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  1. This blog is a plea for understanding the trials and tribulations that I'm going through since my consultant endocrinologist appointment.
    I have been struggling with the thought of coming out of ketosis. I have got used to my lifestyle and I had always talked to myself mainly that I am in the best place to be in to control my condition, but my specialist has put doubts into my mind, which means that I have to question my priorities and if I am going to be his test subject and his guinea pig in getting somewhere close to having a normal dietary intake.
    The debate goes deeper than just eating or upping my carbs, because, I'm really reticent and scared of being ill again. I have gotten over the need for the baddies and most of them are abhorrent and I couldn't touch them again. I've done without all the starchy carbs and grains and only limit myself to meat and salad veg. So do I up my veg or eat more protein, or how do I up my very low carb intake.
    My doctor has suggested a half slice of rye bread with my evening small meal, which usually has no carbs at all, just protein and fat. I do have one slice of Bergen bread but usually at lunch, with meat and salad! but two pieces of bread, even though ok, is that low or high enough? Or too high?
    I'm not sure, I suppose I will have to find out!
    What is giving me these questions, well as in my previous blog, I have been informed of the great news, that the meds I'm on has given me the opportunity to test my consultants theory to have a sensible amount of carbs whilst low carbing and just be above ketosis as this would in his words be healthier in the long run, long term, not just the present but in ten years time. He is very wary of me continually staying in ketosis.
    The reason why my meds, have given me this opportunity is because of after having carbs, my blood glucose levels would usually spike very quickly and use my glucose up rapidly, then because the insulin hasn't been used and I overshoot insulin, the excess insulin takes me into hypo hell!
    What is happening now after my last prolonged OGTT, was that my spike was considerably less than usual and even though I still went into hypo, it was later than usual!
    So if I have a lower hyper, I have a longer window till I hypo.
    But and this is where I'm in a quandary! If I don't spike at all, then I don't hypo!
    Also into this equation, goes the excess insulin, because this would like it used to do be turned into visceral fat.
    Again, do I have a little more carb, no matter, the very small amount and not have an impact on my body.
    I am slowly losing weight, because, I have to eat small meals throughout the day and increasing anything would slow the weight loss, would this upset my balance?
    This is frustrating, the more you put into this problem the less you get out of it!
    I could be on a winner by satisfying my endocrinologist by slightly upping my carbs and still feeling good.
    Or I could be a loser by going back to the yo yo effect of having too many carbs.
    I need to satisfy myself that I can do this, there is no other way, my specialist won't be happy until I do and I can always stop and revert back or fast if I need to!
    Fasting for a day will put me into ketosis.
    To go into ketosis was a necessary thing to do to be in control, it may not be a need to do so now. I can now come out of ketosis and hopefully stay in control!

    Here's hoping!
  2. Well today, I had my six monthly appointment with my consultant physician.
    He didn't greet me the usual way, he showed me politely to my seat and asked to look at his computer screen.
    The screen had a NHS banner with the specialist endocrinologist name on the top and the headline;
    Success in trial of a gliptin with reactive hypoglycaemia.

    Well to say that I was a bit chuffed, and good job I had my reading glasses on!
    It went on to explain how after a year on my meds, the success of patient A (me!) and patient B were the same despite us being different sexes and differing body shape. I was obese, patient B was slim.
    We both had a test to see how we coped with a high glucose load and the reactive part that our bodies dealt with the dreaded foul stuff!
    Well the results showed that the gliptin lessened the hyper and spike whilst the drug effectiveness on the hypo was that the late part of the condition was later than any other tests we had done. So that the high level of awareness heightened when approaching anywhere near a hypo!

    The scientific paper concerning is due out soon, after my specialist has already had meetings with health officials from different health care authorities. And also been in touch in depth with the gliptin pharmaceutical company. The response was that the drug company will do more significant trials with a larger group of patients.

    Diet next, as I've said many times, that I've been in ketosis for so long and my carb count is very low. I needed to do this so that my insulin levels would reduce to very low levels because of my overshoot after the quick use of glucose, after eating, so that my body, my endocrine system could run more efficiently without the excess insulin!

    The specialist has asked me to try a few more carbs as he was unsure about how long I could safely stay in ketosis. He hoped, I wasn't damaging my organs or my brain, he laughed, when I replied, what brain?
    He has given me something to think about, especially how he explained the symbiotic values of certain hormones, minerals and vitamins that I have done without, that could be gained by certain low GI carbs and nowhere else. He was going to look into how ketosis affects long term and how fasting has an affect on the body.
    He knew that intermittent dieting for twelve hours was very good but unsure of what 24 or 36 hours would do.
    I quoted my feeling of wellbeing after my 72 (80) hour fasting test as an example.

    This is the first time, that my consultant admitted that how ill I was, when he first seen me.
    I keep going on about how well I'm doing and everything else, but that realisation is very profound. I didn't really know how bad I was. I was just trying to get on with my life. I was really ill! Not real life threatening but not that far off!

    Everything else is fine, tickety boo! All life vital signs are normal, no abnormal readings and BP was perfect again!
    He has spoken personally to my GP and had a chat about me and my treatment and the meds and how my consultant wants me to have test strips and 'diabetic' checks. My GP has climbed on board and now has no reluctance on any aspect of my condition. No bloods taken or ordered.

