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  1. I went to the Opticians this morning. Eyes tested and I need glasses for Driving and Reading and he was also a bit concerned about the pressure being low so he's writing to my GP and get them to refer me to the hospital for tests. Hopefully nothing too serious and best on the safe side. Go back next week some time and pick the glasses up. Happy days and the joys of getting an old codger and being a diabetic but hopefully I'll remain diet controlled. Don't fancy the idea of tablets or insulin but if I ever do need either or both I'll have to like it or lump it lol. I'm still wearing well at 57. Life in the old dog yet eh. :D
  2. Well here we are in to the 5th Month of 2017. The year Started out pretty ok then alas a few weeks ago Dad took a turn for the worst and I was all set to move back there to help bro look after dad but alas dad decided enough was enough and departed this world to join mother up in heaven would you believe the exact date (20th April) that mother passed away 10 years previous. Uncanny or what. So anyway to cut a long story short I have moved back to join bro in dads old house. Yesterday I went to register with a new GP practice. The nurse weighed me and discovered I'd dropped 10kg to 84kg since last year. I'm impressed with that. Hopefully now go forth and lose some more weight as time passes. I certainly feel healthier for it. Onwards and upwards. :)
  3. My Bells Palsy for the 2nd time seems to have settled down again. I went to see the Neurologist 2 weeks ago and she was very thorough with examining me leaving no stone unturned. She sent me for some blood tests and i also had to do a urine sample and drop it in at the GP surgery and she booked me for an MRI i got the letter through on Monday and made an appointment for Monday 11th July. Hopefully the MRI will show something up. My eyes sort of mist up at odd times in the day so hopefully that will be revealed in the MRI as well. I found out that my mother also suffered recurring Bells Palsy too so its hereditary.Hoping to get to the bottom of it all once and for all. Ive been to see my GP this morning and the blood tests and Urine sample showed no abnormalities however she has given me another 4 weeks of Sleeping Tablets/Antideps. Plus another month of Ramipril as i have high blood pressure. I'm on the sick too for 8 weeks have had 2 weeks so far 6 more to go. Keeps the DWP off my back am waiting to hear back wether i have qualified for ESA. I already qualified for Bereavement benefit should get paid soon as my Carers Allowance finished on Monday 20th June.
  4. Well during the tidy up and re arrangement of the bedroom i came across the bathroom scales. So set them to zero etc and climbed on.It was pointing below 90KG which is pretty good. A few weeks ago i jumped on the 20p scales in the Market Hall and the needle shot round to 15 Stones or 95KG i had my clothes on and knocked about 3 or 4KG off for that so most likely true figure of 93 or 94. Now i'm on my own i have no excuse i can get out and get some exercise more often. Today i am going to the council with some invoices and bank statements referring to the Direct Payment account. Afterwards i shall come home and collect a bag of old meds and drop them at the chemist and wander round to the Kirkwood Hospice as i have some Raffle tickets and money to take to them. I'll then see how the time is going and pop along to the retail park that opened a few years ago. I've not been in it yet. It has a MacDonalds and Aldi supermarket and Pets at Home and Home Bargains. and a M&S food hall. Prob take a wander round Home Bargains and treat myself to a Banana milkshake from MacD's Then some time i have some tinned food and some packet food which is well in date. Its all stuff that Trish liked but i don't so i looked up the website for the Welcome centre they take tinned food etc and food bank it to needy people. They have collection agents one of which is the Yorkshire building society near my Doctors surgery so ill have to give them a ring some time and go down with it all. I could do that Saturday morning and kill 2 birds with one stone as i plan to go to town and get a few bits and bats. I need to get back to shopping in the market hall again. Memories of Trish are there as we went to the cafe regularly but i know i have to get over this hurdle and make it part of my life once again.I'd like to continue to support the local traders again. I am coping remarkably well.
  5. Well ive just spoken to the ward sister and she has had a word with the doctor and apparently he has a word with Trish last Monday and asked her that if her heart should give way would she want CPR and she said no thank you. So on Sunday when they were changing her dressings she just lay down and went to sleep and that was it gone. I feel better now knowing that she wanted to go and that she went peacefully and didnt suffer. Thats worth a lot. I guess she had decided enough was enough and she didnt tell me and probably instructed the doctor not to tell me so as not to upset me. So she has got her wish godbless her i would not have argued with her decision.
  6. Just a quick blog entry to say that sadly my wife passed away at lunch time today :( She has been in hospital for the past week and a half after an op on her foot to remove her big toe. She seemed to be doing well but then last weekend she started vomiting black liquid and they did several tests scans x rays etc and last night she started vomiting blood and after while it stopped but alas today she took a turn for the worse and passed on before i had got to the hospital. So thats the end of my role as a carer and husband. Im devastated and totally gob smacked i dunno where to put myself at the moment i can tell you
  7. Nah i cant go through with it and why should i. Im referring to the dental app i have on Thursday to have impressions taken of my mouth for dentures. I know for a fact that id be gagging as soon as she tried to insert the tools that take the impressions. Not only that id be faced with having to remove dentures at night to clean em and soak em as dad does with his. Then comes the putting them back in the following morning id gag like crazy. Is it worth putting myself through all that ? The answer is no what do i need teeth for ? ive spent the last 2 months or so eating soft options but what the helll im eating and i still have fish and chips on a sunday and i still get a breakky on a Saturday morning albeit 2 hash browns beans egg and mushrooms maybe i can try some sausage this time cut it up small. I still eat Greggs bakes mushroom bakes being my favourite i have to cut em up with a knife and fork but what the hell its effective. The plus side to not having any teeth is im not pigging out on chocolate which i was up until losing some teeth. Being diabetic thats no bad thing. I still eat Jelly babies albeit broken up but im doing ok and ive chosen the healthy stuff like Yoghurts and Mousse. I think all in all im doing pretty well and theres no more waking with cronic tooth ache and ringing the dentist for an emergency appointment. All thats gone plus hey no more buying tooth paste etc so more savings lol. Minds made up ring the dentist later this morning and cancel the appointment let someone else have it that needs it. I know where to find them should i have a change of mind later down the line or if i get mouth problems but hopefully none of that will happen and i can get on with tackling the Bells Palsy and my diabetes. Am i doing the right thing by duffing out ? Be interesting to hear other peoples views though it wont sway me in any way shape or form.
