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  1. Finally began my BLOG... But what to put in it ,?

    Others seem to do their factual journey better, others set out the scientific information really well.

    And while it's a collective piece, as we all suffer the danger of similar condition.

    We are all individuals, and see the journey through our own eyes, slightly differently to the person on our left, so to speak.

    So to that end, I decided I'd try to entertain with MY Journey, but not in a pure thread, but as a series of posts I made in a number of threads.

    Fur some of those posts it's been confusion,
    Certainly at first as I gathered information,
    Then it fizzled into acceptance..
    Which then free slowly to anger and then rage, at how Dismally we are treated, dismissed with little info, left to our own devices to find out as much as we can do, so we can manage what is a massive shake up once we get down and begin that read of just WHAT this disease CAN do to us, if we take don't heed.

    But while that incandescent rage, still bubbles under the surface, I've found humour gets me through many a dark day,
    So it began to dominate in many of my posts.

    It's been an honour to have joined one particular thread, where I like to think it's not just stale dry numbers we have our about our morning fasting BG's levels,
    It's a little bit of each of us, that certain' 'Thing' that makes us....err, US.

    And a real delight to see the 'Other side" of so many of my Comrades in Arms in this War on T2D.

    While I enjoy the part of 'Themselves' they bring to add & share with the rest of us, they have rather magnanimously,
    put up with my frivolity and wacky humour, rather graciously, imo.

    So here is My Journey

    2010.. Looking back was the time it all started going wrong, I think.

    I'd had a health scare, got tested all ok-ish..the rest is from my time on here.

    So a few post from those early cries for help
    a few moments where i thought i 'had' it..but didn't
    a few where i wanted to give back to other, as graciously & willingly as others had done for me

    BUT a whole load, where i just wanted to take the stale dry, statement "My number is...x" into a more entertaining area.
    T2D and T1D is boring and in some ways depressing enough as it is..why would i WANT to add to others misery if i didn't need to..?

    Any post below in a sort of relevant time order.
    ( i din't post with the intent of many looking at it, so please, don't judge me...:bag:
    I ain't well...as my doctors told me at DX...;):hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:)

    Hi all..Nov 11, 2018

    First timer on here.
    (nice idea for a post, btw.)

    diagnosed early october T2D
    getting over the shock if i'm honest, made the advised changes, and now on metformin, 2 x 500, soon to be 4x500.

    part of me wants to be in charge and more aware of whats IS going on with the Diabetes,
    so despite the advise i started testing (codefree) each morning on waking..(not sure if that's best practice but i like to know)

    Seems to be a more common level for me, once i was diagnosed, so todays was again 6.2mmol...

    not sure if that's good, still hunting info, and there is a whole load of information i am currently trying to absorb....
    such as....i never had to think so hard about what i can eat, that's for certain...:woot:..lol

    cheers all.
    thanks for having me

    Response to another newbie nov 2019

    Hi kiwi..welcome from a fellow newbie.

    Have my DESMOND tomorrow...hope it goes a little bit better then yours did.

    as others say, the stress doesn't help, but life can be full of it, i also found just being diagnosed made me start getting more anxious, and i'm not one to really worry or stress over things.
    Now i've gone beyond the obvious issues and dug in to the web and the forum in particular, for further information and explanation of what diabetes actually involves, a good few concerns have been addressed and for me that's started to ease my mind slightly..

    Hoping similar happens for you.

    Query about my Diabetes eye check..( all went well )

    sorry to quote flora, (can't see how to just LIKE a post..:( )
    Thanks for the heads up..i'll skip taking an escort then, and simply walk there and back.:headphone:

    Post desmonds i had a query..suffered what i now know was false hypos

    .I only ask as i had my desmonds meet today.

    I mentioned the fact that what i now refer to as the shakes..happened a few times over the last few years, before i was diagnosed...

    An event i normally put down to low sugar, ( stupidly NOT linking it to diabetes) where the best solution was to partake of a little snack, chocolate usually...and a few minutes after began to feel much more like my usual self.

    I mentioned i had also suffered the same symptoms, since being diagnosed, fully believing it to be a part and parcel of the illness.

    No one else suffered it in the room, and the tutors went so far as to say i should not be affected in such a way, as that only occurs with type 1.

    Needless to say the advice was to return to doctors for further investigation.
    and now it has me a little worried, if i'm honest.

    Much as no one wants diabetes, i was beginning to accept the beast, but now that it might be something else on top of that...:eek:.