    Ok, here's the good news, I'm down by another 3 pounds on my weight!
    Slowing down but still going down, it will take me a while to get to my optimum weight. But with patience and a strong minded determination, I will get there!
    5 stone (ish) has gone so far, and another one at least to go!

    Bad news, got bollocked for not getting my flu jab!
    That's tomorrow!

    On to the future, well! Carry on and be sensible, stay away from naughty carbs and keep on taking the tablets!
  3. In blog no. 16, titled Another case of fluctuating blood glucose levels.

    I was writing about the weirdness of reading a bit of deja vu in a series of historical time travel novels by Jodi Taylor.
    I was at the time flabbergasted and it shouldn't really surprise me about anything these days, some of the weird dreams are even more weird than extremely weird.
    Of course these dreams occurred during my ' hypo hell' years and also when I was young and growing up.

    Okay, why am I rambling on?

    Well I'm perusing my next purchase for my kindle and on my recommendation page from Amazon is a new short story due to be published on Christmas day 2015.
    Yes you guessed it!
    It's by Jodi Taylor!
    On the front cover is a depiction of, I think, the Battle of Waterloo, I could be wrong, which would make me look weird! I do weird, so what?

    Don't forget another blog of mine about my brothers birthday is on the same day. And what would be probable different history if the outcome of the Battle was changed, and it was a pivotal day in European history!
    You could say, I have history with that day and time!

    The point is, in blog 16, I foretold that I had seen in my dream, that she would write something like this, it might be a coincidence but you make your mind up?
    I'm stunned, gobsmacked, and speechless (oh yeah!)
    My adrenal glands are working overtime!
    Not in my wildest dreams (yeah again!???) Would I have thought it would be true.
    I just don't believe it, I know what I'll be reading Christmas night!
  4. Well, I hope this doesn't appear as embarrassing as I think it is or makes me look even more foolish than it seems on the outside of this lack of brain control that I've had a few times!
    Let me explain, for as an example, I've gone to work and convinced myself that the work that had been in progress was further along than it actually was! I've arrived a couple of times and I've felt and utterly believed that what I was doing, I had already done! And I have been reprimanded for it a couple of times!
    Work that I had finished, wasn't!, work that was next was left for someone else to complete!
    At home after doing chores, the wife, a better judge of standards of how things should be done, than me! has pulled me about chores that should have been done! My reply is that I've done them! Now not one to argue with my nearest and dearest, the fact is that I'm convinced that I have done them doesn't come into it. I have to do the chore again! Or is it the first time?
    I don't get this all the time!
    But through my 'hypo hell' period, it happened more often than recently. I have done shopping twice, I've paid for stuff twice, I've washed, cleaned and other things twice, to make sure and I'm not speaking literally, I do have to check again and again to make sure that I've done things twice(!) And checked more once, twice(!).
    I'm totally convinced that I moved things and 'put away' things, been out with the dog when I haven't!
    It's a good thing, that now all my bills are through standing order and the wife does the important shopping on line for birthdays and the like. I now have my kindle diary to make sure that I have done things to remember to order things or reminders for what my working hours are etc.
    I know that forgetfulness is symptomatic with my condition, but, this seems a little extreme!
    Appointments are wrote down and the wife leaves notes for me as reminders.

    Am I going into Alzheimer's? not according to my doctors. Just a lapse in memory, when I've asked about the fact that I've done things once that I haven't done, he looks at me and dismisses it, like I'm weird or something!!!!

    So what it is? you are aware of my weird dreams and my experiences with deja vu, but how can I do something that I think I've done, it's not possible!
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    Or is it just me being my wonderful, weird, self?

