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  1. I have been trying to get back on track and lower my BG levels. I have gone back to eating low carb and higher fat (less than 50g of carbs a day) but am finding that anything I eat...even zero carb is sending my levels up way too high. For example....2 eggs scrambled cooked in butter used to have all but zero effect on my BG levels.....now it sends it up by 2 whole numbers :( A slice of toast using bread that is 5g of carb (Sainsburys Hi-Lo) and spread with butter used to send my bg up by .3 and it would come down quickly.....now that same toast sends it up from say 6.2 to 8.8 and it takes 4 to 6 hours for it to come down. My wake up levels are also suddenly higher....and that seems to put me on the back foot for the whole day. What the heck am I supposed to eat if even protein only is having bad effects now? I am wondering if the blood pressure meds I am on are having an effect as raised bg is a side effect. Am getting very depressed about it all and sick of trying right now....nothing seems to work. The nurse already told me to get my levels down and no matter how I try I fail and it is getting worse. No clue what to do about it...I am cutting down on everything to the point where I am almost scared to eat anything....losing weight and not sure how I can fix this :(
  2. After 20 months of nursing my husband through cancer...all the ups and downs....hopes and prayers...he lost his fight in January. This was heartbreaking and threw me headlong into having to find out how to do everything on my own. He had done everything for 40 years...paid the bills, fixed things, drove me everywhere. I had to hit the ground running and sort out the funeral, paying bills, changing names on accounts etc and learn how to run the home. My eating had gone downhill while caring for him and it is only now that I feel I can try and get back on track again. I am so much more active now as I have to walk everywhere and have gone back to riding my bike for some journeys. I have early onset COPD so it pushes my breathing to the limit but most importantly, I have not given up trying. I take each day as it comes and deal with whatever comes my way. I decided the only way to deal with the grief and feelings of despair was to draw up a plan of action to put my mind to. I noted things I couldn't do....like sanding down window frames and staining and varnishing them and decided to deal with that by getting the windows replaced....one less worry for me to have on my mind. I have worked hard in the garden ...shaped the lawns and changed the design of it to make it easier to handle. I have painted 5 rooms and got rid of a mountain of clutter and junk. I have done my best to survive what has been an horrific time and come out the other side somewhat battered but still here fighting. I will now tackle my diet and try to get back where I should be with it. I will get my annual bloods results July 5th and I don't hold out much hope that the results will be good but that can be put right now hopefully. I have other issues ...my blood pressure is high....the GP and nurses are of no help as they either pat me on the head and say everything is fine or they blame everything on the fact I have lost my husband which is not the reason for any of it but I can see me having a battle on my hands to make them see that my blood pressure has been high for a lot longer than he was ill and needs fixing. The problem is now, that every consultation is met with the sympathetic faces and how are you dear....they don't listen about the issue I have gone with....they just spin me the sympathy thing to pacify me and ignore my health issues. Onwards and upwards now....wish me luck
  3. Just found out today that my husband has only months to live. The damned cancer came back and is untreatable this time. My eating has gone out of the window....it seems so unimportant somehow right now. I have to find my resolve again to get back on track or I won't be any use to him at all. Just needed to vent...to see it in print.....to make me accept his situation and to make me wake up and pull myself together :(
  4. Okay so the results are in after many months of not eating well. Confused about the HbA1c as she said it is high end of the scale and dangerously close to me being diabetic and not pre diabetic as I am supposed to be now

    HbA1c 41....which I thought was 5.9 and therefore perfectly okay????

    Cholesterol ...Serum cholesterol = 6.2.....down .2 on last time.....HDL = 1.71 non HDL 4.5 which she says is bad result and has to be reviewed in 6 months along with my HbA1c which she says is way too high????

    Told to eat lots of high fibre stuff,....brown bread, rice, pasta, baked potatoes...new potatoes..cereals...scones...biscuits....I think she is trying to kill me!!!

