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  1. Mrs E here giving an update, Warning Its Not Nice

    Hubby has a really unpleasant patch of skin on his leg, the one with the missing vein that was used for his by pass op hundreds of years ago. He had the leg swell with retained water to three x its normal size, now with super strength water tablets the leg is almost back to the normal size. But this has left his skin really fragile, red and a shine on that Mr Sheen would be proud of. We asked his doctor for help in managing the leg, and was told to go to the pound shop and get a hand cream to rub on it ! Well he tried my posh unscented body cream for a few weeks and things have gone down hill. His skin is very fragile and looks like the skin has had bits rubbed off leaving a hole. Another patch is like a green sloppy scab, it did not smell but worried me. So realising we are on our own again as our doctor is not interested, I ordered some Manuka Honey, medical grade, and some bandages. Well the honey arrived the other day, and the green patch on his leg was getting bigger, so we did not wait for the bandage and thinly applied the honey to his damaged skin on his leg. O my word, I am not easily impressed, but the honey is amazing, the bare bits with skin missing have scabbed over and the green slushily area is looking good, firm and stopped spreading. Its very early days but I have high hopes we can stop his leg forming ulcers. The bandages arrived today and I think to say its over the top is an underestimation, they came in a box with four different bandages to layer on over the ulcer, will keep that lot safe and hope we never need to use them.
    So now we need to keep a very close eye open for ants and honey bears. Lucky the hounds don't like honey !!!
  2. Just wanted to say that swollen legs and food poising are a good mix, poor Mr enclave has just had a bought of food poising. Four days of being slightly unwell and off his feet has proved to be good at reducing the swelling in his legs. Sadly his foot is still swollen and wondering if a second round of food poising would sort that out for him, maybe not !
    One little observation I have made was at the start of the poising the sugar/salt mix to stop hubby getting dehydrated he was enjoying. Once he started to get better the drink lost all its appeal and was totally refused.
    Not that the stress of hubby being ill was not enough, our local vet thew us out via an email message ! Don't ask, I don't really know why and as our thyroid challenged dog is on a life time of medication I was a little surprise to say the least. But as I always say things happen for reasons, that may not always be apparent at the time. So time will tell on how well my lovely dogs will get on with a new vet.
    Hope your all having a good day, as here today the sun is shining and life is looking good. But we all know looks can be deceiving !:joyful:
  3. Mrs enclave here, giving an update on mr enclave.
    First thing is he has asked to step down from moderating duties here as his health is just not up to this commitment, as lots of you may have already noticed he's not been around much, this is due to his heart problems, not his T2.
    Second thing is that a lot of his health problem could be due to a vitamin D3 deficiency !!! So it will be interesting to see if his health improves once he starts the D3 supplements. We have had a very long wet cold dark winter here in Scotland this year and thinking back his health will often crash on these long dark winters. So once vitamin D3 was suggested as his problem it was like a bright light bulb turning on. Fingers crossed it going to help.
    Third thing is our girl (Saluki) is doing very well on her thyroid medication and is now done to her ideal weight, happy once again, no sign of the pancreas problem returning yet, so its happy days all round really.
    Will keep you updated as we progress, but hopefully he will be able to do the next update himself :)
  4. I have not been around much recently (& mrs enclave is typing this for me ) Since I had a mega nose bleed I have just not been well. Silly things like being very cold, headaches, tired, infact completely washed out. I was meant to start on a new blood thinning drug (rat poison) just before my nose bleed. My heart failure has stepped up a notch and everything is an effort to do. I have my left leg so swollen I can hardly bend it and to top all that I fell over this morning. I don't think I hurt anything, but am just too tired to notice. My dear wife is running round looking after me and still doing all her own projects, so has no time to help me on this site, so I have just had to step back for a while.
    I am no teenager, and I hope I will battle back from this bought of ill health. I owe so much to his site in sorting me out when I first found out I had diabetes T2, so hope you will all understand that at the moment I am staying away not because I want to, but because I have to.
    We did not have a Christmas this year nor a birthday for me as I just could not cope with the disruption and changes these events cause. Yes I am that unwell at the moment. Not depressed, just unable to breathe or move without feeling shattered and in pain. Heart failure is a very horrid condition, that is controllable, but when it steps up and hits you in the face, the only thing to do is rest. xx
  5. As some of you may have noticed I have not been around the forums as much as I normally am.. The reason for this is my heart problems have stepped up their symptoms .. This has not been helped by a few offside factors that is out of my control ...
    The first is my wife worried about my health .. so she cooks .. lots and lots of lovely food .. not a problem so far ..
    The second is my wife is worried about some of my pension credits not being paid into the bank account.. so she cleans .. lots and lots of cleaning .. not a problem so far ..
    But combine the two, my declining health and no money coming in and things become a big problem .. I have to talk on the telephone to the DWP as they will not talk to the wife .. now some of you may know I have a phobia about talking on the telephone .. so with my angina spray ready.. Have to talk on the phone .. all very encouraging words from the DWP people .. yes I should still be getting my pension credits .. so we wait and the wife cleans the cottage .. week two .. still no money .. another phone call to the DWP and more angina spray .. I am reassured that I should be getting this money that has been paid to me for the past 8 years without a problem .. the wife re cleans the cottage .. and still no money paid into our account .. I will have to talk again on the telephone next week and not looking forward to this .. My doctor has sent off for more blood tests to see if they can pinpoint the cause of my decline in health .. The wife has used up al the ingredences to cook with and with no money for food she is cleaning the cottage again .. a very deep clean .. dismantling the kettle, bread maker, tumble dryer and dehumidifier to clean the internal parts and reassembling with fingers crossed they still work !
    Now she is looking at the TV .. I am thinking .. please powers that be.. pay my pension credits before I loose the TV ..
  6. Well not me obviously .... But a few weeks back the wife was scouring in internet looking for a jumper for our Keef .. he's feeling the cold. So after getting a few that just did not fit right, she then says .. 'I will knit a jumper for Keef myself' .. 'Great' I reply .. 'but you cannot knit' .. 'A small detail that should not stop me' .. So wool and needles were ordered and I braced myself for a tangled mess of wool wrapped around the Keef.