    Oh by the way, I believe that this is the second time I've wrote this blog page. It's been committed to memory for days now!
  5. Yesterday, had a marvellous footie 'away day'!
    Me and the lads, travelled down to the multi hued green shades of the Gloucester countryside, to watch the Rovers of the superwhites play against the Rovers of Forest Green!
    I was really looking forward to the trip and it didn't disappoint, especially since the whites won!!
    We started relatively early, allowing for time if held up for whatever reason on the motorways.
    We allowed for four hours traveling time including a stop after getting past Brum land on the M5.
    We would have made good time and arrived in time for a drink and a bite to eat in the village there!
    If you have no idea, about where this ground is, it literally is on top of a hill above a small village in the depths of the county of Gloucestershire. There is definitely more cows and sheep, as well as a few llamas, than the population of humans! The amount of green is truly astonishing. The trees are in the millions, grass and fields are everywhere, crops and diary farms, the landscape is dotted with farm houses and cottages, no housing estates, just estates! You have to have money to live there and a lot of it!
    Yes, we would have made good time but are friend the Sat Nav sent us in the wrong direction as we came off the motorway and we ended up in total confusion in a placece called Eastington on a bridal path fit for donkeys.
    Not for super modern Vauxhalls! We would have been better off with a horse and cart, I assure you, ok an off road vehicle! We finally had to go over hills, mountains, valleys, cow paths, goat trails and a bit of advice from a local Sherpa on how to get to the ground! No thanks to the cows crossing half way down a single track bridal path!
    Finally we arrive and are lucky to get parking space outside on a grass verge around the side of the ground.
    We have an hour to kill before kick off and ask the yokels about the nearest watering hole!
    Down this whopping great hill or at the ground called interestingly the Green Man, where you can get a pint of the local brew and have a bite to eat!!!!!
    Now, I veer away from storytelling because the owner of the club is a bit of a health nut and a vegan, only organic products and sustainable zero carbon is used. They use there own electricity and more importantly for me, no meat is sold, as well as only soya milk is used for the cuppa on sale!
    I kid you not, the place is remarkable within football, it's unique and the only thing edible for me on offer, was a veggie burger! So for my afternoon meal it was a burger and a cup of tea, as usual, no milk or sugar!
    Well, as things never go smoothly do they?
    The veggie burger was shockingly disgusting, a cow pat would have probably tasted better!
    It was dreadful and the tea tasted like slightly scented water! Yuk!
    Now because I'm weird, I excused myself and went back to eat something with at least a bit of more protein, so it wouldn't affect me, whilst the lads had a couple of pints with their chips.
    So suitably refreshed!!! We enter the ground, and of course at National league level, the ground has standing areas called terraces, (no seats!) And the ground is open to the elements! So along with the traveling SWA, (SuperWhiteArmy) we get our spec behind the goal. I have to admit, that the pitch was excellent for this level and many more lower league clubs should look at how the Greens have developed their pitch, really impressed! The ground was neat and tidy and a credit to the owners! The yokels were polite and very helpful, if you could get past the combine harvested accent!
    Because we are playing the top of the league I'm really excited and tense as kick off approaches and the lads are in good voice, as a small ditty about sticking veggie burgers up somewhere rattles out! There is a good following from the greatest peninsula in the land as well as others from elsewhere beyond wondrous Wirral!
    We have taken nearly 500 supporters to this end of the known universe. Which is roughly a tenth of our average home attendance!
    Well, all my concerns turned to joy as our victory was never in doubt from our first goal hit the back of the net!
    The second soon after allowed us a comfortable gap, to which we could and should added more to the scoreline.
    But I was pleased with the performance and the outcome. There is nothing like a good away win especially a good team as the Greens were, but not on this day! Oh Birkenhead is wonderful, shouted loud and proud!
    We left the ground happy and other than the usual traffic problems getting away from the ground, we had a nice quick trip back up to the leisure peninsula and civilization!
    My lasting impression of my trip down to the back of beyond, it reminded me of bandit country, you could hide away there and you might not see your neighbour for weeks. If you want to be lonely, then go there! There is absolutely no attempt at attracting visitors, as what could even take you there, maybe the countryside, but there's plenty enough of it elsewhere. It has absolutely nothing going for it! It was also quite a few degrees colder than warm Wirral and it was a good job I brought along my hat and scarf, naturally in the colours of my beloved team!
    The taste of the burger, left a lasting impression on me. I can't complain, I knew it would be difficult in pleasing my pallet, I had a go, but I wouldn't recommend it!
    It could be one of the friendliest grounds I've visited and the stewards were not a prescience and there was no trouble whatsoever!
    A good day!

    I had a chance to discover how many football league grounds I have visited and of the 92 presently in situ, only eight have I not set foot in and two of them are new, where I have been to the old venues!
    I believe that in all I have visited over 120+ football grounds in the top six divisions, I include the likes of Stockport of course and a couple that no longer exist, which includes New Brighton!

    Regards, as in football.

  6. I'd thought that it was about time, I did the basics of what RH is, symptoms, types, causes, and how they treat it. What foods to avoid and finally, why we RH ers are diabetic and others not diabetic.

    I have put this in my blog, because, it would probably get lost or eventually too long in the open forum.

    This is my opinion and of course you can comment in the usual way.

    First what is Hypoglycaemia?
    Hypoglycaemia is in response to your blood glucose levels going below a certain percentage of blood sugar.
    Usually, depending on personal experience anything below 3.5 is a hypo and should be treated.
    There are differing opinions and some hypoglycaemics can live comfortably as low as 3.0.

    Reactive Hypoglycaemia, is a condition, where your pancreas overproduces too much Insulin for the meal you have digested.
    Reactive Hypoglycaemia or post prandial Hypoglycaemia is a medical term describing recurrent episodes of symptomatic hypoglycaemic occurring within four hours after a high carbohydrate meal or oral glucose load in people who do not have diabetes. It is thought to represent a consequence of excessive insulin release triggered by the carbohydrate meal but continuing past the digestion and disposal of glucose derived from the meal.

    So depending on what you eat, your blood glucose response, and your body's ability to cope with carbs and sugars, the excess insulin, and the very quick hyper (high blood sugars) within an hour, then the drop to normal levels, but it continues to drop to a low blood sugar levels (hypoglycaemia).

    The condition is unique because the hormonal response to carbohydrates and glucose. We spike quickly! We do not have a lull in our spike, in others, the spike is interrupted in its climb, RH ers don't, we go straight up to our high. Hence the speed of our hyper. When we treat our hypos, we fluctuate wildly between highs and lows, hence the excessive symptoms and why our brain is bombarded with different psychological associated symptoms.

    I don't want to make this scientific, there is lots of scientific information in the internet. I said this was basic!


    Symptoms vary from Individuals hydration levels according to Wikipedia. The sensitivity of the rate and magnitude of decline of their blood glucose concentration.
    They include;

    Blurred vision
    Frequent urination
    Unclear thinking
    Sleep trouble or insomnia
    Heart palpitations or fibrillation
    Light headiness
    Muscle twitches
    Craving sweets
    Increased appetite
    Panic attack
    Coldness in the extremities
    Bad tempered
    Coma can occur in extreme conditions. In severe untreated episodes.
    There are probably others, but it shows how diverse the symptoms are.
    I did not have all these symptoms, only a few I missed out on!