    Thoroughly confused about the HbA1c being a bad result....I thought it converted to 5.9 and is good.....help anyone???
  5. A letter dropped through the door on Saturday asking me to make appointments for my annual review eeek!!! I have a nasty feeling the results won't be good this time as I have gained a stone in weight since last time and been eating ummm....less than properly for a good while whilst my hubby has been so ill. It's a bit late to start panicking about it so I will just have to bite the bullet and take it on the chin then work to correct things later. All I need now is the balls to book the appointments lol.....I will get it done and post results as and when I get them.......NOT very hopeful of good ones :(
  6. After a miserable 10 months that has seen my husband diagnosed with stomach cancer....major surgery for him to have 70% of his stomach and 8 inches of the pipe leading to it removed.....then for him to develop an intestinal blockage which led to more urgent surgery....I have to take stock of myself. I have let my eating slide badly and have gained weight. I need to regroup and start to eat properly again. Weight needs to go and my BG needs to be checked on a regular basis as I have no clue what it is or has been for some considerable time. Time to take care of 'me' for a change now that hubby is hopefully on the mend. It's been a long hard road but the end should be in sight now. Time to bring on the healthy eating :)
  7. Today started like any other ...until I was woken by my husband who had returned from a very early hospital appointment to investigate a tummy problem. We so wrongly assumed it was an ulcer or hernia. The camera revealed it is cancer ...biopsies taken and now waiting for the confirmation and options available. Suddenly my diabetic status seems unimportant. Not quite sure I am strong enough to deal with this ....going to need to find monumental strength from somewhere. Not at all diabetic related but just needed to scream at something :(
  8. I am beginning to wonder if I have a problem with too much protein. My 12 month review has show up many issues and on reflection, I had non of these issues BEFORE I had to change my way of eating, cutting right back on carbs and eating much more protein. I have kidney function problems, high ferritin, high blood pressure and high cholesterol...oh and high potassium. I have done a little research on Google and found that pretty much all of my issues can be linked to either high protein intake or kidney malfunction. My thinking is that protein in excess causes kidney issues, which in turn causes high potassium levels....high iron/protein can cause high BP and so on and so on...it could all be caused by too much protein intake. This leaves me unsure of what to do now...other than a huge review of what I am eating. :(
  9. Had bloods taken today for my 12 month review. Not entirely optimistic about the forth coming results in 2 weeks time as I haven't been as fastidious as I should have been with my eating recently. I think I hit the wall of boredom and that ''Oh to hell with it ...I can't be bothered'' attitude. Hasn't been helped by the fact I have been so very ill with flu that has returned 4 times in as many weeks and has knocked me flat on my back. After 5 weeks of never ending suffering I went to the doctor...only to be told that despite the fact I could hardly breathe and was coughing up gruesome green gunk, I did NOT need antibiotics!!! I complained bitterly at this point and finally got some and their effects are now evident as I am much better. Checks at the docs showed my blood pressure to be 177 over 78 which is ridiculously high and could explain the headaches I have had for months. He put me on medication immediately ( no retesting which I thought was the norm before putting someone on meds for life ). After a few days on the tablets my legs swelled up like the elephant man and turned bright red from mid shin to toes! Returned to the doctor and was taken off the medication and have to be rechecked in 2 weeks when my bloods will be back. Should also get my HbA1c and cholesterol so am preparing for the 'statins' argument ;) Having high BP won't help my case I know but I can try. I have incidentally purchased a BP monitor and checked it at home and it appears to be much lower than when it is taken at the doctors so hopefully it is correcting itself now. Everything crossed for the results....Ferritin one will be interesting....up or down...that is the question...and nothing will be done either way lol. I think the most laughable thing that came to light was the fact that I told reception when booking the review for the bloods that the doctor had said the BP check MUST be done within a week as it is so high and no medication. Receptionist smiled sweetly and booked me in for 2 WEEKS later...despite my howls of protest and insistence.....well done nhs.....epic fail once again smh. Everything crossed for some good results but I won't be holding my breath :(
  10. Blood tests repeated for Cholesterol because they had gone up a measly point 1 which was due to the fact no one told me I was having a cholesterol check done and therefore I hadn't fasted. I pointed this out to the nurse when I was called in for a review because of the miniscule rise and she smugly said...''Okay ...so we will retest FASTING cholesterol in 2 months. Rang today for the results and was told ''you have to come see nurse for a review''.....my heart sank and I asked ''Is it for cholesterol?''.....no she says....it's for Ferritin review :D.........She was unable to give me my numbers as she wasn't trained to but at this moment in time I am quietly smug knowing that my cholesterol must have come down :D :D :D. I wonder what the nurse would say if I told her that I eat pork scratchings....butter...bacon....full fat crème fraiche.....etc etc. It will be interesting to see what my numbers are this time and I will post them as soon as I get them. Looks like her quest to stick me on statins just hit the wall :p:p:p
