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  1. FBG 6.6
    45 minutes Circuits class followed by 30 minutes "Stretch"
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Tinned Sardines with salad
    Dinner Halloumi Fries with peri peri Mayo, Fish mixed grill (Salmon, Cod, Sea Bass and Prawns) with roasted veg and Salad. Great low carb option from Green King pubs, and all the nutritional info was available online :)
  2. FBG 6.2
    30 min Pump class followed by 20 trot on the treadmill
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Chicken salad
    Dinner Pork Chop with cauliflower rice.
    Really struggling with a chocolate craving tonight, was turning my cupboards inside out looking for something sweet , then remembered I'd got rhubarb in the freezer. Saved. Big bowl of the stuff with some Erithratol to sweeten.
  3. FBG 6.8
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    8km trot at the gym
    Lunch Garlic Sausage & Salad
    Dinner Slow cooked Jacobs ladder with green beans, Asparagus and purple sprouting broccoli
    Bed Time BG 7.5
  4. FBG 10.9 thought I'd done ok with all the dancing but those carbs will out!
    Absolutely shattered, spent most of the day napping on and off, definitely out of practice at this going out lark.
    Lunch Chicken salad
    Dinner mushroom omelette
  5. FBG 7.2
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Ham Salad
    Dinner Hamburger with cheese and bacon (no Bun) small chips and salad
    1/2 bottle prosecco,4 glasses red wine
    3 hours non stop dancing
    small cheesy chips
    Bed BG 5.7
  6. FBG 4.7
    45 min Combat Class followed by 15 minutes on the treadmill
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Cuppa soup
    Lunch Trout with Salmon
    Snack - Cheese
    Dinner Pork with Cauliflower rice
    Today was a "hungry" day
    Tried to hold out but just wasn't working so ate a reasonable amount of cheese for the fats which helped, was extremely tired again so hit the sack at 8:30pm, roll on the weekend and a reasonable sleep.
  7. Week Two Results
    Weight 93.8 kg - Only 300g loss, but expecting a low result after last weeks mega drop, hopefully will level of now.
    Waist 110cm 3.5cm off
    Hips 116cm 5.5cm off
    FBG 5.7
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Ham Salad
    Dinner chicken with Mushrooms
    Bedtime BG 7.8
  8. FBG 6.8
    Didn't sleep particularly well, awake at around 4am and just couldn't get back to sleep so got up at 4:30, it's going to be a long day!
    45 mins Circuits class followed by 1/2 hr stretch
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Salmon Salad
    Dinner Chicken
    Was absolutely shattered and retreated to my bed a 8:30pm not long after eating, so didn't take a bedtime reading, hopefully will get a better nights sleep
  9. FBG 6.8
    Pump class forward by 20 treadmill trot
    Breakfast coffee with cream
    Lunch Smoked salmon salad
    Dinner Roast pork & mushrooms
    forgot to take my readings before bed, but was in range all day
  10. Starting to feel like the Geordie narrator for Big Brother.
    FBG 7.8
    Breakfast Coffee with Cream
    No gym today after yesterdays park run, 1st day of moving my once a day to lunchtime.
    going to Droitwich today to pick up my new garden toy (a petrol lawnmower)
    Lunch Chicken & salad,
    Dinner Roast pork with purple sprouting broccoli and mushrooms.
    NSV I was full and left food on my plate! This is a very big thing for me, after a clear your plate childhood
    Bedtime BG 7.1
  11. FBG 5.4
    Decided to move taking my sitaglipin and dapagliflozin to lunchtime so just metformin and my supliments taken this morning with my usual coffee with cream.
    1st park run (5k) completed and I was amazed when my official time came through, was aiming for around the hour mark, but completed in 46 minutes. Post run bg 4.9 so happy with that.
    Lunch ham & cheese salad
    Dinner pork steak with more
  12. Fbg 6.6
    5k trot at the gym
    Breakfast coffee with cream
    Another mini hypo 3.7 but felt fine at about 11:30 had a couple of mini Haribo
    Lunch tinned sardines in tomato sauce and salad
    Dinner gallon steak with purple broccoli , asparagus and mushrooms
    NSV went to the cinema(Captain Marvel) and didn't have any snacks, just some diet pop, which I took with me so cheap night too.
    Bedtime bg7.3
  13. After yesterdays results even more motivated to do this
    FBG 4.3
    30 min Combat class followed by 20 minute trot on the treadmill on the interval
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Trout with salad
    Tea sausage with oven roasted veg and salad
  14. Big weigh in this morning and to say I was shocked is an understatement
    Weight 94.1 kg (down 4.5kg that's almost 10lbs in old money!) was hoping/expecting around half that
    Waist 113.5 down 5cm (2")
    Hips 121.5 down 2.5cm (1")
    FBG 4.9
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch Salmon Salad
    Dinner Stir fried veg with chicken
    Pilates class
    Bedtime BG 7.4

    Happy, happy bunny :cat:
  15. First week completed, and apart from this headcold feeling good, only 1 "true" hunger through the week, and learning to ignore the habit eating and "brain" hunger
    FBG 5.0
    Breakfast Coffee with cream
    Lunch the remains of yesterdays Cauliflower fried rice with chicken & prawns
    Dinner Mushroom omelette with green salad and balsamic vinaigrette
    Bedtime BG 6.7
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