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    My fasting blood sugars are at 4.9 today around 7am (early start as we had the grandchildren). I decided to tackle my recent dawn phenomena (starting around 5 going to @6.5 yesterday with having nothing to eat) by eating a small piece of cheese more or less as soon as i woke up. Eating something zero carb. It works for me and for many. That said i don't always do it.

    The 1st graph is today. After the cheese. 2nd screenshot shows that my bs didn't go higher than 5.7 before starting to come back down. Result!

    Just eaten a cheese and chorizo 2 egg omelette for breaky @10am. Started at 6.0. From experience it won't rise higher than 6.5 before coming back down quickly.

    3rd screenshot was yesterday's early morning readings. A later start to my day but around the same fbs. 5.0. It goes up to @6.5 before starting to come back down = DP).

    First thing I ate was lunch at 1pm. I had a lovely lunch out in a local bistro. Couldn't resist as Boris has offered to chip in on the bill. ;-)

    Naked cheese and bacon burger (no bun) with side salad (I didn't eat the tomatoes but did eat a little relish and coleslaw plus 2 of Eric's halloumi fries). Screenshot 6 refers.

    Bs were 5.6 at 1pm when i started to eat and back down to 6.2 @2.30. Another good result.

    The final screenshot shows how my bs performed after my lunch, for info. They continued to go down. The small rise to 5.4 was 2 small pieces of choccy.

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  2. I have for a while thought of creating a little blog on my experience with my good friend, my libre. Today is the day.


    I love my libre. I have to buy the sensors as I'm a type 2, no meds. Cost £48 (I tick the 'I'm a diabetic' box to avoid the VAT) every 14 days but other than this I'm cheap to run. ;-) (hubbys words). I don't mind finger pricking to keep an eye on blood sugars but I prefer to scan.

    I invested in a reader to start with (it came in a starter pack with 2 sensors and cost £150) but prefer to use the libre sensor app on my samsung mobile phone. You can use both should you wish but you have to start sensor off with reader first.


    I've had 3 sensors that I've had issues with. I've phoned up, given them a few actual readings compared to the libre readings to prove the discrepancies and they have sent me another within a couple of days. No problems.


    Accuracy wise I find them quite good between 5 and 7 which is where I am most of the time. Lower, then not quite so accurate.

    To avoid any issues i attach sensor no less than 24 hours before I'm due to activate it so it beds in. It still usually reads a little low for the first couple of days but I can resort to finger pricks where I feel necessary.


    So I will start by uploading a few of the graphs that might be of interest then move onto different functions over the next few posts.


    1) 2 slices of wholemeal bread toasted with butter @9.30am. @11.15 I had a banana. This was an experiment following the current t2d official guidelines. I was going to experiment for a week until I saw the effect of just one morning! The advice is to eat 5 fruit/veg a day as well as lots of starchy carbs like pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and cereal.

    2) kippers for breakfast

    3) stress - doing an interview (all day on and off) NOTHING TO EAT ALL DAY AND NOTHING TO DRINK i ate at @9pm in a local restaurant. Beef stroganoff with vegetables

    4) illness - I was incredibly poorly from 26th November last year. Covid-19 symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. It came in waves. 7th December was the 2nd time I thought i was getting better. But I went downhill again on the 8th. Nausea with a knot in my tummy all day. No food apart from trying a few mushrooms in a creamy sauce. My blood sugars would normally be steady at around 5 (much of the time in the green)

    5) just last night. I had a low carb day as usual. Cheese and ham omelette for breaky, 2 pieces of 85% choccy at @3pm, chicken for dinner in tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, chili served with cauli rice. 1 glass of wine. I don't usually eat after dinner but I was warm so had ice-cream with a deliciously guilt free piece of lemon drizzle cake and double cream at 11.30. I'm a night owl. ;-)

    6) shows the rise and fall after the late night carbs. Without the double cream it may have gone higher and fallen lower. But my fbs today was 5 at 8.44am. Its currently at 5.9 at 10am. A little dawn phenomena. Not eaten yet. Still in bed!

