked up some GPs near me, decided to go for the one that was closest to my home and also happened to have good online reviews, amongst them was that he is actually taking on new patients.

    When I turned up with cold and chills he asked a few routine questions, one of which was about any concurrend disease. I admitted my type 2 diabetes. Obviously, next question: when was the last HbA1c done. Oh well, I sort of mumbled, about, um, one-and-a-half years ago. Maybe? :oops: I knew it was a lot longer. Working in medicine myself, all I need to do is ask the nurse; my boss does not mind if we have such basic tests done on company account from time to time. I had wanted to get it done for a while but somehow had not gotten round to it.
    So raised eyebrows it was and a quick stab with a needle. Order to return Wednesday for results.

    Since December and January had not been good low carb months with Christmas and a work-related course of four weeks where we were fed standard fare, I guessed the HbA1c would be around 7 to 7.5%. I've gotten good at guessing, I have a glucometer and buy my own test strips.

    Before I left for the doctor's this morning I had my arguments sorted in my head. Why low carb and intermittent fasting, why no statins, why no diabetes medications and why I thinks my approach is the better long term. Refer to research, Virta Health, Dr. Fung etc. apologise that there is not much available in German (there just isn't, we do not have a German Dr Unwin, Cavan or Malhotra, not even a Michael Mosley). I got there, waited my turn, got my results: Creatinin fine, Triglycerides fine, Cholesterol fine, blood sugar a bit high but I was ill on the day. HbA1c 7.4%. Told you, I'm good at guessing.
    GP question: how do you usually manage? Me: low carb, intermittent fasting. Obvious next question, what happened? So I explained that December and January I had not stuck to low carb and had expected this result, by virtue of a glucometer and experience. GP looked briefly upwards, I could tell he was calculating, then nods. So, are you back on track? I took a breath, stopped before I started a long winded but inappropriate reply about virtues of low carb. Nodding instead, yes, I replied, I am back on track. We briefly discussed when to come back for a check that everything is back where it should be and I was done. No offer of statins (useless for women), no offer of a Disease Management Programme with nutritional education according to official guidelines (they are much like EatWell-Plate, high carb, low fat), no recommendation of Metformin. Niente. Nothing.

    I have no idea if he actively promotes low carb and intermittent fasting, if he supports it to any extent. But he certainly does not condemn it outright and left me with my choice of treatment for now without any discussion.

    One thing is for sure though: I cannot afford to mess up! :angelic:
  4. Did I say I am going on a business trip? Well, I didn't.

    I went to see Manfred Mann's Earth Band on Sunday evening (okay, yeah, be my guest to guess my age) with a bit of a sore throat and snotty nose. Monday morning I woke up to a stinker of a cold - shivering, skin hot enough to fry an egg on and unsteady on my feet. Needless to say, my blood sugar was sky high Monday morning.
    Dosing up on Ibuprofen did not help sufficiently so at 7:30 I was sitting in the doctor's waiting room. He agreed that driving hundreds of kilometers was not a good idea and by 8:00 I was on my way home with a sick note in my pocket. I phoned in sick to my employer, cancelled my hotels and decided to have a little liedown. I remember waking to the sound of the automatic shutters rolling down in the evening thinking I should really get up. With that thought in mind I rolled out of bed much like an arthritic hippo and was surprised to find that the clock had mysteriously moved to 5 am Tuesday. Oh well, my body probably needed it.
    Yesterday passed more upright with a lot of dosing in my chair. I forgot to check blood sugar and my weight. My appetite was shot, which is a bad sign as I like my food, but I downed quite a bit of water and replaced Monday's breakfast coffee with a fresh mug.

    Today I am more alive again. I have just an ordinary cold, stuffed nose, occaisonal dry cough. The good thing about such a nasty cold? I've fasted from Sunday lunchtime until now. I plan to fast on until tonight and then prepare my low carb meal. Fasting blood sugar was the lowest it has been for a while at 117 mg/day.

    Date - Blood sugar - Weight
    7.3. - 146 mg/dl - 105.5 kg
    8.3. - 129 mg/dl - 105.9 kg
    11.3. - 131 mg/dl - 104.5 kg
    12.3. - 119 mg/dl - 104.2 kg
    13.3. - 108 mg/dl - 104.1 kg
    14.3. - 116 mg/dl - 103.9 kg
    15.3. - 129 mg/dl - 103.9 kg
    16.3. - 129 mg/dl - 103.6 kg
    17.3. - 138 mg/dl - 104.2 kg
    18.3. - 185 mg/dl -
    19.3. -
    20.3. - 117 mg/dl - 102.0 kg
  5. First ten days are done, just thirtytwo to go. :happy:

    I won the contest "who is more stubborn" against my stomach. It stopped rumbling every morning. As long as I keep busy I do not feel any hunger, which makes weekend at home interesting. The kitchen is cleaned, the bedroom as tidy as mine ever will be and all paperwork is sorted. Nice side effect. :angelic:

    For a few days I logged my food as well but I am not obsessive enough to keep doing it daily. I will log from time to time though, just to see what I am doing. So far my carb count is between 20 and 50 g per day; I'm happy with it. I have been checking my fasting blood sugar and my weight daily, though. Next week I am on a business trip so I won't be able to record my weight, just the blood sugar. The challenge will be to keep my fingers out of the cookie jars usually offered at various meetings and finding low carb dinner options on the road. It will probably be deli meats, cheese and low carb vegetables most days. Good thing I have light weight camping crockery to take along so I can make salads in the hotel room.

    Date - Blood sugar - Weight
    7.3. - 146 mg/dl - 105.5 kg
    8.3. - 129 mg/dl - 105.9 kg
    11.3. - 131 mg/dl - 104.5 kg
    12.3. - 119 mg/dl - 104.2 kg
    13.3. - 108 mg/dl - 104.1 kg
    14.3. - 116 mg/dl - 103.9 kg
    15.3. - 129 mg/dl - 103.9 kg
    16.3. - 129 mg/dl - 103.6 kg
  6. The fast started different than expected. I usually eat in a window from 12 am to 8pm. Trust my body to start rumbling about 10:00 in the morning the day I decide to fast for lent. :***:
    Still, so far I have stuck to my plan: one öow carb meal a day in the evening. Logging food is not something I enjoy or do regularly but I have tried my best last week. Carbs are between 20 and 50g /day. At least this part is working out nicely.

    On the weekend I was visiting family. They are aware of my usual low carb eating and have no problems with it. My sister also eats in a time restricted window and has dabbled in intermittent fasting, again, telling her about my plan for lent is not a problem.
    Friday evening we cooked dinner together, chicken breast and mixed vegetables, all nicely seasoned and stir fried. Yum. On Sunday after a bout of rather physical work, we decided to go for dinner. Choice of restaurant was left to me and after some deliberation I decided on a steak house that also does Balkan-style dishes. There was choice for everyone. I decided on a nice rumpsteak with herb butter and a side dish of broccoli and Hollandaise sauce. All yummy and low carb.

    Blood sugar mg/dl Weight kg
    7.3. 146 105.5
    8.3. 129 105.9
    11.3. 131 104.5
  7. Uh, well, okay - let's start.

    It's Ash Wednesday, start of lent. Since Christmas I have been sort of low carbish but have not found back into the full swing of low carb. So I decided to use lent for it. 7 weeks one meal a day low carb.

    Let's see how it goes.
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