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  1. During my hypo hell period, and I had to do the shopping for myself and the wife.
    One day I was found totally confused in the aisle of my local small supermarket and had an episode of being totally unaware of what I was doing there, totally disoriented and my mind was blank!
    To this day, I have no recollection of that trip. Found myself at home as I became aware again.
    I found out that the shop assistant had helped me and made sure I got back home.
    This shop assistant recently died.

    I thanked her then, I thanked her every time I saw her.

    RIP, Carole.
  2. Just to let everyone that took an interest in how I'm getting on.
    Well, I haven't changed an awful lot to what my last blog said.
    It is working, I'm not worried about food, or when I should eat.
    I'm just plodding along, and really comfortable with my diet.
    Intermittent fasting and eating very, very low carb is very good for my health.
    I just can't get below twelve stone!
    I've tweaked, exercising even more, (walking and working) and nothing will work.
    I think my body has said enoughs enough and we are happy here!
    We shall see!

    Happy days!
  3. The much awaited clash between the two National league giants, was fought out on Sunday at the National Wemberley stadium.
    My weekend started Saturday morning., having made sure we had everything, my colleague and I set off for that there London. Our journey down the motorways were very good and we didn't hit traffic till the north circular heading into Brent council and on to Wemberley!
    We assumed that the match played on Saturday was an afternoon kick off, but we were totally wrong, it was an evening match, so we ran into really heavy traffic and not surprisingly we took forever to get to the hotel, and to make matters worse the road to the hotel was closed! We ignored the sign and parked by the hotel, not only that there was three coach full of people arriving at the same time and because of that we didn't sign in until they had been signed in. Totally wrong timing you would agree but the credit card we were told to pay with wouldn't work, and I had to phone our boss to get the hotel room played for, the room was basic and didn't have a great view seeing as it was only about 100 yards from the stadium itself. I expected more but I found out later that ibis hotels are not renown for luxury, to say the least! The breakfast which was quite expensive, I couldn't touch but not because of my weirdness, it was totally dreadful. It was non diabetic friendly, no eggs, bacon almost rare and everything else was carb haven! I had to go the nearest Tesco to get a salad for breakfast, nothing open around the area because of the Sunday hours!
    Anyway, I had been fasting on the way down till about mid evening, when we had fish for supper, it was really nice. Enough of the food, what about the National stadium?
    Well, it's big from outside, I had a good look around Saturday evening, and took photos of the important bits.
    I had to do the outside because from late morning, I would only see the underground and tunnel areas.
    The place has an underground road and full of equipment and lighting. The sort of things my football club could only dream of. You have to have accreditation and be nominated by your club for you to be allowed to be anywhere near the tunnel.
    We arrived as arranged at just before 11a.m. our van was searched by a security dog and asked a couple of questions from the gate security, the level of security is very high. We were escorted to the tunnel area by stewards in a buggy and shown where to go, I could now do my job!
    If you haven't done the stadium tour, you should, it is unbelievable, it is a different world even from some premiership clubs. I have travelled the country to a lot of grounds but the luxury and size of the area designated to players and staff is stunning.
    For instance, the changing room is not one room but six, each devoted to either the team or coaches, physio, showers and baths, toilets, grooming and of course the obligatory Jacuzzi. How many clubs changing facilities has a disabled toilet? There is even a warm up or stretching room. Where staff and players are given food after the match. Talk about being spoilt!
    We were allocated a designated steward that was accessible at any time, who stood in the tunnel in our area, he could provide information or someone who could help our staff. We were designated a senior Wemberley staff member to be available when and if for protocol purposes and how the whole day would pan out!
    I do my usual match duties of personal stuff, you know, little eccentricities, superstitions.
    The team coach arrives, the whole staff puts on its game face and the usual function of preparation and match day organisation, everyone knows his duties.
    The lull before the storm. I get myself a few minutes to make sure everything is good to go. I consult with staff if anything has developed or needed before warm up or prior to kick off.
    The team warms up and more importantly I get the chance to get on the Wemberley turf, the world famous grass, the stuff that dreams are made of. The thrill I get from the noise, the excitement, the atmosphere and how proud I am to be here and representing my home town club at the Wemberley. I am honoured and I'm still pinching myself even now as I write this!