    Types of hypoglycaemia.

    Alimentary hypoglycaemia. Or dumping syndrome. Prevalent after stomach surgery.
    Hormonal hypoglycaemia. Hypothyroidism.
    Helicobacter hypoglycaemia. Pylori induced gastritis. Bacteria in the gut and through digestion.
    Congenital enzyme deficiencies. Fructose intolerance.
    Late Reactive Hypoglycaemia. It used to be called idiopathic hypoglycaemia. Because they have not found any known cause and is rare! This is me! Naturally weird!


    As I've said I developed my condition naturally.
    But usually it is prevalent after stomach surgery.
    Fructose intolerant, usually hereditary.
    Diet should be in there, but they have not found anything that can make your pancreas overshoot insulin.


    This is open to discussion.
    However a low carbohydrate intake is usually recommended.
    No sugar.
    Eating regularly, maybe depending on individual, seven to nine small meals per day. Small plate is important because of protein and calorie intake.
    Exercise is important, walking is good for good control of your blood glucose levels.
    There are no drugs that have yet to be recognised just for reactive hypoglycaemia. But there are trials and research. There is no known cure for reactive hypoglycaemia.

    Foods to avoid.

    As the recommended way to treat RH is to low carb. Sugars and carbohydrates are the foods that you don't tolerate well. And you 'react' to them. Obviously you can't not eat some carbs as they are everywhere but the obvious starchy ones and the fructose sugars in fruit. As with all insulin imbalance condition, there are some foods that you can eat very small amounts of, but the only way to know is to test and experiment.
    Flour of all grains are to be avoided.
    Factory made food is full of what is called production sugars and corn syrup.
    Tinned products such as soups.
    Fast food, even the meat can be processed.
    Some RH ers can be intolerant to lactose.in dairy products.
    Low fat or no fat products.

    Some patients who have RH, can also have T2 diabetes. But not the other way around.
    Diabetic hypoglycaemia can be caused by drugs or not eating regularly.
    This does not include T1 and T2 diabetics, who can regularly hypo because they have to have insulin injections.
    Most RH ers are not diabetic.
    If you have RH and have a fasting hba1c in normal levels, then you are not diabetic.
    There is always those that can attain normal levels through diet but still are susceptible to diabetic levels.

    As I've said this is basic information from a layman, who has been through the hypo hell, done the tests and tested, experimented and found myself fit and healthy again after a lot of years. I'm in ketosis, permanently, because that's my lifestyle. I can't believe the loss of weight and the well being I find myself, I have my life again!

    Hope this helps those who find themselves in need of information.
  7. Or 5000 posts not out!

    I have been hanging around this forum for quite a while now. The reason is, I don't want people to struggle like I did, the fight to get diagnosed and to see a specialist is one suffering from blood glucose disorders, should be a right rather than on the whim of a dsn or GP.
    I want those struggling with RH, to have somewhere to ask important questions about how to cope with the condition as the medical community haven't got a clue about how to diagnose the many many symptoms. Also how to treat the condition by being in total control of what goes in your mouth.
    I am still learning myself and have read many articles and reports by mainly American websites, but have not found one that you can get quick responses by those that have RH.
    This is what is so important, that we get a forum on of our own.
    Even though I'm not diabetic, there are a majority of hypoglycaemic that have posted that are diabetic.
    We need to get the information there ready for those who seek help.
    The information on the home page regarding hypoglycaemics is not as good as it should be, it is the usual, eat good carbs! For RH ers, there is no good carbs or good complex carbs, they all do the same, spike quickly and if you spike, you hypo!

    The forum is a great place to learn about what you put between your lips. And if you follow the excellent links and what some really knowledgeable posters, have written about how to low carb and use full fats to help your lifestyle. I have literally had to change my dietary outlook on food, I have had to learn to cook and shop, for meat, and vegetables, with the odd pulses. I was brought up with chips or roasties with everything, I even had salad with chips! I always read the recipes, and tried a few, some successfully, some disasters! But as someone who thought a kitchen was just not me, that's been eye opener, the wife has complemented me once or twice, (in two years) for my culinary arts! For some reason butter goes on square bread not round!
    Cooking with animal fats or coconut oil has been really important, as the change has helped in keeping in control and in ketosis. I prefer my eggs fried, rather than any other way, omelettes cooked in coconut oil is wonderful.
    Being in ketosis, is not weird, but I'm coping really well, I have convinced myself and my blood glucose levels and my pancreas seems to agree that being this much in control is really healthy for me.
    As I've quoted before on my posts, that I was heading for my coffin and totally ignorant of why until I started low, low carbing, the effects of having very few carbs, has had a revolutionary effect on my health. All my life signs were heading the wrong way, now they couldn't be better. I am as fit as I believe I could be, especially for my age.
    I have many posters on this forum who have helped me, given some great advice and congratulated me on my progress, without these posters, I would have never got to 100 posts, never mind 5000, that's mind blowing!
    The missing posters, that go away as their time has come and gone, have given the ground breaking ideas that we RH ers have to live by. I miss them but as always in life, we move on to our next phase in life.
    I would like to thank everyone who has helped, assisted, associated and given me information and links about helping others on this forum.
    My next mission is to create a information package on how to cope with Hypoglycaemia. And how to treat the condition with only food and exercise, through my experiences and those that have helped me.
    I am a Reactionary and I want to revolutionize the way that RH ers are helped.
    There are a lot more of us, because of ignorance and misdiagnosis.

