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  1. Weight: 271lbs

    BG on waking: 5.4, through the day: 6.0, 5.0, 4.8

    BP: am: (not taken) pm:

    Today I'm well into my second 24 hour fast, and I think I will be able to make it this time. It will probably be about 27 hours before I eat today as I'm taking my very dear elderly mum shopping after work. I'll use that opportunity to get some olive oil and coconut oil and coconut milk in.

    Low carbing is going better than I expected, and I think this is due to the fact that I am also high-fatting. There is no sense of deprivation and any fear of hunger is disappearing as I get more into it. Well, so far anyway. I am a serial failure at diet and lifestyle changes, so I'm pinning my latest hopes on Jason Fung! I think my failures before were due to the fact that when I thought of a low carb diet, I also thought it had to be low-fat, thanks to conventional "wisdom". That left me feeling deprived in a major way and was never going to succeed.

    My carb failing at the moment is crumpets for "breakfast" (by which I mean the first time I eat, now usually around 2pm) on Saturdays and Sundays. I was always (it feels strange saying "was" but I hope it's in the past) a very big eater, so four or six crumpets, with cheese and grilled tomatoes or eggs and bacon (four or five eggs!) was nothing unusual for a weekend meal. It would be the only daytime meal, but then I'd usually overeat at night as well. So far with lchf, though, I've been very surprised at how little I need to eat in comparison. So I have cut that down to two crumpets now, and less eggs, and I might try making my high fibre spelt and rye bread again for a slightly less impactful carb portion instead. I seem to be fine not eating carbs at all at work but haven't cracked home yet. Easy does it.

    Today's fast hasn't been quite as easy as the first one though - I am thinking about food more this time, as evidenced by the above! I've been having water, black coffee and green tea. Feeling a little hungry mid-afternoon. Not sure if I can add to this blog later to update on the evening, if not I'll post another one.

    Evening meal ("breakfast"): 4 small chicken thighs, 3 crumpets with butter (I was jonesing for those all day after thinking about them!) 2 tablespoons organic no sugar peanut butter, glass red wine, dark cherries and live unsweetened yoghurt, coffee with cream. Just the crumpets I'm regretting a little, and that I didn't have vegetables with the chicken thighs - perhaps that's why I had room for the crumpets. This week has been great though, I really hope I can keep it up.
  2. I've pasted this post to use as my first blog entry, as I think I'd like to prattle on more than is really acceptable in forum threads!

    I love dawn, and I get to see a fair few as I have an hour's journey to work starting around 6.30am. So optimistically I'm thinking of my first fast the dawn of a new me.

    I've never been able to stay with any kind of diet, but a new medication (dulaglutide) changed my appetite sufficiently for me to overcome my binge eating urges and I can also control what I eat much more successfully now. Over the past few weeks I've tentatively begun eating to the meter (with lots of lapses, I am pretty fallible still), low carbing with much more success than I would ever have thought possible, and today I completed my first 24 hour fast!

    It was easy. I just can't say it was anything but quite enjoyable. My "breakfast" of chicken thighs and brussels sprouts with lots of butter is cooking now, and I'm enjoying a half glass of red wine while I wait. So that's breakfast actually but still :) I'm having frozen dark cherrries with live unsweetened yoghurt for dessert.

    I had some hunger pangs around 11am when it was break time at work but I had a black coffee - and usually I'm with bulkbiker on this one, I hate it without cream or milk, but really enjoyed it. I think that was because it was my break time treat, maybe. I drank a litre or so of water throughout the day and another black coffee at lunchtime. I had plenty of energy, but one or two yawny sessions where I felt a bit tired, but those passed.

    Judged by my past attempts at anything, this was a roaring success. I'm going to play it by ear and try to do every other day, but not get stressed if I can't do it. I've sent for a ketone monitor, because I really would like to know if I get into fat burning at all. Does anyone know if being in ketosis also means the right environment for IR reduction?

    I'll try to post as I go, I'd like to get a few weeks of alternate fasting days under my belt before trying a longer one.
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