    To clarify, i have had it on 2 occasions, since august diagnosis,
    it grows slowly, it begins with a clammy sweat, i begin to feel awful, it's beyond tiredness/fatigue i believe, and i begin to feel pretty shaky, almost to the point of having to sit down somewhere.
    as before a little something sweet see's me right, though both times it's happened i have been more then happy to get myself back home after asap.

    my hba1c came back as 56..then increased to 57, when sent for testing early august & late october.
    daily fasting bg's in morning sit around 6.3 ish, if that helps

    Now i am asking advise, and will obviously let the doctors check and diagnose symptoms correctly, just wanted to get an idea if this was common, possible or definitely caused by something other then Type 2, before making that appointment..?

    So a little bit more savvy i decided to take more charge of what was happening to me.
    Should i test..being i am too feeble to take the strain of the angst and worry :rolleyes:
    or should i man up and suffer the insufferable pain of finger pricking so i would NOW
    what foods i could eat and what foods to give a miss next time...(circa dec 2018)

    similar story here.

    I Decided i may not get a choice in having the beast, but i DO get a choice of being in charge and looking after the Body its invaded, however i think best.

    So went the Code free route.

    and as for authorities knowing best..didn't those same types tell service men, that just turning away from the blasts on christmas island nuclear test blasts., would offer sufficient protection...:wideyed:.

    By now i was finding my feet and now looking to seek out other information i MIGHT need.
    DCUK had posted up a https://www.hughcalc.org/chol-si.php to help others put their Blood lipids test into some sort of perspective
    THIS was my first foray into hte intricate side of my health.
    a topic that becoems MORE clear to me later on.


    Nice post DCUK, most illuminating.....

    my APOLOGIES, dcuk..that is way more then just a nice post..THAT is cracking information.

    Spent a good bit hunting down all my blood stats,..not only does it match up, but it indicates whether level are normal, borderline or heading into unsafe waters.

    Exactly what i was looking for in a previous post.

    Highly recommended site.

    Many thanks for posting up.,

    A topic came up of HOW did YOU find out you were T2D..

    for me it was also a check up.

    back caused chest pains, hence the doctors visit.
    bloods said type 2.

    looking back, like many put it down to other elements.
    work was intensive, stressful and 50/60 hr weeks
    so the tiredness was that, surely..?
    eyesight blurry..mmhh ..looking at computer screen all day and age, ok course
    peeing more often..male and getting older :rolleyes:

    thirst...not so much but since diagnosis..i did get that wretchedly dry mouth

    After all the talk of amputations and toes and feet..
    I bashed my toe quite severely..so panicked

    stupidly bashed my toe off a metal support in bathroom this morning.
    aching me all day, just had a good look at it..

    Toe not broken i don't think, but is badly bruised.
    (middle toe of 5..:))

    And it's more bruised then i thought it would be, if i'm honest

    Just completed desmonds and the warning about toes, etc is now ringing in my ears..

    Is it a case of 'watchful waiting' or should i be concerned..

    anyone else done similar and lived to tell the tale....:happy:.

    ( it healed up fine and was not any bother once the swelling went down... along with my panic..:bag: )
  2. Nov 2018 still, but now I've got a bit more confidence and i start finding out other things about this disease..in particular Metformin and the effects it CAN have in some cases.

    Thank you alex..most illuminating.
    every day on here is a school day, i am learning so much about this condition thanks to all you wonderful members.

    I also dug in to see if i should consider purchasing some b12 supplement, if required, once i get my doctor to add that to my blood tests.

    the points i noticed most was that the damage done by Diabetic neuropathy & b12 deficiency neuropathy, are that both, once symptoms appear, may well be after the event and the chance to better manage the symptoms has passed by.
    At this point it seems the conditions then are harder to manage, and damage may well be irreversible.

    A point i would very much like to avoid.

    i came across a few searches that suggest that B12 in
    Methylcobalamin form, maybe the best way to take it in.

    It sounds like its the type that sits under your tongue, as a few postees have described.

    a little light reading may be of some use..?