    I wonder whether I'll get to another thousand posts!
  8. Would like to retell my latest dream, as it as usual is as weird as I am!!
    And I am waiting for it to happen in real life.

    The dream began on a train and ended in a football ground that I didn't recognise. And I've been to quite a few, the latest Altrincham as my team visited there. I believe that this ground will be in the conference as it was not in the upper leagues stadia.

    I am sitting talking having a laugh and a joke with other men, the train was chugging along and the momentum never stopped, I then found myself with different people in a street full of shops and I'm looking for something but I don't know what it is! It is something that I need to get before I go the football, it's important and the thought of not buying it was having me worried.

    Next outside a football ground, know not where but the ticket office is closed and my ticket is in there. Along with other men, we queue. It's cold but not raining, oh then it does. We are getting wet. I climb through a window and start giving tickets to whoever wants them. I have no one left to give them to. So I climb out the window, go to a turnstile, and I don't have a ticket. I back away and start crying. An old man who is a steward and offers me a cuppa, no milk, no sugar opens a gate for me and let's me in, he puts an arm around my shoulder and takes me to my seat.
    I'm still sitting there, and I'm dreaming of myself looking at me watching the game, I don't see football in my dream, but I'm watching myself watching the game!! Untill I am escorted to a taxi!
    I look at the outside of the ground as I climb into the taxi, and the door slams and wakes me up.

    I have no idea why I dreamt this but it feels familiar to obviously a lot of my travels following my beloved team.
    I have been to a high number of football grounds and long may it be affordable and permissible through my health.
    Football is now my only sin and it is my therapy.
    I never travel to games by train and don't use taxis!
  9. It's one of those quirky things about people, that even though I worked in a car plant and made millions (seemed like it! Where did they all go?) Of vehicles. I have never passed my test or have no intention of! I do have a reason why, but that is not for public consumption! I can drive, but, because of my life, I didn't and have never regretted it!
    I actually have a car, but the family use it!
    So if I want to go somewhere, I can use my bus pass, yes I'm old enough, and I usually walk where I want within reason. If I need to get somewhere that I need to like the hospital, one of the family usually volunteer, ain't that, what kids are for?
    But the theme of this blog is walking and how and why it makes sense to just do it, no matter how far or how slow. I love my dog walks, though the dog puts up with going to far for him! Especially when it's hot!
    I have my usual half hour walks he likes, but strange places and he keeps looking at me as though I'm weird!
    Too far for him and the heavy panting starts!
    Walking to me is second nature, all my life, to get to school or to footie or to where I wanted to be, I would walk.
    The reason for this is, in poverty, you don't have the luxury of bus or train fare. So the only option when I was a kid, was to walk. Distance didn't come into it! I've walked to places that there are back that are over ten miles in the rain to play footie! Also my grammar school was over three miles away, so it was at least six miles every day to and from school. All my early teenage years where spent in where teenagers met, parks, baths, fairs, shops or discos, church dances(discos by any other name) the YMCA, the boys club, and school functions. All walked to!
    I have memories of getting up very early to make sure I was there on time, hated being late, even then!
    Because I walked everywhere, I found myself gaining an interest in geography and map reading and getting knowledge of local history and how place names have a significance on local history and the stories behind them.
    For example, the local population is mainly of Norse or Viking descent! Over 60% of the population of Merseyside have Norse DNA in their blood. Also a huge battle took place in the 9th-10th century very locally, that we were not taught at school. Indeed local place names are mainly Norse in origin! And my football team, Tranmere has the only Viking name in the top four leagues, even though we are not in it now! It means heron on sandbank.
    There is a meeting place (in the Viking era) that is akin to the one in the Isle of Man, it's called Thurstaton or Thors stone! It's very big!
    The Romans left there Mark around the Cheshire area including Chester (Deva) But recent discoveries which include a port near the Northern coast (Meols) has revealed a staging post for Roman troops to be embarked to probably Ireland or the coast of North Wales There is a Roman bridge been discovered as well pointing straight as the crow flies between the two. But no Roman road yet!
    Deva was the biggest fort built by the ROmans outside of Rome itself and historians are still trying to find out why! As you see history is a passion for me and because I'm not flying past in vehicles I can find out things about things you wouldn't usually notice!
    I can walk all day and do sometimes, a part of my job is mowing and doing it on foot is so relaxing, achieving something, put my music player on with some Motown, Northern Soul, or some good tunes on, and I'm happy!

    So when I was in hypo hell, I wasn't well! I knew that deep down that there was something going on that didn't fit in with my T2 diagnosis! I had to keep stopping and get my breath back or I was too dizzy or disorientated, feeling giddy and useless. I had to keep taking breaks, even though my boss put up with it, I was worried, and a little concerned about my future employment. I couldn't lose my hours, I needed the job, to pay the bills!
    I wasn't going back into poverty after all those years, working my arse off and paying my taxes and national insurance to end up there again and have the stigma of not being able to afford to pay for things and the likes of birthdays and Christmas, no way would I do that! So I fought my corner and got my referral, though not intentionally, and was pestering my GP, for any reason. To get back to health.
    I have done it and am back walking and going to take the lazy hound out again before I do the wife's and my couple of meals for tea and supper!

    I found this in a brand new novel and I thought I would share, who would believe that in the 21st century in one the richest countries in the world, a modern writer would describe a woman so!

