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  1. Oops must have missed a couple of updates..
    Day 6 was disappointing weight same as day before 207.8 FBG 5.2 menu
    Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 23.02.15.png

    This morning was more pleasing as down another pound to 206.6 FBG 5.2 again
    Tonight pre bed 4.9 after a decent sized steak for dinner
    Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 23.03.20.png

    See what tomorrow morning brings..
  2. So pre bed blood 4.6
    Great steak tonight perfectly cooked (by me!).
    Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 22.45.30.png

    Maybe need more feasting!
  3. OK so hopefully slight weight gain this morning 207.8 from 207 yesterday is down to "transit issues" and not the beefy snack I had at 5 pm yesterday.
    FBG 4.9 though so still ok.
  4. Small afternoon snack of cold leftover sirloin steak and after a yummy dinner of scrambled eggs, bacon, calves liver and butcher made chipolatas and a coffee pre bed blood 4.9
    This afternoon I was still at 4.4 before eating with ketones at 1.3.

    Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 23.09.29.png
  5. Second day of low FBG 4.4 again and down more to 207 pounds..

    Abstenuary seems to be working so far.
  6. Pre bed bloods 4.6
    Todays consumption less than usual but a late afternoon scratchings portion.. wonder if we'll see any difference tomorrow morning.. no truffles left now so should be ok.. see if higher protein is better than higher fat although only 1 day so not long enough to tell really...

    Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 22.31.58.png
  7. Weight 208 pounds
    FBG 4.4 lowest for a long while..
    Must be doing something right for a change!
  8. Pre bed blood 5.0
    Today's food
    Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 22.58.23.png

    1 slightly naughty dark choc truffle but part of dinner.. see what tomorrow morning's weigh in brings..
  9. Weight this morning 209.6 down almost 2 pounds from yesterday
    And FBG 4.7!
    Maybe the 2 hour eating window is more benficial after all!
  10. OK so admission time.. three squares of 90% choc and a few pork scratchings (hubs opened a bag and I couldn't say no to a few..) means I didn't start abstenuary very well.
    Had some lovely Argentine sirloin for dinner though with some bacon and eggs so no afternoon snack just dinner and a bit of "dessert".
    Now the choc has gone so nothing to tempt me hopefully. I'm going to post up daily food intake to keep me honest!
    Screenshot 2021-02-01 at 23.01.32.png

    Pre bed BG 5.3
    ketones 0.9
  11. So lets have another go,,,

    Starting figs

    Weight 211.4!
    Body fat 27.5%
    Visceral fat 12%
    BMI 28.7
    FBG 5.5

    After a not so successful January fingers crossed Feb is better.
  12. What happens when the plan goes slightly awry...
    Screenshot 2021-01-29 at 08.05.07.png

    Seems that sticking to a plan is fairly easy for the first 2 weeks.. after that things sneak in and disrupt it... Oppo, nuts and dark chocolate are not so great for weight loss it seems..back to plan B for Feb maybe chuck in some various fasting regimes and see if that's more effective whilst sticking to meat only OMAD!
    At least its only 28 days!
  13. Bad nights sleep .. woke early

    but bloods at 4.9 !

    Weight 208 pounds!

    That linear weight loss is going really well! Crazy body...

    Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 07.55.52.png
  14. Hmmm a little slippage from the plan has been going on since I had my birthday last week.
    Weight been stable to slightly up for the past 4 days.. dark chocolate I blame you!
    FBG this morning 5.3 weight 206.4 pounds
    Time to buckle down to stricter carni OMAD and see if we can get back on track... come on body we can do this.. 180 pounds here we come!
  15. FBG 5.1
    Weight 206.2

    Anyone who links weight loss is linear must be mad.. mine since 01 Jan 2021.
    If only I could figure it out!
    Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 08.45.24.png
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