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  1. Interesting that after one day of no coffee or tea (01 Jan) I went back to my usual 4 coffees and 1 tea yesterday.
    Had last coffee slightly later than usual as we were at some friends for supper about 9 pm.. (beef sirloin roast yummy)
    Last night went to bed at 12.30 (had to drive back from Dulwich) and just couldn't sleep... dropped of finally about 2 am then woke at 8 on the dot as usual.
    Would seem I'm quite caffeine sensitive although I still won't be giving it up... just maybe skip the evening one for a week or so.
  2. Woke up to

    Weight 198.8 pounds 90.17 kg
    Body fat 26.5%
    Visceral fat 11
    BMI 27
    FBG 4.5 mmol/l
    Ketones 1.2 mmol/l

    Still got the slight headache but slept well.
    Zero intake yesterday wasn't as difficult as I thought but it gives you lots of extra time!
    Weight is most likely water weight as I was still peeing as normal.
    An interesting experiment.
  3. Slight headache (probably down to lack of caffeine) and feeling a bit cold and tired but oddly not thirsty.
    Have taken in absolutely nothing today and tried not to even touch anything wet.. which was mostly successful.
    Wonder what the morning results will be..

    Bloods have been

    Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 22.18.48.png
  4. So having dry fasted for 8 hours (asleep) figures this morning were

    Weight 202 pounds 91.63 kg
    Body Fat 26%
    Visceral fat 11
    BMI 27.4
    FBG 4.9 mmol/l
    Ketones 0.5 mmol/l

    Aim today is to not eat or drink anything or be touched by any liquid... we shall see
  5. Attempting my first hard dry fast for 2020.
    It's 11:40 pm on 31 Dec 2019 just showered.
    Will try to have a zero intake of anything until 02 Jan 2020 am.
    Will give stats tomorrow morning for the start
  6. I'm going to start recording useful links that I find in my journeys around facebook and twitter just so I have a reference library of papers.

    I'll start with the amazing book I found today and go from there

  7. Have been doing this (more or less ) for a month now
    Figs this morning
    Weight 15 st 5.4 pounds 215.4 pounds
    Body fat 28.6%
    Visceral Fat 13
    BMI 29.2

    Best results ever on a Friday weigh in when I record all these figures.
    I have been mixing up the fasting and not sticking exactly to the OMEOD protocol for example last ate a proper meal Tuesday evening (Japanese Yakitori.. yum) Had a few snacks on Wednesday and then ate nothing yesterday only tea and coffee (as per usual with lactofree milk an double cream)
    I have also added a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with my nightly magnesium citrate which seems to be helping keep bloods low. I haven't been over 5 since last Saturday when FBG was 5.6.
    This morning FBG was 4.0 and had some 3's yesterday...
    I will probably try and keep this going for another month or so to see if I can get to my target of 14 Stone by the end of June. Fingers crossed...
  8. Well have now being doing this for 2 1/2 weeks and stats are as follows
    Weight 219.0 pounds 15st 9 my lightest ever friday weigh in (my recorded weekly weight)
    Body Fat 26.8%
    Visceral Fat 13 (new low)
    BMI 29.7 so below the magic 30! I am only overweight not obese ... well for today at least.
    This week have mixed it up fasted Monday Tuesday and most of Wednesday. Had dinner Wednesday evening with a treat of some Oppo which casued a small spike although I tested too soon after eating.
    Fasted yesterday apart from a few macadamias(10 to be exact) and a small piece of cheese.
    Eating lunch today (to be different) then fasting until lunch on Sunday with the family (All keto apart from their roast potatoes).
  9. Not a great 2 weeks to be honest.. due to social commitments and life generally getting in the way I only managed a kind of 4:3 fasting regime.
    So after 2 weeks the figs are

    Weight 222.4 pounds 15 st 12.4 pounds.. only 6.2 pounds down after 2 weeks... hmm I had hoped for more especially after the first week
    Body fat 25.4% this figure as usual wizzes around with no rhyme or reason.
    Visceral fat 14
    BMI 30.2
    Ketones this a.m. 2.2

    So small loss of weight 6 pounds in 2 weeks and not as much fasting as I had hoped for so will mix it up for the next two weeks and try eating saturday sunday and wednesday (these fit with social calendar) and fast the rest of the time and see what occurs.
  10. One week after starting the experiment (and a bit of a fudge) the first weeks results are

    Weight 219.4 pounds 15st 9.4 pounds - that's just under 9 pounds down in seven days started at 228.6 pounds
    Body fat 27.5%
    Visceral Fat 14
    BMI 29.7
    Ketones 3.0

    These readings were early afternoon and after a swim at the gym so may be a bit overly good but last week I ate on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday as we had a family thing. So I ate more often than intended.

    No hunger problems and have been eating quite large meals when eating. Hope we can continue this into week 2.

    Will let you know.
  11. So this morning we drove up to Hertfordshire to the Rivers hospital for my CAC scan.
    Couple of hours there and back and a very pleasant experience overall...
    Scan itself took minutes then had to wait a bit to see the Radiologist.
    Seems I have a CAC score of 40 which is about average. This means I have mild or minimal Atherosclerosis and slight narrowing of the arteries.
    So after 30 years of boozing, smoking and being overweight it seems that the old ticker is holding up quite well. Hopefully now I'm giving it better fuel and less stress we won't see any worsening. 5 years until the next scan so £225.00 very well spent.
    We had a discussion about weight, type 2 and cholesterol to which he just said keep doing what you are doing its obviously working...
    Thanks forum and LCHF
  12. Ate tonight... sirloin steak with buttery bacon brussels sprouts, bit of cheese and some cold confit chicken wings... mmm

    Bloods before 4.2
    Bloods 2h after 5.1

    Todays weigh in at 222.8 pounds so about 6 pounds off so far on this experiment.
    Got very strong hunger pangs this afternoon but had swum 1.25km this morning and was preparing the steaks so explainable..

    Tomorrow off for my CAC scan to see the state of my heart.. fingers crossed all ok although after 30 years of smoking and boozing maybe not.. we shall see.

    Ketones this morning 3.8 so well into ketosis before eating if I have time will test again tomorrow.. but an early start to hospital.
  13. Bit of a lazier day today.. was a bit wet down here on the coast so the dog only had a 3/4 mile walk. I did a total of 1.5 miles today.
    I still managed a 1.1km swim though.

    FBG this morning 5.1 just now 4.2.. fasting certainly brings it down for me.

    Todays intake

    619 calories 59.6g fat 10.3 g carbs 11g protein 86% 7% 7% macros carbs all from lactofree milk and double cream.

    Looking forward to a nice sous vide sirloin steak tomorrow with some bacony brussels sprouts.
  14. So after a big meal last night (about 2000 cals) weighed myself this morning 225 pounds exactly.
    Ketones at 1.7
    Another fasting day today so just teas and coffees as usual
    Swim and dog walking to come..
  15. So ate tonight.. had a huge avocado with some cold beef, few slices of salami with some cheddar and 50g of almonds with some cream cheese.
    Bloods this afternoon 4.3 2 hours after that lot 5.3 so quite happy wth that.

    Did full gym work out fasted and have walked 4.2 miles over today.

    See what tomorrow's weigh in brings..
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