    She was shabby, she wasn't untidy or scruffy, she wasn't.....She was...... There was never enough money. Her clothes were clean and neat but never new. Her shoes were shined but much repaired. The coat hanging behind the door was practical not pretty, her hair hadn't been styled for.....ever. She wasn't desperately poor, but she had the appearance of one for whom the cost of everything was of first importance. That day-to-day never ending struggle to keep her head above the financial waters. The abyss!
    The constant robbing of Peter to pay Paul and hoping and praying that somehow Peter could be repaid when the time came. That desperate soul sapping endless struggle to make ends meet.
    No small treats, no guilty pleasure to reward herself with at the end of the long hard days work. No pleasures at all! Every penny ruthlessly accounted for and spent. Go to work, draw your money, pay as many bills as possible. Don't give in to despair! Do it all again next month, and the next, until you give in............ or die!

    Couldn't put it better myself!
  10. Sorry, but I've been that busy, I've not had the time to continue with my blog.
    My life is so busy, it's a good thing I'm really fit and healthy.
    At work, at last the project is completed, finished today and proud as punch I am with it, my first day off tomorrow! I hope!
    It nearly got washed away! Luckily, the persistent rain we've had and flooded most of the area which closed roads gradually eased off, three inches of rain in 36 hours! It was bad! Can't believe the shockingly bad summer we've had! It's so cold, or is it me? Anyway, the work is done, only the mundane things keeping the maintenance going and cutting the grass to do now!
    I'm really glad because some stupid deja vu feelings have consistently bugged me throughout the project, hitting me at different times with what has happened! I want to get back to the norm to stop the dread of it happening.
    Well the football season has really started and my kids team has its first league game this week, this is getting harder and harder to organise, so many things to fill out and carry to games also getting the kids there to where they are playing. I'm not moaning, but is it all necessary?
    The kit, the first aid, respect barrier, team sheet, identity papers, managers identity, balls, bibs, cones pen and paper, money for the referee.
    A I'm hoping for is that we do reasonably well and compete.
    As for my local pro football club, how , can we cope in the conference? Well so far, not as good as I hoped!
    A bit of up and down, as a Rovers fan I should be use to it but this is getting frustrating. I knew it wouldn't be easy nothing is, but for Christ s sakes, can we have a good performance and a win!
    Had a good trip on Saturday except the result, it was good to have so much support, but the idiots spoilt it again. Some fifteen, sixteen years old, actually drunk, in the road causing mayhem! A few will spoil for the rest!
    I've just started reading the next book in the series that I have mentioned in a previous blog and so far nothing is in the book that I had dreamt. But there is time yet!
    Hopefully in the next few days, I can get around to getting some clothes shopping. I need a new belt and some more working trousers, I need them about 32" waist, probably elasticated, because of more weight loss, I'm still determined to get down to my optimum weight, still have to lose another stone.
    First day back at school for all the grandkids, and they do look all smart in their expensive uniforms. It's turned into a right rip off, where you can only wear authorised uniforms. The schools are creaming off a fortune that the government has denied them.
    I nearly believed that education in the state schools were free, so much for that!
    Nothing is free or not taxed anymore!
    Gonna treat myself with at least four hot meals tomorrow!
    Hope you are all well or getting there!

    If anyone finds out where 'there' is, let me know!
  11. On Tuesday gone, I had my latest diabetic (ahem!) review.
    I have now grown to like these visits as, this must have been my umpteenth time sitting in her office. She still doesn't understand my condition, she understands that I'm weird and my GP requires that all my diabetic tests are done!
    Typical question;
    'Why are you on sitagliptin? Isn't that a drug to lower blood glucose levels?'
    Her eyes glaze over, as I give her the science and she pretends to read her computer, followed by asking another question.
    'Why is your hba1c always normal?'

    ' If you are on a ketogenic diet, how do you feel?'
    'Dont you need to take supplements?'
    'Are you eating enough veg?'
    'Well, your blood pressure is really good, how are you doing this?
    ' Why did you try statins?'

    I was asked to trial them by my consultant because of my risk score, my familial history, and I'm considered Diabetic!

    ' Are you diabetic?'


    'Explain it to me please?'

    I did, and her eyes glazed over again!

    Well you seem in perfect health, especially for your age, keep it up!


    ' See you in January'

    Apologies to the squire, as this blog was inspired by his blog!
  12. I had to post this blog because it was one of my vivid dreams that I had last night! Full colour, vivid descriptive, with talking, narrative and really weird!

    It all started as I was having my lunch in work, and as usual eating my one allowed piece of bread with ham salad, not forgetting the tomato! The boss asked me to get his chips for him.
    Being a really obliging fellow, of course I said,
    Can you get them from MacDonald's?
    So I jumped on the train, ( nearest is two miles away!) And journeyed to the shop in a town that I knew that the place I was looking for was around the corner. I didn't recognise or know then where I was!
    I walked past shop after shop until I came to the place where it should have been. But wasn't!
    I stopped someone passing, I asked directions and the person of whom I had asked turned and it was my old friend, who had been not with us these past fourteen years. I wasn't surprised that he offered to take me. So we walked on and we went across a huge set of roundabouts with traffic lights and cars waiting, he lead me across and I had to dodge all types of vehicles big and small while he laughed at my actions of dancing around the traffic.
    He pointed across a field that had a line of young teenagers dressed in helmets, carrying hockey like sticks and kit designed to play hurling(?) They were jeering me!
    I asked my long lost friend where to get the chips, he told me to go back and tell him Dublin don't want Englishmen buying all their potatoes and chips!
    My ship was waiting for me across the field but I had to play a game with the children first!
    So grabbing a stick I walked faster and faster till I reached the sea but no ship.
    Then I looked again and a ferry boat arrived and I climbed aboard and sat down.