    Yes, the misses is good at surprising me .. but honestly .. Knitting !!!!.
    Several hours of watching on line teachers on the way to knit .. she managed to produce this ..
    [​IMG] Its in three colours and has a pocket on the other side.. I bravely took him out for a walk with it keeping him warm .. and got comments from fellow dog walkers like .. interesting .. your wife is a artist .. and poor Keef, has mummy tried to knit you a jumper !!!!!
    More wool was ordered .. and the same design was followed (her own design, I must add she cannot 'read' knitting patterns yet) with amazing results ....This time the comments were .. how posh, Lovely, wow did your wife knit this !! .. O ... lucky Keef, mummy has knitted you a lovely jumper .. Thus proving your always able to achieve something if you are determined and in this case have a good internet connection to stream hours of how to knit videos !!
    [​IMG] I hope that this achievement can inspire others to not give up if its not perfect the first time .. This goes for dog jumpers and blood sugar control .. however you have to do it ... just be confident and give it your best shot xx
  7. Now I must confess the misses is not thinking she is a good cook .. despite this she watches and absorbs every inch of a multitude of cookery and food programmes .. her favourite of these is the professional master chef .. So when she spotted one of the chefs using asparagus looking like courgette strips in a pretty way she was on to it. We cannot remember what the chef filled his asparagus weave with ... But tonight we had a spinach and ricotta cannelloni ... kinda, as we don't much like pasta now .. the tubes for the cannelloni has been made from weaving thin strips of courgette .. I sneaked in and got this image of the woven tubes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese waiting for the cheese sauce to top it before going into the oven.. there were little cherry tomatoes roasted in the cheese sauce between the tubes. Sadly I could not get a photo of the cooked dish, as the misses would have twigged I was going to be sharing it with all of you .. It did look amazing ... served with cauliflower and blue cheese mash and steamed broccoli .. It was totally delicious, and very low carb !!
    I promise next time she makes this I will photograph the dish plated up .. She could hold her own with the professional master chef cooks .. but thinks she is rubbish at cooking !!!!!!