    There are somewhere near 14,000 of Rovers supporters there and the noise is awesome! So loud!
    The kick off arrives and I take my seat and I relax knowing I have done my part!
    The scoreline is not good, half time and full time despite all our best efforts and not much has gone for us, we lose and are doomed to another season in the National league! (S!#/+?)
    I spend the next half an hour commiserating and congratulating the opposition and staff, then back to my duties and getting ready to go home.
    It has been a day I won't forget for a long time. Except it was an awful trip in so many ways. My phone had a day to forget, a lot of personal photos and data lost. The trip home wasn't pleasant. I was gutted, I was so tired and needed my bed! A long and horrible time (again) down sarf!
    The best team won!
    We will be back, you can guarantee that!
    Where there is light, there is faith!
    Super white army!
  4. So, what's happening?
    Well, I've started a new diet!
    It was conceived during my journey through the 'how should I find my balance' trials and tribulations of the last couple of months!
    My endocrinologist asked me to try and eat more regularly to find the solution of how I get my nutrition from my limited dietary intake.
    You see, I'm weird and I have an intolerance to lots of food. And having thought that I had found my true balance, my specialist went and threw his spanner into my life!
    So I tried eating, very little, very low carb, every hour, then two hours, then three hours, which is what was recommended originally and all the websites advise as such for my weirdness called Reactive Hypoglycaemia.
    But since that initial advice, I have found that it is unnecessary if I don't have many or as few as possible carbs!
    I use intermittent fasting and very low carb and that is my balance because my health is so good and my energy levels are brilliant and I'm happier not eating as much as I should.
    I don't really know! The thing is my body is happier not stuffing myself and it likes me fasting. It does mean that my food quantities have dropped dramatically!
    Which is really good for my working life, my pocket, my health and my piece of mind. Mentally aware is so important after the period before diagnosis, which was really hell!
    Food has not become, the most important part of my life, which is a huge dramatic lifestyle change.
    Before and after my diagnosis, through the experience of finding the right (or wrong) foods that I could eat, then fasting and losing the weight till discovering that the advice isn't quite right for me personally!
    So for a few years I have messed around with one way, then another, that either did work or didn't! Going through loads of test strips and finally excepting that my endocrinologist was waking me up and being thorough about how I approached my nutrition.
    I have read so many papers, studies, looked at medical advice, cruised through ketogenic websites and picked at books which have been recommended for athletes, oaps (like myself) and different American university nutritional websites. All much of a muchness!
    So, what have I come out with through my experience of the last few months?
    It has led me to decide to think outside the box! My endocrinologist was brilliant in how he came to deciding what tests to do to determine diagnosis and use various tests for his study and paper.
    So, what I thought was that food had taken prime position in my daily life, looking at my watch, making sure I eat at the right times and preparation, shopping and testing was taking over from doing what I should be doing! I could be doing something else!
    So, deciding that food should be provisionally put to the back of my mind and concentrating on other matters through my busy life, I have come up with the idiots diet!
    It's simple and straight forward.
    It uses the supposition that eating a lot of food at breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, supper, throughout the day, should well and truly be thrown out of the window! How anyone could sustain this glut of foodstuffs is clearly bonkers! No one needs it or should eat that much!
    So, I eat when my body tells me, otherwise, when I feel like it! Obviously low carb and healthy for me!
    I now only eat every now and then, small meals, and use fasting in between! It is not given a name or label, I don't clock watch! I don't time my fasts, I don't intentionally eat or fast, I can choose, when, why, how or what I eat or fast on the fly. No regiment to my regimen if you like.
    It is foolproof! It is easy! You can forget when you ate last, you can please yourself, you can get on with life, and not worry about your next meal. Or constantly shopping, preparing, planning!
    It is an idiots guide to a very easy diet!
    Eat when you want, fast when you want, no concern over recommendations or advice!
    The thing is, it's working for me, I feel great and no anxiety over food. My work, my wife, my family, my sport comes before food!
    I never thought I would ever say this!
    It is so enlightening!
    I am an idiot, but it works!
    Happy days!