  3. a question came and and i've been blessed to have been able to travel
    so for india i gave this advise.

    ah, how lucky ..i hope you enjoy., nevenneves

    been many times ourselves, but only to goa, and love it.
    People lovely, but be prepared for beggars and almost everyone at airports, etc expecting a tip of some sorts
    (but remind yourself a 100 rupees is still only a £1..we like to think of it as paying an upfront fee for Ganesh to look after us during our trip :happy:, and we just go with the flow of life there. )
    as an aside, don't be too shocked at the differences in cleanliness.
    we have an infrastructure to cope with domestic waste and rubbish, the indians don't seem to have that.
    My missus likes to call it.. 'paradise in a binbag'..LoL

    Can only agree with the above comments.
    Vegetarian is delicious...i'm a meat eater, and even i enjoyed most dishes.
    but don't let that put you off trying any meat dishes that come your way.

    chicken is far scrawnier then the water plumped up version we get here, but tandoori'd much tastier
    The cow is sacred, so not a great beef choice, but i think you'll find pork and mutton most places
    breads are marvelous.
    Missus loves the masala omelette, me ..it's ok,
    but we both LOVE the masala dosas....Nom, nom, nom.

    I would add, IF you like spicy ask for it as the Locals have it...But be warned.
    My wife likes it hot and spicy.. gent in front having a rather enjoyable looking meal (curry)
    wife asked for same...Could NOT finish..LoL,,far too hot.

    It's easy to go to the big shiney restaurants, but i must say we have had the most pleasant of surprises AND the most delicious foods when we've been the only non indians in the restaurant, so do seek out a more 'Local'. offering, look for the queues or mostly locals inside...Like everywhere, moneys too tight to waste on poor food, and the locals won't go to a bad restaurant..
    A smile goes a long way, so smile and don't be afraid to point and ask what THAT is, most hosts are more then happy to share their knowledge especially when it's obvious your a tourist..and be sure to compliment if nice.

    as for costs..a swanky smart restaurant figure £10+a head..
    less swanky..think a £5- a head

    Water as advised buy sealed bottles for brushing teeth and drinking.
    we took all precautions and every single time i've been we've both had a mild dose (bar one) of delhi belly.
    Had one particular time, rather unpleasant but more cramps then incapacitating.
    tablets from chemist sorted me in a day or two.

    Most chemists we have used are pretty aware and can give good advice about most things..diabetes also affect indians.

    Masala Dosa.
    sealed bottle water.
    Giving is it's own rewards.
    WetWipes/babywipes a MUST for any toilet visits,
    (better to be prepared then find out once seated..:wideyed:)
    * do your research, toilets can be rather basic, and the wipe is replaced by a 'wash' from a bucket
    and some toilets are merely a hole in the floor...

    Like animals..say hi, but be wary..
    ( we end up with a menagerie of cats, dogs, cows each year)
    BUT dont like animals, ignore or avoid.

    Rabies still a risk.
    Be sure to check for malaria and take meds.

    My favourite motto for india..( and life in general)
    "Take what you need..Give what you can"

    Enjoy, travel safe, and deffo DO share pics (IF that's possible on here..? )
  4. made many friends while on here, some stayed, some left, but the abiding comments were usually, like this one i replied to

    Mine was a 2 x 4 hour session..more then enough, and if i am honest apart from me being a numpty and Carbs illiterate, i didn't really learn any more then i already knew from my scavenging the web.

    Though the meeting like affected others was nice, it put me in a not so lonely place.
    but none, as far as i know, ( and i had most snap the forum address and my log in name,) have joined, sadly..

    I agree 100% with your statement about here.

    As like you, i honestly feel at home, and almost at peace with the situation now,
    thanks to all the marvelous, beautiful people on here prepared to give of their time and experiences to help others,
    be it in a joke and a bit of banter to get you over a the grey start to some days or to throw out a massive virtual hug, when things are a little tougher...Love them all XXX.
  5. BY now my diet is going..OK, BUT i do miss bread, so i'm looking for something for breakfast to replace that CRUNCH of toast i'm sorely missing.
    dec 2018 https://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/th...-on-a-low-carb-diet.53996/page-2#post-1936193

    Thanks for posting, it's the crunch i missed most when i went all salad-y early on

    will be trying at some point.

    Ps, looking that cat pic..beautiful.
  6. Mifit 3 band.
    long post suffice to say i found it excellent.

    update lost it in Vietnam, now have ticwatch S2...still think the Mi-band was better
  7. happy days..an early post of what i ate..and how it worked..winner, me thinks
    well i felt good, done me good, and i didn't die from the 'poisonous' foods THEY said WOULD kill me,
    so that makes it a WIN..right..;)

    My first post in here forgive me if i step on any toes while i get acquainted.

    For my first attempt, may i say thank you to all for the patience and guidance that has got to me here..safely.