  8. I do really feel for all of you out in cyberspace who are having a completely dreadful time with your T2 diabetes .. It makes me feel very guilty .. also very lucky.
    At the time of my diagnosis of T2 I was wrestling with my heart failure .. feeling dreadful .. feeling like I was overdue to leave this world (had lived longer that all the other men in my family history, that all left this world from heart problems) So looking at my own mortality .. I am told I have T2 diabetes .. more doom and gloom to look forward to ....
    Well luckily for me I had someone who likes me to call her 'The Wife' on line and who is my wife, she could see this as just another challenge .. rather than a one way ticket .. in her determination and steadfast belief that things always happen for reasons, she threw out the diabetes hand book and got me to take control.
    This control was via the Low Carb High Fat way of eating .. with nothing to loose and I do mean nothing .. the offer of palliative care was all I got from my Drs, I embraced the low carb way of life .. or should I say the wife did .. and I eat what ever the wife wants to feed me :)
    LCHF eating was the very best thing that could have happened to me .. I have my life back .. I can breath again.. walk again.. enjoy life again .. I can also look forward to a future .. and this is all down to a few of my heart tablets driving my blood sugars into the T2 levels ...
    Thank you T2 for giving me my life back ..
  9. Only the wife could do this ... I hope .
    .[​IMG] this is the index finger on her left hand after she had a stitches taken out and put in..
    Luckily she mostly uses her right hand .. so she is still able to cook and do the washing up !!!

    Ok .. stitches put in .. this is not a long story .. the wife is not good at sowing or any thing to do with joining fabric together. So I am completely to blame for this accident .. 'Lets make a new cover for the Koi pond' says I .. 'how' she replies ... well you have the sowing machine .. we can get some netting and you can sow a pocket along the edges so a bamboo pole can be put through to rest across the pond .. I should have known by the look of total terror on her face that this was not the best of ideas ... The first part of the cover went well .. took a very long time .. but looked great .. day two and the wife was in a rush .. that was until ... the sowing machine took hold of the wife's finger ... Stupid wife in her pain and panic forgot how to stop the machine left it sowing into her finger .. until the needle snapped and left the tip in her finger .. So with the thread connected to her finger and still attached to the machine we cut the thread and bundled the dogs in the car and set off to the local A&E ... 3 hours I had to wait for her to have an X-ray and ultra sound then to have a little operation to remove the stitches still attached to the head of the needle, and a new stitch put in to hold the open wound together. She is meant to go to her Drs in a weeks time to have the stitch removed .. hell will freeze over before she will go to a Drs .. so I am looking forward to next week when she is going to remove her stitch .. Will return here with the up date ..
    On the plus side it did not affect my blood sugars .. even though my dinner was three hours late :)
  10. OK living proof that following the eating plan that is dished out to T2 pre diabetics ... is not good....

    In 2012 to 2013 was not told I was diabetic .. In 2014, was told I was T2 diabetic and to follow the recommended eating plan .. return in three months to be scolded for not following their eating plan .. By the end of 2014 I had increased my weight by 3st and was feeling very ill, again scolded by DSN for not following her eating plan (I was following it to the letter) So the wife steps in and says I am not to listen to anything my DSN says .. I went full low carb high fat .. lost my extra weight .. got my life back, with the help of these forums I made the LCHF way of eating my default eating plan.. My blood sugars returned to pre diabetic then non diabetic ... My most resent blood test was last week .. My HbA1c test came in at 5.8% (40) ...

    If I continued to listen to my DSN's eating advice I truly think I would be dead now.. So forgive me if I appear slightly hostile towards any one that says I must follow the advice given on diet, life style or health... YES I am non compliant as far as my GP is concerned .. I did not follow their dietary advice .. If they gave the right advice to start with then maybe people will be able to follow the advice and see improvement in their health .. I also ignored their advice not to test my own blood sugars and purchased my own meter !

    Note .. While eating to the recommend eating plan for T2, I went from 7.3% (56) to following their eating plan 9.8% (84) then I took control in 2014 and not gone higher than 6.0% (42)

    My heart problems have also shown signs of improvement .. cholesterol still in the normal range ..