    I will let you know what comes of this diet!
  5. On this day of all days in the Christian calendar, I will tell you about my religion and how it affects my daily life and how my family go through so much to put up with my daily life!
    You see, I am agnostic, I don't believe in the more orthodox religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and the many many more that the peoples of this world believe in.
    I think that deep down I want to keep my options open, as I get older and nearer to my kind of next place, heaven, nirvana or whatever!
    You see, I really don't have the time or inclination to follow any particular order, because my work can be doing my hours of work at most times through the calendar, I work, live, and my life revolves around football!
    Not only our my waking hours dedicated to my local church (football ground) but my time away from there is spent keeping up with what is going on in the football world, watching games on television or coaching my local youth club team or having a kick around with my kids and grandkids.
    It just doesn't stop, it is a form of religion!
    Simply because I pray for my club to win games and try to do the best it can!
    I organise my working life so that I can plan my next visit to my church at the same time as the next mass (or kick off) I celebrate the major holy days with visits to other churches or attend my church. I follow my priest (manager) and listen to his teachings on how to be a better church, (players) respond and invoke wisdom on the congregation by showing us the way of his beliefs (shape, tactics, formation).
    My family follow my religion mostly (the wife has her doubts about the white church and prefers to celebrate with the red orthodoxy across the river and she despises the red devils (man u) as she should. Though the Christ has said, that you should turn the other cheek to those that sin. She replies that they are devils and should be treated as such!
    My religion has taken me to the more remote regions of my religion where they follow a more faith less religious style and are sometimes admonished for their differences in beliefs in how the beautiful teachings are used to their advantage!
    Interpretation and extremism is rife in the belief that winning is all, but it really should not be perceived as such and more civilised ethics should come to force when teaching as being part of the church is the most important role anybody can play.
    What ever your religion or beliefs, always pray for those less fortunate, who obviously support the obnoxious southern clubs!
    May your God be with you!
    Hope mine is going to help us to promotion this season!
    Please pray for us!
  6. Last night I attended a football match at a premier league ground, where I have watched so many football legends perform, when it was possible to watch top league football and support my local lower league club as well. I was watching a fa youth cup match and the team that I support was playing against one of the giants of the English game.
    The young lads that represented my club were magnificent, even in defeat, the performance level was one that made me realise that even at youth level, you can overcome the huge difference in funding levels between the top level 1 academies and the underfunded lower level 3 academies.
    It was a great experience for these lads and the club should be proud of them. Which I have no doubt they will be.
    Quite a number of supporters turned up to cheer the lads on.
    It was an honour and privilege to witness to be there!
  7. During my health discussion with my GP, the question arose because of how the symptom of anxiety was part of my condition.
    Why am I so unusual, unique, weird?
    Of course during everybody's life, something or quite often something's, happen to each of us, mostly that is knowledge that is known, but, I would assume that the question is likely to be, why is this happening to me?
    With anxiety, the overthinking of trivial matters looms large in the thought process. The needless worry, the unnecessary feelings of why, when, which, how? Are at the forefront of everything you need or want to do.
    The debate of how much to tell others close to you, especially if you believe that it may hurt, worry, anger them.
    Will I be able to do things and how it will affect all those around you?
    And so on!
    You sometimes let things sort themselves out, but that can make things worse, won't it?
    You can ignore them, but you still worry, what happens next!
    If I stick to the same things, the same routine, make a special effort, so things will be ok, then your worries will go, but they don't! I have to make people happy or they will be unhappy with me! Just don't like confrontation or arguing, do my best to avoid it! Hate not doing my best, just in case, it comes back and then someone close or your boss shouts at you!
    You just can't please people, especially, when you don't get your deserved rewards, you believe that you are not good enough. You need to be praised! You need reassurance, you want to know that someone does really love you and someone will listen and answer to you.
    And on and on, round and round!

    Because of the symptoms of anxiety have now all but gone, because of my really good health and control.
    Most of which I described, have not much bearing on my life now, I can think of better things to think about and I can do things which were near impossible during the time I was really ill. I am much happier and carefree.

    However, the answer still alludes me!
    Why have I got a condition that has no cure, and no known cause?
    Why am I, as my endocrinologist has said, one in a million of all the people in the world, that has been recorded or worse, depending on your attitude, one in half a billion known male patients, with my medical diagnosis, with my condition of Late Reactive Hypoglycaemia?
    I've said it before! Wow!

    Why, me?
    Why am I so weird, so unique, so unusual?
    And before you say it, I am definitely not special!
    Just an ordinary Joe, normal (ish) family, wife, kids, grandkids etc, works for a living!
    You couldn't pick me out if you tried!