    I woke up!

    I was panicking because I still didn't have the fries!
  13. As a football coach, we have to have done various courses, which includes first aid. I must have done about ten of these sessions. They should be mandatory as part of the curriculum at school and in the workplace.
    I am lucky that my life and my first aid skills have helped down the years, as I've seen various injuries and I believe I have been of use to the casualties.
    I have helped with broken bones, for example, wrist, forearm, finger, kneecap (last season), ankle, tibia, fibia (compound). My son bit his tongue through, held on by a sliver of skin, cuts, abrasions, head wounds, cut lips, black eyes, pulls, strains, confusions!
    Two of my son's, have had broken jaws, one from playing cricket, one from being attacked!
    I have assisted in helping people who have 'episodes' as my mum used to call them.

    Would you know how to help an old person who has fallen over,? what would your reaction be to a car crash?
    If someone had a fit or a hypo, how could you help?

    What made me write because of an experience I had this morning on the way to work.

    I had just walked out the front door with my packed lunch in my hand, when I heard a scream! I looked across the road and a paperboy was holding his face. I put down my lunch bag and watching the traffic, I crossed the road as he let out another scream. His bike was on the floor and I could immediately see that he had a deep laceration to his face between his lower lip and jaw, in fact two teeth were showing through the gap, it was a horrid injury. Strangely no blood. I immediately tried to calm and asked him a couple of quick questions, by this time, he had risen from the ground, but was unaware of what had happened.
    He replied that he lived quite close and could I take him home, which I did. I ensured he covered his face with the waistline of his t shirt. In case of teeth moving and to continue to staunch any blood that may have flowed.
    We knocked on the door, his mother opened the door and she looked at her son and at me. I then explained his bike accident and rush him to A&E. She said thanks and would I like to help. I was going to be late, but the mother looked calm enough, so I insisted that she take him immediately!
    I had to walk back to my house for my dinner and of course I was ten minutes late for work, something I abhor!
    I got a slight reprimand for my tardiness! I didn't think an explanation was necessary, so I didn't tell him!
    As always because I told a work colleague of my mornings adventures, the boss found out later!
    He didn't have to say anything, I could see it in his face, how embarrassed he was!

    Anyways, I knocked at the poor lads house after work and I'm glad to report, that they had enough skin to have stitches and not require cosmetic facials. He had been there since just after eight and was due anytime around five pm!

    I was just glad to be of help!
    And of course, so grateful for my first aid training!
  14. I have been to Greece three times in my life. And every time I've been on holiday there, the wife and I have had a sort of adventure. Of course being me, dreams and deja vu have had a helping hand! Mind you one of the episodes, too much sun and an early drink probably caused it!
    The first was on a visit to historical sites and there was a bit walking to do and though it was interesting and different the wife got a little bored with traipsing around dusty, hot and dry ruins!
    So we stopped at the first place, where we could entertain ourselves, and have a bit of light refreshments.
    So we relaxed and enjoyed the sea breeze coming off them Aegean sea. In the cloudless sky.
    The day wore on and the glasses were empty, we decided to rejoin the tour, so we started towards a column or two and hot and dusty bricks of the Roman type! We walked and do what tourists do and then realized that there was no one around! We were alone, not a soul in sight!
    We looked around and at our watches, we needed to be on the coach in just a few minutes. The wife as usual blamed me. I stayed calm(ish) under the assault on my ears and then a feeling that we should be better off going against logic and walk away from the ruins!
    More abuse from the love of my life and I just started walking. She was near hysterical, I blindly went on my path to wherever! She followed, continually cursing me.
    For some unknown reason, silence ensued when the wife realised that we had traversed the coach park. And the tour guide was awaiting our tardy arrival.
    We both got a stern warning about being late and drinking and keeping everyone waiting!
    I still got more blame for suggesting to stop and our drinking!
    She asked me later, when cooler heads emerged, how and why, I knew which way to go, I told her I had no idea and not a Scooby doo!
    I just had a feeling it was the right thing to do!
    The wife hates me being right!
    The second adventure was near our gorgeous hotel on another Ionian island. This one had a cove near the beach and a little docking area for small boats and tourist messing around on things in the beautiful clear blue waters of the islands.
    The cove was a quiet, small pebble beach, with great snorkelling and sunbathing areas and really good place to get your head together and enjoy each other's company and relax. The sea was the clearest, beautiful warm, refreshing water, I've spent time splashing about in!
    The local fish and sea creatures were fun to watch and observe going about their lives.
    On this certain morning, we had our breakfast early and got our stuff together for a day at the beach. The two big bags were stuffed with all kinds of the usual things required, towels, lotion, costumes, reading material, food, drinks in a cool bag. Etc, etc. Sunglasses, hat, Sun shade, sandals, swimming shoes, etc, etc!

