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  1. Hello, everyone . my name is Emma.i have been diagnosed with diabetes about ten years.
    My parents just are normal worker in factory .but they give me more love and care . i love them .

    they brought Dexcom for me .but it is so expensive and the alarm is not very well sometime . so my dad changd dexcom to abbott freestyle libre .

    and my friends gift me MiaoMiao Smart libre reader .And my life has a amazing change since then.i don't need to scan libre frequently to get BG.
    MiaoMiao can transfer data from libre to my phone even my watch every 5 mins. So cool.

    What's more ,when i am sleep at night , miaomiao can give me alarm when high or low .my parents also can monitor my Blood Sugar when i am in school .I have used miaomiao about one year .It is amazing device .small body ,large power.

    I hope everyone like me can have a easy and relaxing normal libre .I love my parents,my friends. i love everyone who have diabtes.
  2. For the US Loopers out there, who are now a little lost without being able to use the Libre US 14 day sensor to loop, I wanted to post a quick guide to getting the US 14 Day Libre sensor working with Loop. I am sure many of you are already doing this, and I am sure there are many ways to optimize this data flow (and even get it off the cloud), or maybe just switch over to AndroidAPS.

    You will need:

    • A working Loop version with Dexcom Share as an CGM option

    • MiaoMiao 2

    • Android 8.1 device (preferably small and with a cheap wireless plan). I am using an Unihertz Atom (from Amazon)
    The Basics (Be sure to read all steps and notes first especially Note 1C):

    Step 1. You will need to follow the directions at the link below to update MiaoMiao 2 firmware, install the OOPalgorithm (to decode the encrypted Libre data), and install the modded xDrip+.

    Note 1A: If you have installed xDrip+ before, uninstall it first (otherwise the modded version will not install, be sure to read Note 1C below first)

    Note 1B: In the Android settings, be sure to not allow battery optimization on either OOPalgorithm or xDrip+, as we want to ensure all run in the background (with no limitations).

    Note 1C: Unfortunately the developer who modded xDrip+ disabled a way to change Nightscout or Dexcom Share server details, good thing is that they did not actually delete the underlying code, so you simply need to install a somewhat recent version of xDrip+ (link below) and enable Dexcom share with your username and password (Settings --> Cloud upload, Dexcom Share Server) then go to Settings --> Show Settings QR code --> Copy All Settings. Take a photo of this as you will need to use this to Auto configure the modded version xDrip after it is stalled. On the modded xDrip: Settings --> Autoconfigure

    Note 1D: When installing the modded version of xDrip+, you may need to first skip the sensor setup and go right to enabling the Out of process algorithm setting (ensuring OOPalgorithm is running), then go set up the sensor and connecting the MiaoMaio2 via Bluetooth through the modded xDrip+

    Step 2: Once your glucose data is incoming on Dexcom Share and/or Nightscout, you will need to change the CGM in Loop to Dexcom Share and enter your credentials.

    That’s it! Happy Looping!

    Latest version of xDrip+ (non-modded, for saving QR settings code to import into modded xDrip+ as noted in Note 1C): gcb8Whyi5Vb8yKnKOMzB1ReB2p0gN2D1ALrH1ynJa0m8hKNCEmaD0Gt3QUw)

    loop787×597 177 KB
  3. Hello everyone! Now that I’ve gotten the MiaoMiao and tomato app and running on my 14 day libre. I thought I’d let you all know my thoughts so far, to be updated as things change.

    For anyone not familiar with the MiaoMiao, i studied and learned more information about MM from MiaoMiao Customer Service( they are very kindly and give me response very quickly)[​IMG]

    maiomiao=freestyle libre reader
    make your libre to really CGM
    Slim, waterproof, Rechargeable
    Warranty :12 monthes.

    MiaoMiao is a Smart Reader for Libre Sensor, it can read glucose readings from libre every 5 minutes then send data to your phone or watch even to your Nightscout site.
    selling points:
    [​IMG]You can do it without scan
    [​IMG]Auto Alert to you and your family
    [​IMG]Real time glucose information among your family
    So my parents can also monitor my blood even we are not in the same place.Especially,i can receive alert when blood sugar too high or low during night.
    I love it .and my friends also ordered miaomiao for their kids.

    The MiaoMiao allows the Libre to function as a full CGM with alarms.

    The Available app:
    [​IMG]Spike(https://spike-app.com/install-spike-using-xcode/) or Tomato(for iOS) .

    [​IMG]xDrip, Tomato,Glimp (for Android).

    MiaoMiao1 currently just sell $99 USD with $15 shipping( big reduction)
    MiaoMiao2 sell $169 USD with $15 shipping .
    MM2 is slimmer and lighter and has better connectivity than MM1. It’s easier to attach with FreeStyle Libre.

    Right now , miaomiao can work with Libre1,Libre 2 ,Libre pro,LibreH and US-14 day libre. For details ,you can refer to miaomiao website FAQ (www.miaomiao.cool)

    Very fast delivery time .Good news: their overseas warehouse will be open which will shorten the delivery time .

    The MiaoMiao itself is fairly small and quite thin, although I personally think it’s a tad bit unsightly. That’s never really been the deciding factor on diabetes tech for me before but I wish I could think of a good way to pretty it up. I felt the need to tape over mine with opsite flexifix, as the stickers that came with it just didn’t seem to be secure [email protected] glitzabetes thank you.
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