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  3. Just leaving this here in case anyone is interested. This is what worked for me.

  4. Once I had sorted my own health out with the help of this forum and it's wonderful members i decided to blog on my facebook page to help my friends and anyone interested in a low carb way of eating. I do regular posts but thought I might start leaving a few here.

    Here is the first one from 2nd January this year. It contains lots of useful info so a good one to start with i feel.


    It's a long one as introductory post. Grab yourself a coffee (add a dash of double cream .)

    I will be breaking sections down over the coming days so don't try to take it all in now, it can feel a bit daunting! I learned this over 2 years, still learning.



    No way in a million years did I ever think I would be trying to help others lose weight, control blood sugars, bring down blood pressure. Me! Who just 2 years ago was very overweight (but felt happy in my skin). And had been for many years. I had been reasonably in control of my weight over my adult years, weighing myself regularly. If I put weight on I did diets like 1000 calories a day, weight watchers, and although I lost weight it would go back on as quick. I lost it for a wedding, Christmas, holidays, and when the event was over it would be back to the old habits within weeks.

    12 years ago my beloved mum died. Weighing myself was the last thing on my mind. So I didn't. When mum passed away I weighed 11 stone. Two years ago this had crept up to 14 stone 7lbs (wore black, lived in leggings and baggy tops so no real issues as I'm tall and was told I carried it well!). But I didnt think I was eating particularly badly. I bought wholemeal bread, rice, jacket potatoes, cereals with all those healthy symbols shouting out at me from the boxes, skimmed milk, low fat products. What could possibly go wrong! Well insulin resistance for one.

    Without going in too deep, the diet I had was very high in carbohydrates (lots of processed foods included) and low fat products. Carbs turn to sugar in the body and low fat products are full of sugar. To deal with the sugar we have a hormone called insulin. Insulin takes the sugar from the blood to the cells where it is used for energy. Basically I was eating far too much sugar for my insulin to cope with. Resulting in the excess sugar storing as fat (resulting in weight gain). Usually stores around the tummy area (did for me), and also in the liver (when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes one of the indicators was I had a fatty liver).

    Sugar is highly addictive which I will go into over the next few days in more detail. Also emotional eating. Life can be very challenging .

    I found a way of eating that actually works for me. It's not for everyone. Many of my friends swear by Sliming World or Weight Watchers. Horses for courses.

    But no harm in giving it a whirl if you fancy trying it. I'm here to answer any questions you might have, if I dont know the answers I will endeavour to find out.

    You might want to get yourself in the right headspace now. Psych yourself up. This site 'diet doctor ' (link below) is amazing! You will get so much info on my way of eating, which is low carb high healthy fat. It works really well for me. Great way of eating to lose weight. Your body uses carbs for energy so when you cut back it starts to use fat for energy. I lost 4 stone in approximately 7 months (NB i was EXTREMELY disciplined and very focused though, with a goal of reversing my type 2 diabetes, and I managed to put it in remission I'm very happy to say, but I can never take my eye off the ball! Once a diabetic always a diabetic). I did stop drinking for 5 months apart from gallons of water but reintroduced it as I do enjoy a few slurps. I've learned what's good and what isn't so alcohol will get it's own little section over the coming days .

    Lots of info, guides, recipes, meal plans, videos and much more on this site. The visuals are amazing.

    Most of you probably only want to lose a few lbs so just a few changes here and there would be enough (usually involving less or no potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, cereals or just eating off a smaller plate and drinking plenty of water). You could reach your goal in a month. I lost my first stone in less than ONE month. Not a long time in your life to get to a happier you. A more confident you. Some may want to lose more, that will take longer. It's a marathon not a sprint. Set small goals. And if you have a bad day put it behind you. We are all only human.

    I weighed every day since my diagnosis and still do (now it's because I dont want to lose more!)....works for me. Not for everyone. Do what works for you. But whether it's once a day or once a week try and do it at the same time. I do it first thing in the morning.