    So, why me?
    Answers on a stamp and post to Santa, as a present for Christmas!
  8. I must put this in my blog, it's my latest weird and wonderful full Technicolor vivid dream!

    Short version!

    I was ordered to go and 'fix' the computer on a space vehicle, which for some reason had turned back from a.quest to find another liveable earth like planet. With the crew comprised of technicians and their families.
    My small space craft caught up with this spherical spacecraft. I was on board trying to find out what had happened and the computer spoke to me, that it didn't need to find another sun or planet as sol would do for his world! I doubted his assessment, until he showed me an aperture that some small boy of one the families had broke through to the surface of the space sphere. To stop the boy dying from the vacuum of space, the computer created an area of habitable atmosphere around the opening.
    Then after saving the boy, the computer realised he could cover the whole surface of the sphere with atmosphere, as there was already gravity within, the need to increase the boundary was simple.
    He shone that be of the atmosphere, the crew could start laying the surface with soil and start planting, the need to keep livestock inside became unnecessary and so they could live outside the sphere instead of outside. With the help of our Sun.
    I woke up realising that the computer had given it a name that really surprised me.
    Perfect Extraterrestial Transport Environment.

    A well known name in the wife's family!

    Weird and wonderful!
  9. For those who follow my blog, my username has changed from nosher8355!
    I'm not in the health industry or have anything to do with hospital except as a patient. Myself the only time I've spent as a inmate, was for tests, but I've spent lots of time in wards for children and maternity because of a big family. I've seen members of my family die in hospital, I've seen the good they can do and have become exasperated at the way our political system has decimated what was the best health care providers in the world.

    However, this is not a political blog, what I would like to post is what it should be. By giving an example of how hospitals should work.

    As we know, if you have an accident and brought into accident and emergency, your are triage, then seen by a doctor and if necessary seen by a specialist.
    That is the best that you would expect in those circumstances but because the numbers are so high, they are struggling to cope, as this is the only way you will get medical treatment as the surgeries cannot cope with the aging population and the explosion of conditions such as asthma and diabetics, alcoholism is also taking its toll on provision of care. Of course the complete breakdown for elderly and disabled patients, also called bed blockers, is so appalling, it is costing so much and the lack of care is pathetic.

    It may be simple but why does a service that offers to try and fix complaints not treat its customers as such.
    If your car was 'sick', you would phone for a garage mechanic, he would come round, do a diagnosis, take the vehicle to the garage, treat or fix the problem, then either recommend different options to how you look after your vehicle in the future.
    Oversimplified but imagine waiting to get a retune in say six months. Or waiting for the garage to replace your rear light. If you discover you have a big mechanical problem would you drive around for months in that state?
    Road vehicles must have have a MOT test. Why don't we have a five year medical?

    Of course, if you are prepared to pay for medical care,(if it's in your provision), then you can get the sort of service that was the idea of the NHS in the first place.

    The doctors and nurses do great things in impossible circumstances. Pity, they are undermined by the politicians playing dogma!
  10. I have been intermittent fasting now for well over four months and fasting for over a year.
    I have not reached the end of my trials, but have found some very interesting things about what and how I cope with my lifestyle. If you didn't know I'm intolerant to a lot of foods. They make me ill!
    So fasting should be good for as my body seems to not like a lot of food, my brain does, my body doesn't!
    So, to give you an idea of what I'm doing, I'll give you the rota I'm using on how I'm fasting intermittently.
    Within a week, I fast till 3pm, then eat three meals, each small, and three hours apart and of course very low carb.
    The next day, I eat breakfast, then fast till 6pm. Then at 9pm, again as the day before.
    Day 3, I eat breakfast, then at 10am, then at 9pm.
    Day 4 I have a day of eating small bites every three hours all day, so eight small meals. Trying to do something as I'm not impressed with this day.
    Day 5, this is usually a Saturday, so I fast on my travels, as it is such a long working day. Then I have a meal before sleep. I can't believe that I don't eat for something like thirty hours without feeling hungry or craving food!
    Day 6, breakfast, then when I feel like eating probably around 6pm after footie! Light meal before bed!
    Day 7, Monday usually, fast till noon, then try and eat one more meal at 6pm, then supper.