    So why o why is my DSN going to scold me again for not sticking to her healthy eating plan :(
  11. Reading the carpet or no carpet thread in the forums, and finding out I appear to be in a minority in having a fully carpeted cottage. Yes fully carpeted .. inc bathroom and kitchen .. If I have offended anyone with this then please do not come and visit my humble home.
    So how or why do I have a fully carpeted cottage ... and also have two dogs but just the one wife. Well its the wife who says that in her personal experience a clean home is not always a happy home. She has had a colourful childhood .. most of it in clean homes ... Beaten if she in her typical tomboy way trailed muck into the home.. Scolded for making any kind of mess .. punished for spilling a drink or dropping food onto a dining table. So the result of this is she is not fazed at the dogs running into the cottage with mud splashing on walls and carpets, she just says its no problem .. let it dry and it was vacuum off the floor and while she's waiting for it to dry she will wipe the mud off the walls. Sorted !!!! In the kitchen she says carpet is no problem, its vacuumed daily as is the rest of the cottage, we don't eat off the floor, we don't prepare food off the floor .. if food is dropped, its put in the bin or the dog .. Also as the wife points out ... carpet in the kitchen everyone thinks is disgusting .. yet .. these same judgmental people go out in the garden and have a BBQ .. with goodness know what imbedded on the grass .. flies buzzing around the food, dirt being burnt onto the food with the smoke from the charcoal, along with in some cases half cooked food. We don't have BBQ's... We don't have upset tummy (only if we eat out)
    My cottage is not a smelly hellhole of dirt and dust .. its a welcoming home, where friends and their dogs can visit .. a relaxed place .. yes you can spill your drink when a dog rushes up to greet you .. yes your dog is welcome in even if its been raining .. yes we have a little dust, yes we have a little dirt. We also have a lot of laughter .. It took a while to get used to for me.. as I also had a childhood of squeaky clean floors .. any kind of dirt or mess cleaned up before it had time to settle. I used to have to stand out in the pouring rain and remove shoes and coat before entering the 'home' I realise now that this was not a home .. it was a clean house !!!!
    I know most of you will fully disagree with me .. but its my view, and we are not all the same :)
  12. I know I should have said to the wife I think we may need another dog :rolleyes:.. but we don't need another dog !:facepalm: The one one we have is twice the weight she should be and is going to have swimming lessons soon to help with her weight problems, and health problems. :nailbiting:

    So .. why .. o why ... did I bring home a rescue saluki without a second thought :angelic:.. the mess .. the upset .. the cost ..
    Who could resist that face :sorry:... its so much like our other dog .. that we are having trouble telling them apart ...
    The first Pic is the new dog ... the second pic is our little girl ... OOOOooooo thats one way to tell the difference ... the new ones a boy :banghead::bag:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Its been on the news again about taking Statins ... I have taken them ... I have a strong history of heart problems and have stopped taking them ... Why would I do that ... because I want my life back .. because I felt so ill when taking them I had no life ... and I have chosen quality of life, over quantity of life.

    If you have no side effects from Statins .. then go for it .. take them
    But if it robs you of your life .. think hard about taking them .. I have no confusion about this drug !!!
  14. [​IMG] Meet Tiger ... Tiger is a pigeon ..but not any old pigeon .. Tiger is an orphaned Pigeon.. After a frantic phone call from a friend to the wife about 2 weeks ago, I had to drive down to the town to pick up an orphaned pigeon. The wife takes in almost any wild life that needs a hand.. then it wonderful when they get released back to the wild where they should be. So Tiger is the latest in this long line of critters that I have had to share my home with.
    Awwww thats nice I can feel you thinking ... but the wife is allergic to pigeons .. So for the past two weeks The wife has what looks like the heaviest cold ever ... but would she give it to someone else to look after .. no !!!!I must admit she is doing a good job with Tiger, making little pouches for it to feed from .. cleaning up endless amounts of poo and looking after me and the hound while struggling with streaming eyes and a runny nose. I would offer to help .... but its a baby bird for heaven sake ... what on earth could I do ... (Please don't answer that o_O)
    [​IMG] at least its in the garden most of the day now ... I know this is one little bird that the wife will be really pleased to see flying off back to the wild. Cute little thing, don't you think .....:angelic:
    It make me feel very mortal every time the wife get an orphaned critter to care for..
  15. Now .. most of you that read my blogs will know the wife is a pretty good cook .... Also that I like to eat .. So while the wife was cutting the grass after being in the kitchen, I thought I would see what had been cooked .. YUM ... Biscuits ... nomnomnom .. O don't want to be caught out so very carefully rearrange the biscuits on the cooling tray. ;);)
    In comes the wife .. covered in little bits of stray grass cuttings .. One look at me .. and she says 'you have been eating those biscuits' NoNO..ok Just one .. two .. three .. they were very small ... 'Were they nice' she asks .. I think for a moment and say that they will be wonderful with a little butter on .. 'O REALLY' Starting to feel confused and well a little like I was missing something .. The wife takes one of the biscuits, call in the dog and the dog goes crazy .. dribbling and running round with the biscuit .. then noshes it down and returns for a second one !!!! What .. Why ... OK they may not be low carb .. but I am ok now .. and the wife is not a biscuit e a t e r .. The penny starts to drop .. They are dog biscuits ...
    Whats in them, :nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting::nailbiting: Sweet-potato, egg, flour, milk, & oats. :):):) I then take another biscuit .. and add a little swipe of butter ... LOVLEY ... I am going to have to give some to the dog :(
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