    May i present, my breakfast V 2.0..new improved, healthier and tasty in that great T2D way....:D

    ( and yes, that's a cracker..a ryvita., red quinoa & Sesame one, 5.3 of carbs, to be exact...and it's my crutch, cos i still hanker after bread..and breakfast is the time i suffer it most..AGGHH :bigtears: )

    took this other day,

    excuse bloods..(oh, the shame)
    but 11:38 scored a lovely jubbly 5,7
    just now, 13:20 it was a smackingly tasty 6.5..

    AND i'm not looking for that next hit of food, as the greedy guy who lurks inside me, is won't to do....win/win..


    2 x poached eggs
    two parts of bacon
    mushrooms, tomatoes..and the offending ryvita

    thank you all on the Forum, SO very much, for showing me the way....xxx
  8. Still dec 2018, but i shared with someone asking about met and diet

    hi @Seales18..

    i was 56 Hba1c and they let me try diet/exercise only.,...and i was gutted, when i went back after 2nd test.
    i'd give it a real good go, but my numbers went up to 57.

    currently on metformin as well, one at each end of day, soon to be two at each end..at least until i get my next Hba1c test,,
    (prays for good score).

    i got the same advice ..diet, exercise..but little other assistance until my desmond course, but by then i had sought out Dr Google, and luckily arrived here, where i have been very well informed in so many aspects of this condition AND ways to manage and look after myself.

    I listened to the advice, cut back on the carbs, did some more exercise, (but no where near enough )
    and i've lost over 2 Stone since august.

    Great bunch, helpful and supportive.

    Hope you get the same help and pleasure from the forum as i did.
  9. still thinking of ways to rekindle my love affair.....9 dec 2018

    Interesting @hh1....so i looked up that bread on amazon
    (i love to google almost anything on amazon and check out the reviews...usually SO much easier, and a good starting point, IF one is sensible about 'fake' reviews.)


    Criminal charges for delivery, so buy in waitrose as you suggest.

    Does get a good review, and this struck me from the comments

    As a diabetic (9 years), I've seen real health improvements by going low carb and basically relying on this bread. Significant improvement in glycemic control (BGs and HbA1c down) as well as lipids (LDL & triglycerides down, HDL up). It's a high fibre bread so that makes some sense. For more info on the compounds you mention, see here: http://www.food-info.net/uk/e/e472.htm

    £2.50 is steep but its available for £1.50 in high end supermarket and associated online retailer. It can be frozen and keeps well in the fridge too. Is it perfect? Maybe not PERFECT. It is great (for me)? DEFINITELY, I wouldn't be without it.
    By Discerning Shopper on 13 July 2018..."

    Might go get me some now...mmhh.

  10. One poster in particular made me stop and read..

    am in awe of your stamina, determination and achievement.

    i am new here, so don't fully understand SIRD, but do clearly see how difficult managing such a condition must be.

    you have my utmost respect, as i now shamefully silently berate myself for moaning so much about my woes.

    And Re the film..Loved them ALIEN, ALIENS.both 5 STARS...( .then they got a little silly.even prometheus, disappointed)
    BUT the style of your reporting, and sadly the gaps in between, exemplified the atmosphere aboard the Sulako, post Alien break out, when it was just Ripley and the Cat.

    Marvelous post style, and for such a serious subject, brilliantly laid out..

    I wish you all the best in meeting all your goals.
  11. Still dec 2018...By now i'm immersed in finding out as much a spossoble, what helsp what hurts, what more should i look for .

    this last phrase rings a LOUD Bell inside me..

    Hi tim.
    been there, done that...cutting back so soon is soooo hard, but it is a good learning curve if you can deal with the downsides.

    i was lethargic, ached, slept REAL heavy and struggled most days due to brain fog..messy confused thinking and a genral malaise.

    Once diagnosed as confirmed, lucky to head out on to the web and find this place.

    Has been a revelation in how i feel and now eat.
    But even if the fact of diabetes is NOT confirmed, the reduction in carbs and sugar can only have a long term benefit in my eyes.

    best of luck on the journey, bad news if it is confirmed, but the good news is YOU can now do something about it from a position of your OWN information and opinion formed by the many, rather then the opinion foisted upon you by the medical profession, lovely though they are.

    Knowledge IS Power
  12. but NOT anymore..haha...
    forum to the rescue

    Hi andy.

    Similar story to many, get told....get pills...end of ....until next check up time.

    you arrived here for a reason, Andy, most likely to find information and ways to help YOU deal with being Diabetic.
    Sure the diagnosis is not what one wishes...BUT now you know... YOU can do something about.