    This is not a rigourous rigid fasting system. I can depending on what is happening on a certain day, say travelling on a Tuesday or work schedule, alter this to my own discretion, but I do alter my fasting hours to suit my personal lifestyle.

    I have found out that my body doesn't mind being without food, I have done an eighty hours fast in hospital. That was for diagnosis, also done many one day or variations of more than a day, quite a few times now.

    If you eat before bed, then don't eat till noon, that is fifteen hours, you probably don't know that you have fasted for that long, a lot of people just don't eat regular and don't realise they are doing a fast!

    On medical advice I was told that I would hypo if I didn't eat every three hours after my last meal, only sleep would help in not going hypo after food.
    Not so!
    As is with most medical advice, your diet should include carbs for glucose!
    Not so!
    I should eat fresh fruit.
    Not so! I have cut back a lot of my fruit. I don't need fructose!
    I should eat complex carbs.
    Not so!
    I should eat a lot more vegetables especially salad vegetables.
    Not so! I used to have one every day, no more!
    I should be wary of too much saturated fat.
    Not so!
    I should eat a lot more fibre.
    Not so!

    I have discovered that my endocrine system works differently than most other people.
    I feel better not eating.
    I feel extra energy when not eating.
    I don't get tired when not eating.
    My brain works better without food.
    My health is better because I don't eat.
    And so on.

    I know I have to eat but if I can get away with so little, why should I battle against the evidence of my good health.
    My latest hba1c, 37.
    My fasting glucose, 5.4
    Cholesterol 3.8 (I think!)
    Heart, liver, kidney, all tests very good
    And so on!

    It's approaching four years since I met my endocrinologist and my journey to get my health back is going really well, the end is not in sight. The difference in my eating habits before and since diagnosis is really unbelievable.
    I have gone from someone with what is known as a healthy appetite,( too much), to a real fussy, finicky, picky eater. I just can't eat even medium sized meals now.
    I feel great, I'm doing so well.
    Going now for a few spoons of full fat Greek yogurt with some berries and a couple of pieces of 85% dark chocolate.
    Day four tomorrow!
  11. Following on from the previous blog, when I had my yearly diabetic review, which was another fun appointment.
    You can read my results, which are very good on the RH forum. Too lazy to type them twice!!
    We had a very good discussion which transpired that she may be more of an open minded dsn, since learning about my condition.
    She also said that she was gonna read up about my condition as she had never heard of it before!
    Onwards and upwards!
    Ho hum!
  12. For about the tenth time since moving twenty odd years ago, I have been told that my current GP is to leave the practice. Having trained him up on very low carb and convincing him that carbs are really evil, I'm going to have to train my new GP in how I can live really healthy.
    Hopefully, when I do actually see him/her, it will be a educational intelligent conversation (get me!) and not the **** spilled out by my previous GPs and other medical practitioners.
    Diabetic nurse next week, which is always fun!
    Hope finding you all well!
    Best wishes!
  13. Hi, sorry been a while, hasn't it?
    There's an awful lot going on in my life, as I work, sleep, rest, football at the moment!
    My team is doing as well as I am. I am traveling all over the country staying and visiting areas, because of my support, I have no problem with low carbing on my trips as this has now become second nature to me.
    Always, plan, pack extra for every eventuality, especially being stuck in traffic as our motorway network gets worse, especially the M1, M6, M62, M25, M40 and so on. Getting anywhere is always an adventure.
    The hotels have been brilliant and the staff even more so.
    Mid term refers to my visit for my six month appointment with my endocrinologist.
    Just under three months now, and despite it being very slow, I am back to losing weight again, though I don't know how much. But you know when you know!

    My two eldest grandkids did well on there exams, so chuffed as one got a couple of A stars.
    Also my others are doing really well!

    I have my dsn diabetic review next week, which is always fun.
    I might even ask her, if she needs help with how to get so well as I am!
  14. First blog for a while, so back to my thoughts on a day that should be prominent in most European minds, yes D Day!
    My eulogy is of course about my eldest brother who was born on the sixth of June 1944, he would have been seventy two if he had survived the cancer that took him just six years ago.
    He was head of the family when my father died in 1985 aged 63.
    But so much of my family's history is from the direct result of the second world war.
    It has to, my father died because of complications of his double malaria from his tour of duty in Burma, as part of the chindits division that took part in late 1944.
    Luckily he survived the behind the Japanese lines and the jungle and of course the malaria, but so many British forces in that war zone didnt!
    An uncle of mine took part in the D Day landings. I never met him. But it just shows how links to the past and present through family come around!
    I digress, my brother was a great role model for all of us and a big influence in my outlook on life and of course sport. Happy birthday bruv, wherever you are!

