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  1. I have spent most of the day on the computer just generally roaming about and looking at things that I would like to buy upload_2019-7-20_20-15-58.gif
    This evening there was bocce [bowling] in the lounge but only a few turned up and one of them had her family with her who were being very patronizing which really got on my nerves so I said that I needed to get some tablets for my back pain but then didn't bother to go back!

    My food consumption has been very haphazard today and therefore the counts may well be good at the moment but whether they stay that way is another story -
    Cals 1126 Carbs 162 Protein 24 Sodium 803
  2. Went into the city today at 12.30 until 4pm .. I had a list of 6 things that I wanted to buy but only managed to get 2 plus 2 that I hadn't planned one of which was a nice blousey dress which I saw in the window of "Yours" and couldn't resist it especially as it was only £12.99.
    Got home in time for the "fish and chips" evening which actually started at 4.30 but I didn't go until 5.30 when things would have got under way properly. I had chicken and chips and unfortunately the chicken didn't have hardly any meat on it .. very disappointing. Then there was a couple of guys singing but to recorded harmony music and vocals which was okay but again another disappointing event!
    Needless to say after all of that the counts are well over the allotted amount! [​IMG]
  3. I had my friend Sally visit this afternoon and she helped me to tidy my bedroom as I tend to just put things on the bed as I am not able to put them away. Then I wanted to find a small quilt that I use for my bed but we couldn't find it anywhere .. under the bed - in the cupboard - we even looked in the suitcases stored in the cupboard and no success! After that she changed my bed linen which was quite a laugh as first of all she put the duvet cover on inside out and then the second time the wrong way round [​IMG] and then we went down for a cup of tea before her taxi came.
    I came back and after all that activity I laid down and promptly dozed off to sleep and woke up at 8 o'clock!
    I had some more compliments about my losing weight which was great!

    Food has been good again today ..
    Cals 1400 Carbs 187 Protein 39 Sodium 1367
  4. So pleased to have found somewhere that I can get insurance with a pick up service included for my scooter .. that will be such a relief to know that if I break down I won't be left stranded.
    Went to the activities room this afternoon for some more prep for the fete but nothing much else to do but it was nice to have the company so I came back and sorted out some things I don't want to donate them plus the shawl I have made which will be put up for offers with the minimum price of £5.

    I have had a couple of compliments as apparently it has been noticed that I am losing weight! .. always a great feeling isn't it?
    Food has been quite good today so my count is good as well!
    Cals 1370 Carbs 196 Protein 31 Sodium 806
  5. We had a pamper session this morning so I went to have my nails done which is just a bit of nail varnish put on them. Then this afternoon we all got together to prepare for the upcoming fete next week .. first of all folding the tombola tickets and then putting prices on the items which had been donated .. and some lovely things there were too.
    This evening I was hoping to have a game of cards but when I went down to the lounge and saw who was there I decided not to stay as most of them can't play properly anyway.
    I was very pleased to find that I can now get into a size 20 trousers from the 26 that I had been wearing .. [​IMG]

    Food today hasn't been very good although I haven't had my evening meal yet which was going to be a Brussels pate sandwich but most probably will be a cheese spread with a couple of crispbreads and that will bring my count to Cals 1228 Carbs 196 Protein 33 Sodium 974
  6. My counsellor came today and I was able to have a good chat about the things that were troubling me and it always helps me which is great. I find that she has such an insight which is of course all due to the training she has had and I am so relieved by it.
    I went to the cafe for a cuppa as usual and met a new woman who has just recently moved in here and after half an hour or so I found that she was repeating what we had already discussed so it was then that I realized I was flogging a dead horse .. as they say [​IMG]

    Had a better day food wise ... Cals 1244 Carbs 171 Protein 44 Sodium 1168 Fibre 7
  7. I had a lovely day out with my niece and her daughter who took me to a garden centre where we had a look round as they have a beautiful collection of garden ornaments and other things. Then we visited my sister who I haven't seen for quite some time and finished off by having a meal at a very nice restaurant. They both have really hearty appetites and they had the carvery menu and I just had a starters as I don't eat much these days but we all finished off with a dessert of icecream etc.
    Needless to say I was absolutely exhausted when I got home so after they had done a couple of things to my computer for me I was soon in bed and asleep.
    My niece is an absolute sweetheart as she is the first to help me when I really need it and even though she has been very busy she will come and see me if I ask her.. I am really blessed to have her in my life.
  8. The day was a bit of a disaster .. I had waited all morning for the nurse to come to take some blood and no show .. considering that I had been told twice the previous day! I did go to the lounge in the afternoon for a game of bocce and my neighbour was there too who I haven't seen for a while so we had a bit of a catch up which was nice.
    However, food-wise my resolution to get back to losing more weight failed miserably because of being under a lot of stress lately and I lost track of my food consumption .. :arghh: .. there's always tomorrow! :rolleyes:
  9. Lost track of which day it is :(
    I went to Sainsbury to do some shopping and meet my friend to have a cuppa and a chat which was really nice although I had to get up a bit earlier than usual as the Door to Door service could only pick me up at that time.. however, I did have a good time and plenty of laughs.
    Doctor came to see me this afternoon and I was able to put all my worries to her and get something for my painful varicose veins which are really bad at the moment.

    Not a good day diet-wise :eek:
    Cals 1393 Carbs 165 Protein 37 Sodium 1196 Fibre 12
  10. Yesterday was a bit hectic and so was my diet!
    Unfortunately one of my grandson's had been found dead and I posted some comments about this on a forum where it wouldn't have been read by any of my family but a woman who was an online friend to one of my daughters mentioned this to her causing her to worry .. my daughter phoned me and - to cut a long story short - it all ended up with me accused of being in the wrong and we had quite an argument.. all very stressful which led to me not following a proper eating plan.

    Today I will be keeping an eagle eye on what I am doing and I will update this evening.

    A reasonably good day despite being in a bad depression ..
    The falling out with my daughter has now hopefully been resolved

    Cals 1259 Carbs 183 Protein 44 Sodium 362 Fibre 12
  11. So far I have been very good and kept to the right amount of calories etc. . now I have just some supper to eat and perhaps a drink .. count and details
    Breakfast - 2 Shredded Wheat - SS Milk 120ml - 1 dessertspoonful honey
    Dinner - 1 Mini pork pie
    Snack - Egg Custard tart
    Dinner - 5 Fish Fingers (oven baked) - 30g Tomato Ketchup
    Supper - SS Milk 125ml - Hot Chocolate [Powder]

    Cals 1207 Carbs 160 Protein 44 Sodium 1392 Fibre 11
  12. After many years of being diabetic and not being particularly bothered about it I am now going to investigate the situation and hopefully set up a proper diet etc. The reason for this being that I have seen how this can affect people who haven't and the outcome.
    First of all what is the best things to eat and how much?

    My daily allowance =
    Calories 1,200 Carbs 150 SatFat 13 Protein 60 Sodium 2,300 Fibre 21

    I have to take into consideration the fact that I have just had a serious illness of heart failure when I was at deaths door for at least 48 hours in October 2017 and I am taking 7 different tablets which have caused a lot of allergic reactions.
    I have also just lost one of my grandson's which is causing me a great deal of distress at the moment.
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