    But WHAT i hear you ask..

    Well hopefully, with just a little of your time, you'll learn of the things to be aware of with diabetes, how the meds can work and just what are BETTER food choices for us Diabetics.

    That i believe, will go a long to way to helping yourself, achieve a better level of health, then i think you otherwise would.

    After all, knowledge is king.

    I arrived here back in october, ignorant of the impact diabetes can have IF left alone.

    The Good people here pointed to me to
    * sites to read,
    * videos to watch,
    * food choices that MIGHT be better for ME.

    So far my experience has been extremely positive.
    My blood levels, weight loss & general upswing in my entire mood has come from listening to the advice given here,.....( from those who HAVE practised what they preach,)
    forming my own opinion, and putting into action some of those very practices given by the membership.

    i started with the reason you came here..i just wanted Information.

    And if your like me, it's that information that will make you visit again.
    but it's the warmth and friendship, that will make a visit a normal part of your day.

    With the best will in the world, family members and friends, unless they also suffer, won't 'Get' this.
    And i found that world pretty lonely.

    But now i'm not alone, i have somewhere to turn for advice and support, from people who do 'Get' how it feels.

    Welcome to the Forum.
  13. a change of pace re the reports..

    |"....Coming live from the JJ stadium

    Match report.

    Game has just finished
    Final score FBG 5.9,

    Another good result for the team
    Drifting down for the 6.2's of recent days/weeks and far from the early seasons woeful 6.8's+

    I think it was the transferring in of new Manager/Coach, ex Dutch National Manager, De-Couk, that seems to have helped the team turn a corner

    New training pattern seems to have breathed new life into a somewhat lacklustre team of late.
    with hearts at the centre, Lungs at the back all doing ok work in defense, but being let down by some inept displays from others..
    Kidneys clearly just going through the motions on the wings, and then underperforming midfield team captain, De Liver,
    alongside Pancreas, ( who lets be fair, has had a shocker of a season so far )

    All the team are now performing much better under the new Coaches guidance.
    training has been stepped up, 2 1/2 mile run yesterday tied in to the dieticians improved menu, seems to have done the trick.
    and the team are not just faster to the ball, they are lighter as well, average weight is now 201 lbs

    Competition amongst the team has increased, and all are now working it seems with a greater understanding of the managers Game Plan.
    Lungs and legs are now competing to be number ONE, with great support for the team.
    De Liver now laying off those pinpoint passes we got so used to seeing,
    in fact the whole team are just simply singing off the same hymn sheet now.

    From early season relegation candidates,, this team now look to be in with a shout of some silverware this season.

    Back to the studio..."
  14. Dec 7th 2018,
    My diet is working well,,and i'm doing some exercise
    but now i try the couch to 5k thiing

    so music to help me run, sounds good, so i shared..

    Hi all.

    Since coming on here my mood has lightened tremendously, thanks to the good advice and camaraderie shown by so many.

    But we all have bad days and one of the things that helps me over those humps in life has been music.

    Now way am i connoisseur, but i do like music, of many different sorts.

    Just curious what other peoples choices are right now.and what were some of the songs in the soundtrack to their lives
    at individual times as well...

    as in what song takes you back to a certain point OR what songs run through your head to sustain through some more difficult moments.

    I'm old enough to remember david dundas and 'My blue jeans' which ran around my head when i was late teens, first motorbike, first real relationship..then onto thin lizzie, the boys are back in town..oh, happy days.

    Breaking up of a few relationships left it's musical marks with tracks of my tears smokey robinson, 'Nothing compares to you' sinead o'connor

    Later was a lot of the motown classics, then on to pink floyd, supertramp, vangelis..i'm sure we all have loads of our own

    Well, since being diagnosed i've taken up running..(poor effort, but one can only try), and the music + bluetooth earphones has been ideal.

    Well what brings me to this post, was this morning the misses has been a bit, 'Nippy' with me or so i thought,,maybe i was just feeling sensitive..but i know she has her own crosses to bear and is struggling with menopausal symptoms.

    I want to be cool, so bit my tongue, bless her, i know how much the hot sweats etc bother her.
    and instead, a song i run to hit a nice little resonance in my mind, and i thought yeah..that's me at the moment.,
    Not sure if i can link to youtube, but the song is imagine dragons "Whatever it takes"

    Link here if acceptable ?
    NB: No inappropriate images or wording, but as always viewer caution is advised.

    I'd love to hear other peoples choices.
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