  11. Scan results at last.....Liver okay...pancreas, spleen and bladder all fine. Cysts on both kidneys which are to be investigated along with a lot of other blood tests that were not done previously but should have been. It was refreshing to deal with a new doctor who listened for a change. He assured me that how I have changed my eating etc is the right thing and that I should continue doing so and ignore the previous advice to ''go back to eating white bread, chips and chocolate'' etc as the nurse had told me. I also got the chance to tell him how badly I had been treated and the lack of advice I had been given. He has ordered a lot of blood tests to be done in a month to rule out any kind of kidney disease and to check liver function, iron saturation and thyroid function as well as a full blood count.....all of which should have been done at my initial checks. He was appalled by the advice I had been given up to yet and hopefully he will find the reasons for the high ferritin levels. It was refreshing to have someone actually listen to me and be so thorough. My actual diabetic status is still confusing as he said 6.5 is borderline or pre diabetic to some and full blown diabetes to others. Either way I have been told to continue with low carb and higher protein diet as I have done brilliantly to get my HbA1c down to 5.7 in 3 months. He also said my HbA1c should be checked every 6 months which is a change from ''there's no need to check it again'' as my other gp said. The new doctor also agreed whole heartedly with me testing my blood unlike the nurse who said I should never test for any reason. So now it is wait for the new tests and see where that leads. EDIT..........Just had the practice manager ring me to ask what I was unhappy about re my initial diagnosis/ treatment etc. She assures me that she will now have a meeting to make sure that more information is made available to patients and their condition explained better to the patient instead of leaving them not even sure of what condition they have let alone how to deal with it so maybe my complaining about the poor way I was dealt with will benefit others
  12. I had increased ferritin levels on 2 tests and was referred for a liver scan ....making too many red cells and storing too much iron. Scan results came back after just 2 days...last Wednesday....and was told doctor hadn't looked at them yet. Rang on Thursday to be told doctor hadn't seen them yet....and to try again on Friday.....rang Friday and was told to try Monday as doctor still hadn't looked at them !! Rang today to be told doctor hadn't looked at them and to try again maybe Wednesday???!!!!! I went ballistic and asked the receptionist if she was serious?? She asked why and I explained I had been fobbed off for a full week since my results came back and that it was now reaching the point of being totally ridiculous!!! She gulped and said er....hang on a minute and came back flustered to inform me that the results had been seen at last and that doctor wants to see me. So now I have an appointment for Wednesday morning and may finally find out what the scan has shown up about my liver. Beginning to despair with my GP and the entire practice :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  13. Well from day one I have been treated like I don't exist by my Surgery. Firstly told I am diabetic as my routine blood tests showed up an HbA1c of 6.5. The doctor told me I was in fact ''borderline'' (in his opinion.... despite 2 diabetic care nurses saying I AM diabetic) and even though 6.5 IS a diabetic level and he then told me to ''go home and eat broccoli and drink wine....that was all the help and advice I was given!!! Instead, I went home and found this forum (thank goodness) and changed my diet completely which resulted in a new HbA1c of 5.7 3 months later. I thought I would be congratulated at my surgery but noooo......the nurse instead told me I am NOT diabetic as my HbA1c was 5.7.....no recognition that my changed diet had actually brought it down to that which would make me a type 2 in control of the situation I would have thought. The repeat blood test also showed up an increase in my ferritin levels that were already high from the first test. They went from 167 to 235 in 3 months. I was sent for a scan (after a month of waiting for appointment) and the results came back to my surgery very quickly. I rang and was told yes they are back....but doctor hasn't looked at them yet...call tomorrow. I rang again this morning to be told that doctor STILL hasn't looked at them!! I said er that's not very good is it?....could you tell me just when he is actually going to bother to look at them?????.....only to be told...maybe Monday afternoon!!!!! They have no comprehension of how stressful it is waiting for results of tests or scans. I think I may have to seriously consider changing my gp as my surgery is seriously bad for my health. I have too much iron in my blood,....making too many red cells.....but hey,.....that's okay....lets just leave it to run riot for another few days while doctor ignores the facts about my health grrrrrrrrrrrr :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  14. Well tomorrow I get tested again after 3 months of being whatever type diabetic I am....be that 'pre diabetic' or type 2. Confusion reigns on that one as my previous HbA1c was 6.5 or 48....which I have found pretty much every where I have looked to be type 2 diabetic. My gp, however says 'borderline' and told me to go home, eat sprouts and have a glass of wine...(brilliant advice....NOT!!! ) I have treated it as type 2 since tested and hope when I get the results back on this test that I will have lowered my HbA1c which will give me some peace of mind that I am looking after which ever type I am correctly. So it is now a case of watch this space and wait.......:confused:

    AUGUST 4TH ......5.0.........happy with that :)
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