    On the way down, as we passed the local small orthodox church near an ancient temple I was telling the wife about my usual dream thing that I had that night that had kept me awake most of the night.
    It involved a big black spot and it was attacking a fisherman and I was screaming at a fish that wouldn't swim away.
    She laughed and said, it was probably the fish that didn't take long to disappear from my plate the night before for supper!
    And it was the marine gods getting there own back!
    Anyhow, we arrived to a deserted cove and the water looked great, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and she picked our spot on the pebbles, the wife got the comfortable bit and I lay down next to her. We offloaded the couple of hundredweight of items from the bags and got as comfortable as possible to read my reader! The food and drink went into the shade and a couple of cans were left in a little pool. I had been just getting into my story and the wife had gone out about a hundred yards snorkelling. The peace was destroyed by a huge guy in a Greek police uniform.
    His English wasn't great, but I had the feeling that something was amiss. He was trying to explain that the water was dirty!
    I kept repeating that I could see nothing, then he said oil!
    I started shouting the wife's name. But she was having fun with the fishes. More locals arrived, with equipment and apologies about spoiling our holiday. A small fishing dinghy turned into the cove. But the wife was oblivious, I wasn't sure, that the man in the boat knew the wife was swimming. He throttled down, and started to manoeuvre at the wife's left side about twenty yards away from her. I continued shouting and a few of the locals followed by shouting hay, hay! The fisherman started shouting hay, hay!
    That got the wife's attention! She was startled, then terrified, then surprised. The fisherman was beckoning the wife to him and she looked around at me, for support, but as she was quite a way away, she thought it prudent to go to the boat, it wasn't long before she reached the boat because of her flippers. She was eventually persuaded to hold on to the boat while he low revved back to the beach. She was embarrassed because of all the men and she was only in her costume and wet, with no make up and her hair a mess from the water!
    The policemen were asking us to leave the cove because of the split oil. Though I couldn't see any! As we were packing up, other locals started searching for the dreaded black stuff, and at the extreme edge, they began to use equipment to get the oil out of the water and then more locals began bringing rocks and buckets and containers full of oil samples and pebbles.
    They kept apologizing and saying everything was in control though it really looked like organised chaos.
    We watched the keystone cops episode of the morning's events and eventually we made our way back to the hotel. We passed the small church, which reminded me of my dream and what it had foretold, the wife, as usual understanding, told me that even my dream were like me, unusual and arse about face, the way things had happened.
    Anyway, later that day, we were given an invite to dine at a local restaurant as an apology for ruining our day!
    We took advantage, it was wrong not to!
    The ouzo is usually free anyway!

    The third was on a tour again when we were visiting a beautiful Greek island just offshore from the one where we were staying.
    It was a really hot day about 40 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and no sea breeze to speak of.
    We docked, and looked for someplace inviting for a bite and a cool drink. We spent a few minutes until she was satisfied with our (her) choice!
    We ordered a light snack and a couple of diet coke, we relaxed, and as we were in shade, a bit cooler, the place we were visiting was a beautiful quite large fishing harbour, big enough for ferries and larger yachts and pleasure boats for tourists.
    The tour was to climb to the top of the steep hill and visit the large orthodox church, which was famous for some religious reason.
    As we are both sort of non religious and not feeling physical able to get that far, though the views must have been brilliant.
    They were because our hotel, could just about make out the church with binoculars.
    So we just lazed around until it was time to return to the boat.
    It was then that I had one of those feelings that I had either been here before or knew something was going to happen.
    Or I thought I knew that whatever was going to happen, it was going to happen soon. Yeah! deja vu!
    I turned to the wife, and told her a friend would help her on our holiday! She looked at me disbelief written across her face.
    Don't you ever stop? She gave me one of her disapproving looks and told me in no uncertain way to knock it off and behave myself.
    We boarded and found a cooler spot by the bar and watched the world go by. We cast off and I started to dose, I must have slept for a while because the boat was slowing down to a beach bathing area, on a very small island, which had a beach bar and already there was quite a queue, not that I wanted one (or two!) I took off my shorts and couldn't resist jumping in to the cooler sea.
    I looked around and the wife hadn't moved. She didn't want to play. There was steps that went down to the sea but, I think she wasn't really in the mood. I wanted her to join me, so being the loving, caring husband type, I went to the steps to see if I could persuade her to get in and cool off. I was half way up when I saw her disappear into the water. So I jumped back in.
    We played in the water, like sensible adults. And had a spell on and near the beach, it was brilliant!
    We were traveling back to our destination, when the wife started talking to another passenger and they passed the time away discussing important things all the way to the small port where our coach back to the hotel was waiting.
    They continued their conversation all the way back to the hotel.
    Anyway after pleasantries to the family involved, we got home and collapsed on the bed. She went for a cool shower and I changed for dinner! A quick wash and shave and I suggested a drink at the hotel bar before dinner.
    No, she said, we haven't got enough time.
    Ay! I said!
    Were were having dinner in town and with that family we met today. Oh by the way! It was her that by persuaded me that I was missing an opportunity to enjoy a swim!
    It was then, that I clicked on to what I had said to her earlier that day in that beautiful fishing village.

    I really did feel right at home in the Greek islands and it was beautiful, friendly and brilliant!
    A different way of life!
  15. 1. It's been raining for about a week and I can't do my job properly! I love the sun and heat and the cool weather does really effect my mood! And the cool makes me itch at night! grr!
    2. I've not had a holiday or a day off for two weeks and I'm not getting a day off till mid August!
    3. I've not had a cooked breakfast or lunch or go out for a meal for ages!

    I was suppose to retire, doesn't look like it!
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