    Anyway, what has all this to do with the present.
    Well, seventy two years ago the landings along with other military operations turned the tide of war against the fascist dictatorship that nearly threatened the whole of the world.
    Wars were common in Europe in the twentieth century and for ever before.
    Like a lot of people, I lost and never met family members because of the wars, who died because of it.

    The powers that be after the war finished decided if ever the European countries wanted peace and to turn away from conflict then we had to come together to form a European club of sorts as trade, democracy, freedom of speech and human rights as the overwhelming basis to form a European zone of trading nations.
    At the time of joining, we needed Europe, as they needed us. Because the country had ruined itself economically because of the cost of the war.
    We didn't have an empire as such no more, as our now commonwealth partners wanted independence from our rule, one after another gained independence.
    It suited the politics of a conservative government then to join the common market, it made economic sense.
    But even being in that club, didn't stop the wars and the strife throughout Europe especially what was known as the Soviet bloc of countries. It is only a generation ago that the USSR became so many different countries and the likes of Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and so on were given their own democracies to rule themselves instead of Moscow.
    Also when Yugoslavia burst into fire trying to kill each other with ethnic cleansing and the fatalities of war and what man will do to man for power and religion. This was only in the nineties, how many of our soldiers were caught up in that?
    And of course, the reunification of Germany, the Berlin wall coming down and the people were celebrating the yolk of communist dictatorship finally being resolved. A sense of freedom and liberation flooded Europe.
    I spent time in Berlin during the period of Russian power and I remember the bomb drills and the threat of annihilation from nuclear weapons. I saw for myself what an occupied country looks like. The Russians parading in front of the West Berliners, showing their might, with a city behind a wall preventing families being together. And having other democratic countries help in feeding the people trapped behind that wall.
    I saw a Couple of armed bases in Berlin and all the military materiel that goes into a war zone, I saw people haunted by the effect of division and the fear of what war would do again to them.
    A brighter future for all the European nations were assured because of the European Union.

    So, now, because of a conservative pre election pledge to have a referendum on Europe, all of a sudden the memory of a war torn Europe has disappeared and dissipated in the minds of people.
    A lot of right wing political groups want our country to be a separatist nation from our neighbours, we don't need them no more, it seems! We don't need trading partners, they will still trade with us, our economy is strong enough, our right to control people and especially foreigners is one of the most important arguments, well most right wing parties will say that, pick on one group, who for some reason are different than or a different religion, it doesn't matter whether they are women and children or disabled, homeless, have nowhere to go and why do they want to come here. It doesn't matter how many die trying, and they need to go anywhere but here!
    Why can't they go back home?

    Sorry, it just bothers me greatly, that these so called democratic politicians are allowed to get away with spouting absolute garbage.

    My eulogy ends with, we need a strong Europe, we need each other like never before, France, Belgium are going through what we went through from the IRA, and without American and European help, would the troubles have been resolved?
    We need to remain in the European zone, because we need to secure democracy through the euro zone and I fear a right wing conservative country getting their hands on power, it's bad enough with a liberal conservative government!
    So, please for the lives that fought for a free Europe in all the European wars that have decimated the continent more times than I can remember, please vote remain! We need a strong unified Europe, let's change it for the better from within, we can't change it not being in it!
    For me it's not about anything except security!
    Ive seen too much and lost too many friends and relatives to war and the consequences of warfare.

    I hate politics!
  15. Can @Administrator or @Giverny please explain why some long time posters cannot view blogs or mine in particular. I've noticed that not many read read my blogs, when others seem to get many more views, maybe it's my writing style.
    However, there is one or two interested in my blog that I have wrote a couple of days ago. Could this be copied to the RH forum or will I have to write it out again (it's long and not got the time!).
    Any help is gratefully appreciated.
    Many thanks!

    Or am I just wasting my time writing blogs?
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