  8. I went to the Max Facs again yesterday and they removed the bottom teeth. They had to use a bit of brute force to get them out which resulted in cutting the gums and they used stitches. Once the Anaesthetic had worn off i was in a great deal of pain. Had some painkillers a bit before bed. Pain disturbed me in the night i was up and down like a yoyo not knowing what to do with myself. Was glad when it came time to take some more paracetamols. I was supposed to be going to see the Neurologist today but have decided to postpone it to another day. Got another appointment for Friday 13th May should have got all dental work sorted by then and be in possession of a nice new shiny set of False teeth. Looking forward to that cos then ill be able to eat what i want well almost cos im attending the Desmond course on 3rd and 10th March and learn how to manage diabetes a bit better cos i sure dont wanna go on tablets or insulin. So far im doing ok touch wood but it wont do any harm to cut back on something else. Ok well watch this space. :)
  9. Well ive been to the Maxillo Facial today and they have removed the top teeth or rather the broken roots. Once the Aneasthetic had kicked in he had it all sorted in quick time. He will take the bottom ones out on 29th January 2016. Then i have to go to the dentist on 11th February so they can take impressions and then ill have to go back and have false ones fitted. The Anaesthetic has worn off and my mouth is a bit on the sore side. Am on soft food now till i get dentures. Have got plenty soup ice cream jelly etc it will be strange when i go to town on Saturday morning and cant have full Breaky like i usually do for a while. Beans on toast or egg on toast is one soft option cut the crusts off the toast.
  10. At last i have some new dates for the Desmond courses in 2016. 1st one is 3rd March and 2nd is 10th March. Hopefully i should be well and truly over the other med procedures that i have planned in early 2016. I need to tackle the diabetes although my attempts on my own havent been too bad as my Hba1C has been pretty good readings. The last one was done July/Aug 2015 and i think the result was 6.5 or there abouts. I forgot to update my records.

    Bells Palsy still rumbles on im still on steroids for that. I see the GP again next Friday. You could say ive had one heck of a busy old year this year. These things are sent to try us you know. :D We all learn to deal with them as they occur and life rumbles quietly by (not quite as wed expect it to do sometimes) :D

    Oh well Christmas is but just a mere 3 weeks away now. Bring it on im just about ready to rumble. :D:D
  11. Been to see GP and he has confirmed i have Bells Palsy. He has given me some steroids and eye drops and eye gel. Also a self referral form for the Neurology. So ive made the appointment earliest they got is 29th January 2016. So its all systems go again. Also dropped a Urine sample off for checking if they find Protein in it they will ring me. If i dont hear anything then ill know that thankfully the protein was a one off heres hoping. Gotta go back and see GP in 2 weeks time.
  12. Looks like the Bells Palsy has returned this time to the right side of my face. Im hoping to go see the doctor tomorrow ill be on the blower first thing in the morning to try and get an appointment. I reckon they will give me Steroids like last time and eye drops and eye cream. Dont think i need go seeing the eye clinic with it like last time they will only do what the doctor can do eye drops and gel. Seems in having a rough trot lately :rolleyes::( Maybe ill need to wear :cool: outdoors :D
  13. Have been to see the GP today, she told me she thought it was Scabies and gave me some Permethrin cream to apply all over my body from top to bottom scalp face the job lot. Plus some Eurax lotion. I have to apply the cream tonight and shower off in the morning and if it hasnt settled down in a week then repeat the process next week. So i shall apply the cream tonight before i go to bed and shower it off 12 hours later. Also she mentioned that my own GP was concerned as there was Protein in my Urine sample from last week so she wants me to take a sample in for analysis and if it still has protein in it then it would indicate a problem with my kidneys and id have to go see a specialist. Oh blimey as if i havent got enough problems to contend with. I guess its all part of getting old :D:D Oh well it could be worse.
  14. Thats got sorted for my Septal op they offered Friday 13th November but thats too sure notice to get respite cover for Trish. So i said that Trish has got her respite already booked for 8th to 12th Feb 2016 so they are going to make a note of that and ring me nearer the time as their calendar doesnt run that far ahead. At least that way theres time to organize things. Hopefully by then the dental work in January will have been sorted. So 2016 has new beginnings for me already planned.
  15. Yesterday i went to the Maxillo Facial department and they offered me an appointment for 21st December. I turned that one down cos nobody wants to have a sore mouth over Christmas do they so they have made it for 5th January 2016. Now thats better cos everything is back to normal by then. It now means that tomorrow i can ring the ENT department and tell them im well clear of antibiotics and to put me back on the list for my Nasal operation. Im guessing that wont take place this side of 2016. So hopefully by the time it does come around ill have had my teeth sorted and have dentures in place. I know now that i have to go ahead with the teeth extraction cos id be constantly plagued with dental pain if not. My gums are infected and the only way to cure that is removal of all the remaining teeth broken ones as well.
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