    The low carb way of eating is especially good for diabetics who are trying to control their blood sugars. As I said earlier, carbs convert to sugar in a nutshell. Diabetics are allergic to sugar, that'sthe way i look at it. The fewer carbs the better (helps to avoid spikes which cause the complications associated with diabetes).

    My glucometer tells me what to avoid! (You can get a testing kit from eBay for less than £12 which comes with a few strips if you want to check your blood sugar levels and I think local pharmacies do testing).

    A meter helps you know what foods agree with you, and which don’t. Test before and 2 hours after the first bite. You should aim to have less than a 2.0 mmol/l rise.

    Here is a link to the science of low carb. This Dr, Dr Unwin (Southport) has just seen his 73rd patient into remission (82 as of July '20). He was gutted for years just seeing patients go from bad to worse following his standard NHS advice. More and more medication. More and more complications. Then one patient turned their type 2 diabetes on its head. He asked them how they had done it. Low carb. The rest is history. So many are doing it this way now. Yet Drs and Diabetic nurses are still choosing to medicate rather than educate or offer a low carb way of eating option. The American diabetic association has included it now but UK still to get there.

    Dr Unwin's infographs show what you are eating in equivalent sugar cubes, it can be quite shocking! Here are the links:


    How many carbs? Low carb is between 20g and 50g a day, for me it's usually 30g ish and keto, usually 20g of carbs or less a day.

    The Diet Doctor site gives info about intermitent fasting (IF). Great for weight loss. Lots of different ways to incorporate this. If you want to.

    There are several different intermittent fasting methods. Three popular ones are:

    The 16/8 Method: Skip breakfast every day and eat during an 8-hour feeding window, such as from 12 noon to 8 pm.

    Eat-Stop-Eat: Do one or two 24-hour fasts each week, for example by not eating from dinner one day until dinner the next day.

    The 5:2 Diet: Only eat 500-600 calories on two days of the week, but eat normally the other 5 days.

    As long as you don't compensate by eating much more during the non-fasting periods, then these methods will help you lose weight and belly fat.

    I have never skipped full days, I love my food too much! But I have done 18:6. So i would have my dinner at 6pm and have nothing until noon the next day (asleep for a lot of the time so pretty easy). Apart from a lovely coffee with double cream in the morning

    I'm not medically trained and want to emphasise I'm just sharing my journey and what worked for me. I would say check with your doctor if you have medical conditions before you change your way of eating. That makes me smile as we don't check with our doctors when on an unhealthy way of eating! But there you go.



    So I think I have gone on enough for one post. Off to do my 10k steps. Bye the way no I didnt exercise over the past 2 years. Most I've done is good walk. I've been a keyboard warrior trying to change things much of the time. I'm very active on social media especially Twitter. Its almost a full time job!

    Massive thanks to my hubby for his continued support. Could not do this without him! Mr absolute rock. He himself has lost almost 2 stone by making small changes. He still has bread but there are lower carb options. We took reading glasses to Sainsburys and studied labels. But Tesco and Sainsburys websites are amazing for nutritional info.

    4g carbs works out approximately as 1 teaspoon of sugar.


    Diet doctor
    Libbys ditch the carbs
    Diabetes.co.uk (forum is excellent with some great threads like 'what have you eaten today' to give you ideas. Success stories galore. Videos. Lots of great info)
    Low carb programme - videos

    Jason Fung
    The Obesity Code
    The Diabetes Code
    The Diabetes Weight-Loss Cookbook: A life-changing diet to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes - Katie and Giancarlo caldesi

    the big fat fix
    Fixing dad
    The doctor who gave up drugs

    Dr Jason Fung
    Dr David Unwin
    Dr Aseem Malhotra
    Dr Sarah Hallberg
    Dr Ken Berry
    Dr David Cavan
    Diet Doctor
    And put 'i reversed my diabetes' to listen to people sharing their experiences
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